HookLoada HL250

HookLoada HL250 – Hooklift trailer

High capacity transport & storage system

Nearly 20% more payload availability than the tandem axle HL210 model.

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Compact tri-axle hook lift trailer delivering low cost of operation and maximum uptime. These are the things that customers tell us matter most and they are all embodied in the latest HL250 hook lift trailer.

  • Enjoy a 20% bigger payload with high strength steels keeping the weight low.
  • Reduced labour per m³ of material transported.
  • Reduced fuel and costs per m³ shuttled.

25 tonne hook lift trailer hl250 HookLoada HL250

Unlocking flexibility & potential

The heavy duty 25 tonne hook lift trailer delivers stunning flexibility and ground-breaking efficiency in high capacity hook container transport.

Enjoy the wide range of benefits offered by this intermodal transport and storage system:

  • In-field and in-yard storage. Enabling separation and sorting of materials.
  • From bulky to dense, heavy materials. Simply by exchanging hook lift containers.
  • Flexible with potential. Expandable, modular and customisable hook lift trailer.


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hl250 hook lift trailer HookLoada HL250

Hook lift trailer driven by popular demand

Our highly experienced dedicated hook lift design team listen carefully to the customer when designing every well-proven, highly reliable hook lift trailer. That means each hook trailer is designed to suit your unique hook lift applications.

Renowned for superior specification and build quality, the robust and reliable HL250 hook lift trailer delivers lowest maintenance costs over its impressively long lifetime.

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HookLoada HL250 – Key benefits

  • Roller height on standard wheels – 1175mm.


    • Variable height air and hydraulic suspensions available

    Class-leading tipping angle – 52°


    • Powerful tipping with low oil requirement
    • Stable and secure tipping cycles

  • Hook container length – 4900 – 6900mm* (*3500kg weight on drawbar with 6200mm container length).


    • Load centre adjusted using the telescopic hook tower

    Length from tower to rear roller – 5620mm.


    • The most compact design in the tri-axle range

HookLoada HL250 – Standard specification

HookLoada HL250 – Optional equipment

  • STR-211

    BPW auto-centring free steering front and rear axle, 420×180 brake axles, 150×150 – 16mm square beam, 10 stud, 2150mm track


    Load sensing for hydraulic brakes.

  • STR-304

    Load Sensing Valve (LSV) for air brakes.


    Dual air and hydraulic brake system.

  • STR-308

    Load Sensing Valve (LSV) for hydraulic suspension.


    Hydraulic support leg

  • STR-409

    Air suspension with height controlling valve (AirLoada™ comes as standard when you buy STR-409)


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    Hydraulic suspension for optimal axle travel.


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  • STR-508

    Hydraulic drawbar for easy levelling and high comfort.


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    Electronic Power Steering (EPS).


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  • STR-411

    Front lift axle – Only with air or hydraulic suspensions.


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    Multi-position sprung drawbar for high comfort at speed.

  • STR-700

    Auxiliary hydraulic connections with changeover valve at the rear of the hook lift trailer.


    Auxiliary connections on the hook tower with changeover valve.

  • STR-713

    QuickLoada™ fast tipping and unloading system.


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    Positive steering system

  • STR-900

    Full length ultra light aluminium mudguards.


    Hard plastic quarter mudguards, front and rear.

  • STR-1005

    PowerBoosta™ – pair of booster cylinders, increasing tipping and uploading cycle power, removing the requirement for PTO, pump and oil tank.


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    Rear towing eyelet mounting plate for VBG rear drawbar.


    *Available for selected markets only.

  • STR-505

    Bolt-on ball towing hitch, Scharmuller type, 80mm diameter.


    Bolt-on swivel towing hitch, Scharmuller type. 50mm diameter eyelet.

  • STR-1038

    Rear mounted hydraulic brake connection.


    Rear mounted light connection 7-pin socket.

  • STR-1001

    Aluminium side rails to protect the hook lift trailer.


    Two super-bright LED adjustable rear working lights.

  • STR-802

    Nokian Country King radial tyres. Various sizes available.


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    Lockable steel toolbox. Various sizes available.


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HookLoada HL250 – Technical details

Gross weight Country dependent
Tare weight ca. 6900kg
Maximum hooking load 25000kg
Maximum tipping load 25000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg (4000kg*)
Hook height Country dependent
Hook tower Telescopic
Hook stroke 1200mm
Sprung suspension capacity Country dependent
Main cylinders 2 units
Oil requirement Own hydraulic
Minimum draft requirement 135kW (180HP)
Hydraulic pressure required 270 bar
Total length 7810mm
Maximum width (standard wheels) 2550mm
Standard wheels 560/60 R22,5
Connections to tractor
Standard Country dependent

All weights and measurements are subject to hook lift trailer specification and regional laws. Specification, weights and payload may vary on fast tow models.

As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.

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