HookLoada HL180

HookLoada HL180 – Hook lift trailer

Beauty of the hooklift system

The most popular entry point to the intermodal world of HookLoada.

Great value Stronga hooklift systems significantly reduce your operational costs by reducing the need for extra tractors, trailers and labour. By using a series of hooklift bodies for different tasks; one tractor, one trailer and one driver can do the work of many; saving money, labour, time and fuel.

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Iconic hooklift brand

Performance like no other


Stronga’s 18 tonne hooklift trailer delivers reliability, longevity and performance like no other.

Stronga have refined the HookLoada HL180 design. The sleek and superior 18 tonne hooklift trailer leads the market with a stronger, lighter and lower design; enabling greater payload at high speed.

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A perfect cross sector hybrid

HookLoada HL180 continues to prove popular with huge numbers of satisfied users. Typically clients are extending the use of this versatile hooklift trailer, crossing over a wide range of sectors:

Discover your potential fuel savings today:

  • Agriculture transport and storage
  • Waste management transport and processing
  • Civil engineering, construction work and much more…


For clients with modern diversified businesses straddling different sectors, the 18 tonne Stronga hooklift trailer is the perfect cross sector hybrid.

Discover the 18 tonne Stronga hooklift trailer video below.

HookLoada HL180 – Key benefits

  • Super low roller height on standard wheels – 1050mm.


    • Stable cornering profile
    • Low container loading angle

    Excellent tipping angle – 52°.


    • Great heaping ability
    • Clean emptying across all materials

  • Hook container length – 4850 – 6700mm. Optimal hook container length – 6500mm.


    • Access to main standard container market

    Length from tower to rear roller – 5370mm.


    • Compact while offering good capacity
    • Cross over to the ISO / intermodal world

HookLoada HL180 – Standard specification

HookLoada HL180 – Optional equipment

  • STR-210

    BPW high speed commercial axle, 410×180 brake axles, 150×150 – 16mm square beam, 10 stud.


    BPW auto-centring free steering rear axle, 420×180 brake axles, 150×150 – 16mm square beam, 10 stud, 2150mm track (CommandSteer™ comes as standard when you buy STR-211).


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  • STR-302

    Load sensing for hydraulic brakes.


    Load Sensing Valve (LSV) for air brakes.

  • STR-308

    Load Sensing Valve (LSV) for hydraulic suspension.


    Dual air and hydraulic brake system.

  • STR-406

    24t parabolic sprung suspension, 1810mm distance between axles.


    32t parabolic sprung suspension, 1810mm distance between axles.

  • STR-409

    Air suspension with height controlling valve (AirLoada™ comes as standard when you buy STR-409).


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    Hydraulic suspension for optimal hook loader axle travel.


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  • STR-508

    Hydraulic drawbar for easy levelling and high comfort.


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    Electronic Power Steering (EPS).


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  • STR-704

    Independent hydraulic system with PTO. Distributor operated by remote control.


    Two pipes to the tractor hydraulic system with distributor operated by remote control.

  • STR-700

    Auxiliary hydraulic connections with changeover valve at the rear of the hooklift.


    Auxiliary connections on the hook tower with changeover valve.

  • STR-713

    QuickLoada™ fast tipping and unloading system.


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    Two super-bright LED adjustable rear working lights.

  • STR-900

    Full length ultra light aluminium mudguards.


    Hard plastic quarter mudguards, front and rear.

  • STR-802

    Nokian Country King radial tyres. Various sizes available.


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    Aluminium side protection rails.

  • STR-505

    Bolt-on ball towing hitch, Scharmuller type, 80mm diameter.


    Bolt-on swivel towing hitch, Scharmuller type. 50mm diameter eyelet.

  • STR-601

    Hydraulic support leg


    Rear towing eyelet mounting plate for VBG rear drawbar.


    *Available for selected markets only.

  • STR-1038

    Rear mounted hydraulic brake connection.


    Rear mounted light connection 7-pin socket.

  • STR-1000

    Lockable steel toolbox. Various sizes available.


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HookLoada HL180 – Technical details

Gross weight Country dependent
Tare weight ca. 4500kg
Maximum hooking load 18000kg
Maximum tipping load 18000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg (4000kg)
Hook height Country dependent
Hook tower Telescopic
Hook stroke 1100mm
Sprung suspension capacity Country dependent
Main cylinders 2 units
Oil requirement 20 litres
Minimum draft requirement 102kW (140HP)
Hydraulic pressure required 200 bar
Total length 7580mm
Maximum width (standard wheels) 2550mm
Standard wheels 560/45 R22,5
Connections to tractor 3 x double acting
Standard Country dependent

All weights and measurements are subject to hooklift trailer specification and regional laws. Specification, weights and payload may vary on fast tow models.

As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.

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