Hooklift Solutions

World-class hooklift solutions working alongside our hooklift trailers.

Hooklift is what we do

And it’s what we always have done

At Stronga, we believe in the efficiencies that our hooklift trailers deliver. One multi-functional hooklift can handle hundreds of applications when matched with appropriate containers, delivering improved efficiency and productivity for your business.

At the heart of Stronga is a specialist design team with a passion to produce world-class containerised solutions for our hooklift trailers. We care about what we do and take pride in our products, paying great attention to detail in producing quality hooklift containers at affordable prices. We have the experience to assist customers in matching the size and type of each container for use across agriculture, waste, forestry and construction sectors.

Tailor-made containerised solutions

For your hooklift equipment

Stronga have always offered a bespoke design service. We have manufactured an enormous variety of special-application hooklift containers including, but not limited to, vacuum tankers, water bowsers, bulk containers and plant-transportation flatbeds. Stronga’s hooklift containers are compliant with all hooklift standards, including CHEM, DIN and Swedish.

In this day and age…

You need reliable, long life equipment

You want your hooklift containers to last, and that is what you’ll get with our long life solutions. We pride ourselves on our ‘roll-on roll-off’ containers; it’s what we’ve done for decades, and it’s a future we will continue to pioneer. From liquid handling to round wood forwarding, you can order your bespoke hooklift container in a variety of types to suit your company and improve your image. We make sure that you get exactly what you need at competitive rates.

See below some of the infinite application opportunities made possible using a HookLoada trailer.

Bulk-cargo hooklift containers

Stronga build modern bulk bodies, giving our customers the competitive edge to get the job done. Specifications, including the use of high strength steel and plate thickness, vary according to the duty of the container.

Heavy-cargo dump containers

An extremely durable container for transporting heavy materials in the quarrying, recycling and demolition industries, this hooklift container offers maximum strength and durability in a monocoque construction.


Highly versatile hook lift vacuum tankers to suit your liquid handling and jetting needs. These highly reliable, tried and tested hooklift chassis-mounted assemblies can be used for filling and spraying, or simply transporting liquids.


High quality polyethylene tanks for agricultural, industrial and commercial usage. We sell a comprehensive range of liquid bowsers so you can choose a size and type to suit your liquid handling operation.


Stronga manufacture an extensive range of ISO skeletal frames, flatbeds and plant carriers in various lengths and duty ratings. ISOLoada represents one of the most versatile and economic pieces of equipment with a vast range of uses.

Model ISOLoada UniBowsa SuperTanka
Colour Black Yellow