Drying Digestate

drying digestate Drying Digestate


Reducing cost. Adding value.

Stronga help Anaerobic Digestate (AD) plant owners significantly reduce costs, add value and minimise environmental impact by utilising Combined Heat and Power (CHP) waste heat with our highly efficient digestate drying solutions.

Well proven, reliable, high performance Stronga dryers are widely applicable for many types of wet product, particularly fermentation products from biogas plants.

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Advantages of drying digestate

The main benefits for customers drying separated digestate are the huge financial savings made all day, every day. Discover your potential savings using highly versatile and efficient Stronga drying solutions:


Reduced bulk handling and spreading correct icon 3 Drying Digestate

Production of recycled animal bedding correct icon 3 Drying Digestate

Stackable FYM field storage correct icon 3 Drying Digestate

Reduced on and off farm transport correct icon 3 Drying Digestate

Enable blending to create fertiliser or fuel correct icon 3 Drying Digestate

Improved FYM / on farm fertiliser utilisation correct icon 3 Drying Digestate


Stronga digestate drying solutions enable effective use of residual heat during the entire year. At the same time, customers add value by producing dry digestate for use as valuable biomass for green energy, animal bedding, organic farmyard fertiliser (replacing synthetic fertilisers) and more.

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Re-think your process

Stronga energy solutions are ideal for drying separated digestate from a biogas plant when used together with a separator.

Dried to a dry matter content of 85%, this material can be utilised as a rich soil conditioner, replacing synthetic fertilisers. With its high moisture absorbing properties; the dry material can also be used as litter in stables.

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Stronga digestate dryers are capable of drying various types of fermentation product from biogas plants. The dry output is in the form of a granular material that stores exceptionally well and can be easily transported. The dry output is a highly concentrated, odourless, slow-release fertiliser that can be scattered in the field.

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Experience in digestate drying

Stronga have a wealth of experience drying anaerobic digestate and sludge using our well proven drying solutions. Throughout the year, our dryers utilise Combined Heat and Power waste heat for drying separated digestate.

Our low temperature, energy efficient digestate drying solutions ensure highly efficient drying of separated digestate. Stronga digestate drying solutions come fitted with stainless steel specifications to withstand the corrosive properties of anaerobic digestate.

Watch the digestate drying case study video below.

Green energy incentives

Governments across the globe have set up various incentive schemes aimed at utilising residual and waste heat streams from pyrolysis, syngas and biogas (CHP).

With political organisations committed to reducing carbon emissions, several schemes have been initiated to help bring renewable technology to the market.

The combination of green energy incentives with the effective use of residual heat by Stronga energy solutions delivers excellent added value for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants.

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Intensive precision farming

Drying digestate from biogas plants opens up new options in areas of intensive precision farming.

Dried substrates can be transported more cost-effectively and then spread on fields at larger distances from the initial plant at a reduced cost. By using digestate instead of synthetic fertilisers, you can save energy, cut fossil fuel consumption and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Become an innovator today with Stronga digestate drying solutions.

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