FlowSteama Vessa Series

In-vessel soil steam sterilization with FlowSteama Vessa

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Economic in-vessel soil sterilization systems

Stronga in-vessel substrate sterilization systems offer a high duty cycle for highly reliable continuous operation. With an extremely low electrical energy requirement and low labour requirement, FlowSteama Vessa offers the most economic soil sterilisation system for commercial, large scale operations. Learn more about the modern Vessa Series:

High output, continuous sterilization ✔; ISO modular ✔; Scalable & expandable ✔; Semi-transportable, relocatable between sites ✔; Easily set-up by the stockpile to reduce handling complexity ✔; Simple & easy to use ✔; Highly controllable with evidenced sterilisation ✔; Fully insulated ✔; Flexible across a range of contaminated substrates (each machine is optimised for different substrates) ✔

FlowSteama Vessa

HMI smart process control

Material temperature sensors located in key locations on both steam decks provide vital evidence that material temperature has been achieved and that material has been maintained at target temperature for the required residency time.

Standard Vessa process control equipment includes logging, reporting and evidencing soil or substrate pasteurisation, enabling clients to demonstrate to local certification bodies that the sterilizing process has been completed to specified parameters. This is particularly important when onward selling composts, soils and substrates, and is pertinent when the material is crossing borders to prevent international spread of disease.

FlowSteama Vessa is equipped with modern, smart, self-protecting control systems. The visual, operator-friendly touchscreen interface allows instant access to key parameters, at-a-glance, while optional remote access enables operation of the Vessa to be viewed anywhere in the world via Ethernet or mobile. Sensors provide operators with real-time key data to enable optimised efficiency of output and material sterilization.

Highly controllable

HMI touchscreen

High output, highly reliable steaming

Stronga in-vessel steam sterilization systems offer a high duty cycle, enabling high capacity output in continuous operation. Simple, powerful hydraulic operation; no belts, chains or sprockets ensures long life, low maintenance utility. FlowSteama Vessa offers the most economic growing media sterilisation system available in the market when it is coupled with a reliable, well-proven, free-flowing steam generator.

See below a video case study from a material recycling facility we supported on their journey in transforming contaminated soil into an added value, saleable product.

FlowSteama Vessa

Steam pasteurization process

(1) Unsterilised raw organic matter (soil, substrate, compost or other) is loaded by bucket or rising conveyor into suitably-scaled in-feed hopper.

(2) Hot steam from the low pressure, superheated steam boiler free-flows into the insulated, twin tier vessel; penetrating substrate on the continuous PulseWave™ moving floor. The steam process occurs from above and below the top deck while the mixing motion stretches and tumbles the material in the steam chamber and assists in breaking small clods. The material temperature rise is rapid, even and efficient with steam deeply penetrating the pores of the soil or substrate.

In-feed hopper loading

Bucket or conveyor

PulseWave™ mixing motion

Breaking clods & ensuring full penetration

(3) Smart controls determine the duration of steam exposure and throughput to suit the substrate and comply with local quality protocols. FlowSteama Vessa controls offer an audit trail, enabling you to confidently evidence that you have held the material at temperature for a stated residency time for compliance with local regulations.

(4) Pasteurized soil improver or substrate self-empties from the bottom cross-feed auger onto a rising conveyor for automatic stockpiling or containerisation. Separating clean and contaminated sides is imperative in preventing cross-contamination.

Material temperature sensors & gauges

Located at various intervals

Stockpiling or containerisation

Arranged by the client

Treatment of soil by heat

Analysing your material’s properties

There are many crucially-important variables which affect the rate of heat diffusion through the substrate, soil, compost or agricultural manure. Factors to be closely analysed by our experts include soil structure, bulk density, organic matter percentage, moisture content and more. Speak to Stronga for further information relating to heat treating your organic material.

Learn more about the Vessa continuous heat treatment process in the 3D concept animation below.

Invasive species, sterilised

The well-proven, twin tier FlowSteama is adaptable across a wide range of soils and substrates, mixes and blends. We offer a choice of models so the capacity, throughput and scale of Vessa and SteamBoila can be optimised for your operation. Multiple factors are considered in the design of the FlowSteama, including; substrate-type, substrate bulk density, substrate moisture content and more. See below some of the possibilities with FlowSteama in-vessel pasteurization:

Woody biomass residues sterilisation ✔; Green waste sterilisation ✔; Food waste sterilisation ✔; Top soil sterilisation ✔; Compost sterilisation ✔; Mushroom compost sterilisation ✔; Bark mulch sterilisation ✔; Cocoa mulch sterilisation ✔; Coir sterilisation ✔; Organic manure sterilisation ✔; Recycled substrate sterilisation ✔; And more ✔

Peat moss sterilisation

Organic mulch sterilisation

Coco coir sterilisation

Mushroom compost sterilisation

Growing media sterilisation

Standard Specifications

Raw material loading hopper (greedy boards available to increase pre-processing capacity).
Full length, twin tier PulseWave™ sterilising decks (hydraulically-operated). Hot steam free-flows between decks.
HMI touchscreen controls. Automatic and manual settings enable control of material flow, output and residency time.
Steam ports either side of the machine, allowing convenient steam entry connection.
Multiple material temperature sensors, giving operator’s instant visual indication of temperature profile at various stages.
High capacity cross auger with electric motor, gear box and discharge chute.
Integrated electro-hydraulic power unit, complete with oil cooling, control valves and sensors.
Full insulation all-round, leading to excellent thermal efficiency. Low energy input for high capacity output.

Optional Equipment

Stainless steel package available for corrosive organic matter.
Remote viewing access via Ethernet to desktop or mobile.
ModelFlowSteama Vessa*
Gross weight12200kg
Overall length12200mm
Width (excl. insulation)2440mm
Height (excl. legs and hopper)2590mm
Double sterilising decksStandard
Sterilising bed flow control valveStandard
3 phase electro-hydraulic power unitStandard
Steam entry portsBoth sides
Wide opening padlockable doors, both endsStandard
Adjustable material depth controlStandard
ISO block corner lifting points (number)4
Material and steam temperature sensorsStandard
E-stop safety shutdownStandard

* Other models available on request.Many variable factors exist relating to the client’s material and local operating conditions; speak to Stronga to discuss your operation and project.

All weights and measurements are subject to specification and regional laws. As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.