Square body dumpers built for rugged performance & reliability

Powerful trailers for heavy cargo

The powerful, reliable, extremely durable range of square body DumpLoada trailers can transport up to 27 tonnes for excellent efficiency in heavy materials. Each Stronga dump trailer offers maximum strength and durability in a monocoque construction to reliably transport heavy materials in quarrying, recycling and demolition industries.

From 14.5 → 27 tonne payload

From compact → high output

High-spec Stronga dump trailers

Transporting up to 27 tonnes

Best-in-class solutions

Whether you’re hauling coal, copper or iron ore, Stronga heavy duty dump trailers provide the best-in-class cost per unit of production.

With industry-leading levels of safety, productivity and comfort, you will soon see why DumpLoada is the front-runner of its class. Combine these features with unmatched dealer support and it’s of no surprise why so many mine sites choose Stronga dump trailers for their heavy production needs.

Strong. Robust. Long life.

It can only be DumpLoada.

Well-proven across...

All materials; all countries; all seasons; and all hours of the day.

Maximise your earning potential

Stronga use the most advanced technology to produce dump trailers which maximise earning potential on the toughest terrain. Continual refinement of the design leads to improving performance from these ultra-light, extra-strong dump trailers built to withstand the harshest environments.

Superb off-road operator

Designed for heavy hauling in severe off-road operations, these dump trailers’ long service life, quality, reliability and durability are everything you expect from Stronga. Count on superb reliability thanks to the robust Hardox-reinforced design and outstanding Stronga dealer network. Guarantee pure uptime with a Stronga dump trailer.

Key features of the Stronga dump trailer

Reduced weight. Increased strength.

Hardox wear plate and Weldox high strength steel used in the dump trailer body and chassis ensures higher payloads, greater productivity and more profit. Hardox’s unique combination of hardness, toughness and structural strength makes it possible to use lighter plates while achieving better strength and durability.

The unique wearing properties of Hardox 450 wear plate increases service life, contributing to the long life and low cost of ownership. Hardox maximises the wear performance of the trailer, while self-hardening properties combat costly enemies such as cracks, dents and wear.

Compact and well-proven

Stronga dump trailers are compact and highly manoeuvrable in confined spaces.The large vertical multi-stage cylinder powers the dump trailer body to an impressive 65° tipping angle. When combined with the body shape and wide opening rear door, you enjoy a clear exit of lumpy materials. DumpLoada is an extremely well-proven design through time and hard use with an excellent reputation in tough markets.

Multi-purpose ability

Enjoy the benefits of a universal transport solution.

Stowing the top hung rear door at the front of the dump trailer allows easy access and the potential to carry large equipment and heavy plant. Lashing points allow heavy plant and materials to be easily and safely secured in the dump trailer box.

Smooth, well-balanced ride

BPW axle and suspension configuration provides operators with the smoothest possible ride. On the road the driver enjoys better comfort with enhanced safety at speed while being stable over rough terrain.

The suspension and axle setup has been designed to optimise traction of the tractor and ride of the dump trailer, on and off road. With optional high-speed running gear, Stronga dump trailers keep the pace with modern high-speed tractors.

Hydraulic drawbars and excellent weight distribution make for a smooth ride, minimising shock loads on the tractor even at high speeds. In-cab height adjustment allows the operator to achieve the perfect ride height on any tractor.

Dump trailer series

Technical details
Model DumpLoada DL600 DumpLoada DL800 DumpLoada DL1000 DumpLoada DL1200 DumpLoada DL1400
Gross weight 18000kg 20000kg 24000kg 26000kg 34000kg
Tare weight ca. 3500kg ca. 4000kg ca. 5000kg ca. 6000kg ca. 7000kg
Maximum Payload 14500kg 16000kg 19000kg 20000kg 27000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg (4000kg*) 3500kg (4000kg*) 3500kg (4000kg*) 3500kg (4000kg*) 3500kg (4000kg*)
Sprung suspension capacity 14000kg 21000kg 21000kg 24000kg 36000kg
Standard transport capacity 6m³ 9m³ 12m³ 15m³ 18,5m³
Lift capacity of step 1 at 180 bar 29,7 tonnes 38,4 tonnes 38,4 ton 38,4 tonnes 49,4 tonnes
Oil requirement 15,5 litres 29,4 litres 29,4 litres 29,4 litres 45 litres
Minimum draft requirement 74kW (100HP) 74kW (100HP) 92kW (125HP) 92kW (125HP) 140kW (190HP)
Hitch height 510-550-590mm 510-550-590mm 510-550-590mm 510-550-590mm 510-550-590mm
Bottom thickness 6 mm HARDOX 450 6 mm HARDOX 450 8 mm HARDOX 450 10 mm HARDOX 450 10 mm HARDOX 450
Side thickness 4 mm HARDOX 450 4 mm HARDOX 450 6 mm HARDOX 450 8 mm HARDOX 450 8 mm HARDOX 450
Body height inside 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1200mm 1300mm
Body length inside 4060mm 4575mm 5110mm 5150mm 5980mm
Total length 5605mm 6155mm 6750mm 6750mm 7570mm
Total height 1785mm 2225mm 2450mm 2650mm 2875mm
Total height at 65˚ 4920mm (60 ˚) 5770mm 6400mm 6500mm 7525mm
Maximum width (standard wheels) 2550mm 2550mm 2550mm 2550mm 2550mm
Standard wheels 445/45 R19,5 445/65 R22,5 445/65 R22,5 445/65 R22,5 445/65 R22,5
Colour Yellow Yellow Geel Yellow Yellow
Speed 40km/h 40km/h 40km/u 40km/h 40km/h

All weights and measurements are subject to dump trailer specification and regional laws. Specification, weights and payload may vary on fast tow models. As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.