DumpLoada DL1000HP

The competitive edge you need at stunning value for money

Delivering BIG performance

If you're looking to deliver big numbers to your bottom line, make the sensible decision and put DumpLoada DL1000HP on your jobsite. The mid-range model gives you everything you need to keep profits flowing. With 20 tonnes of payload available in a high strength, well-proven design, our DL1000HP half pipe dumper is the number one when it comes to medium-output transport solutions.

Heavy hauling at high speed

DL1000HP hauls heavy payloads with unsurpassed speed when coupled with modern tractors. They're highly reliable, too, with high-strength Hardox chassis’ that are durable yet lightweight. The DL1000HP weighs in at 26t – that’s the same as the DL900HP model – yet the value added to your job-site is significant and not to be discounted.

You’ve got to experience it…

What really sets DL1000HP apart from any other half pipe tipper is its ability to keep heavy materials moving on rough terrain and steep slopes. You’ve got to experience a DL1000HP half pipe tipper to appreciate the difference. Watch the sand transport video below.

Standard Specifications

BPW commercial axle, 410x180 brake axles, 150x150 - 16mm square beam, 10 stud.
24t parabolic sprung suspension.1525mm distance between axles. Springs on top of axles.
Shockproof rubber-mount drawbar.
600/55 R26,5 Michelin CargoXBib radial tyres. Load rating per tyre:

7000 kg @ 40 km/h5150 kg @ 65 km/h
Hard plastic quarter mudguards, front and rear.
Bolted on metal mudguards.
Multi-position rear removable round bumper.
Hydraulic rear half pipe tipper trailer door.
12 V electric system. Sealed loom. All lights super-bright LED.
3 position plate for bolting towing eyelet.
Swivel towing hitch. STR type. 50mm diameter eyelet.
Cable-type hand brake.

Optional Equipment

Load sensing for hydraulic brakes.
Load Sensing Valve (LSV) for air brakes.
Dual air and hydraulic brake system.
Automatic slack adjusters.
Load Sensing Valve (LSV) for hydraulic suspension.
Bolted-on ball towing hitch, Scharmuller type, 80mm diameter.
Swivel towing hitch, Scharmuller type. 50mm diameter eyelet.
Air suspension with height controlling valve.
Hydraulic suspension for optimum axle travel. Watch video >
Hydraulic drawbar for easy levelling and high comfort. Watch video >
Multi-position sprung drawbar for high comfort at speed.
Lockable steel toolbox. Various sizes available.
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Aluminium side protection rails.
Two super-bright LED rear working lights.
Rear towing eyelet mounting plate for VBG rear drawbar.
Rear mounted hydraulic brake connection.
Rear mounted light connection 7-pin socket.
Rear real-time video camera with screen display.
Model DumpLoada DL1000HP
Gross weight 26000kg
Tare weight ca. 6000kg
Maximum Payload 20000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg (4000kg*)
Sprung suspension capacity 24000kg
Standard transport capacity 14m³
Oil requirement 36,7 litres
Minimum draft requirement 109kW (150PS)
Hitch height 510-550-590mm
Bottom thickness 6 mm HARDOX 450
Side thickness 6 mm HARDOX 450
Body height inside 1185mm
Body length inside 5400mm
Total length 7280mm
Total height 3050mm
Maximum width (standard wheels) 2550mm
Standard wheels 600/55 R26,5
Colour Yellow
Speed 40km/h

All weights and measurements are subject to half pipe tipper specification and regional laws. Specification, weights and payload may vary on fast tow models. As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.