HookLoada HL014

Breakthrough tandem-axle hooklift design

Tough. Compact. Nimble.

Tough enough for continuous contractor use, compact enough for small yards, nimble enough for tight corners; the HL014 hook trailer offers all the versatility and reliability you need and it is available at a fantastic low price. The HL014 model is well-suited to tractors from 80-140HP. 4500mm (optimum length) containers can be tipped to a class-leading 56° angle for superb heaping on smaller worksites.

Adapted to modern demands

With high-speed tractors becoming increasingly common and new legislations allowing higher speeds, Stronga has upgraded each hook lift trailer in the range for higher speeds, all contributing to better efficiency and overall productivity.

Well proven features like a strong and stable chassis, excellent suspension, high quality axles and reliable tyres make HL014 the complete high speed hooklift available in the market. Stronga can equip your new hook lift trailer with air brakes, ABS and other functions, all with the view to improving speed on the road. Learn more about the optional equipment available for the HL014 model below.

Mini just got mighty

Great investment for professional contractors

101 hook trailer applications

Where do you want to go today?

The market-leading 14 tonne hook trailer is proving to be an extremely flexible transport solution for small-to-medium size contractors across a wide range of materials, applications and sectors. Imagine how you could utilise this modern hook trailer to transport plant; or to cart soil, rubble, grain and many more materials. The possibilities really are endless. Learn more about the HL014 trailer in the video below.

Key Benefits

Roller height on standard wheels – 990mm.

  • Low container height
  • Excellent stability
Excellent tipping angle – 56°.

  • Clean material ejection
  • Excellent heaping ability
Container length - 4730 - 5340mm. Optimal container length - 4950mm.

  • Compact, useful container length
Length from tower to rear roller – 4175mm.

  • Manoeuvrable in confined spaces
  • Most compact tandem axle trailer

Standard Specifications

BPW commercial 410x120mm brake axles, 110x110mm square beam.
Fixed drawbar.
Hydraulic container locking clamps.
Tiltable hook tower with hydraulic cylinder.
Fully automatic frame locking system.
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560/45 R22.5 152 D Nokian Country King TL.
Bolt-on swivel towing hitch. STR type. 50mm diameter eyelet.
3 position plate for bolting towing eyelet.

Optional Equipment

BPW commercial 410x120mm brake axles, 120x120mm square beam.
Load sensing for hydraulic brakes.
Load Sensing Valve (LSV) for air brakes.
Dual air and hydraulic brake system.
Auxiliary hydraulic connections with changeover valve at the rear of the trailer.
Hydraulic rear axle stabilisers.
Auxiliary connections with changeover valve on the hook tower.
Lockable steel toolbox. Various sizes available.
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Hard plastic quarter mudguards, front and rear.
Full length ultra-light aluminium mudguards.
Aluminium side protection rails.
Hydraulically extendable rear bumper.
Manually extendable rear bumper.
Two super-bright LED adjustable working lights at the rear of the hooklift.
Other tyre brands and tyre sizes available.
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Rear towing eyelet mounting plate for VBG rear drawbar.
*Available for selected markets only.
VBG-coupling, made by Stronga.
Automatic rear coupling D40 (STR-1002 required).
Rear mounted hydraulic brake connection.
Rear mounted light connection 7-pin socket.
Two LED flashing lights encased in secure housing at the rear of the trailer.
Signal light positioned at the front of the frame; showing that the steering system is in the centre.
Rear real-time video camera with screen display.
Model HookLoada HL014
Gross weight (40km/h) 18000kg
Tare weight ca. 3500kg
Maximum hooking load 14000kg
Maximum tipping load 14000kg
Drawbar load 3000kg (4000kg*)
Hook height 1570mm
Hook tower Tiltable
Hook stroke -
Sprung suspension capacity 14000kg
Main cylinders 1 unit
Oil requirement 12,5 litres
Minimum draft requirement 100HP
Hitch height 510-550-590mm
Hydraulic pressure required 200 bar
Total length 6400mm
Maximum width (standard wheels) 2550mm
Standard wheels 560/45 R22.5
Connections to tractor 3 x double acting
Standard DIN 30722

The information shown on this web page is representative of a “DIN Standard” HL014 hook-lift trailer. Specifications and dimensions may vary depending on the customer’s local market preferences and regional laws. Specification, weights and payload may vary on fast tow models. As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.

* 4000kg with K-80 ball towing hitch