FlowSteama – Steam Sterilisation

Creating valuable organic media

Create your own valuable sterilised organic media today using the FlowSteama steam sterilisation system.

Soil steam sterilisation as a means of protecting crop against soil-borne diseases is practiced by greenhouse-growers across the world. Soil remediation through steam sterilisation is an effective way to combat the nematode and control certain insects which pass part of their life cycle in organic media.

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Transforming low grade waste

Transform low grade waste into valuable sterilised organic media for use in landscaping, gardens and greenhouses.

Hot steam eliminates pathogens by heating organic media to temperatures that cause protein coagulation or enzyme inactivation. Working together with a low pressure steam generator, the FlowSteama steam sterilisation module has been proven to reliably kill all harmful contaminants:


Pathogenic bacteria correct icon 3 FlowSteama

Spores correct icon 3 FlowSteama

Oily seeds correct icon 3 FlowSteama

Fusarium correct icon 3 FlowSteama

Larvae correct icon 3 FlowSteama

Fungi (moulds & yeasts) correct icon 3 FlowSteama

Protozoa correct icon 3 FlowSteama

Rhizoctonia correct icon 3 FlowSteama

Nematodes correct icon 3 FlowSteama

Weeds seeds correct icon 3 FlowSteama

Pythium correct icon 3 FlowSteama

Other diseases & pests… correct icon 3 FlowSteama


In comparison to alternative sterilisation methods such as in-vessel composting or sheet steaming, FlowSteama offers the most efficient way of treating contaminated organic media to comply with organic media quality regulations in your region.

Explore FlowSteama from 360°.


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    Unlimited sterilisation applications

    FlowSteama is a highly efficient, modular twin tier steam sterilisation system designed to give you the flexibility to efficiently sterilise a wide range of raw organic media through induced hot steam:


    Wood waste sterilisation correct icon 3 FlowSteama

    Topsoil sterilisation correct icon 3 FlowSteama

    Bark mulch sterilisation correct icon 3 FlowSteama

    Animal manure sterilisation correct icon 3 FlowSteama

    Green waste sterilisation (leaves) correct icon 3 FlowSteama

    Compost sterilisation correct icon 3 FlowSteama

    Cocoa mulch sterilisation correct icon 3 FlowSteama

    Organic fraction sterilisation correct icon 3 FlowSteama

    Food waste sterilisation correct icon 3 FlowSteama

    Mushroom compost sterilisation correct icon 3 FlowSteama

    Coir sterilisation (coconut fibre) correct icon 3 FlowSteama

    And much more… correct icon 3 FlowSteama


    Stronga steam sterilisation systems offer a high duty cycle, enabling high capacity output in continuous operation. With low energy requirement and no belts, chains or sprockets, FlowSteama is the most economic sterilisation system around

    steam sterilisation system FlowSteama

    Clean growing media

    Discover the FlowSteama steam sterilisation process:

    • Unsterilised raw organic matter is loaded into the in-feed hopper.
    • Induced hot steam flows from a low pressure steam generator into both decks of the twin tier soil sterilising system. Users can independently control steam flow to each deck by adjusting valves on the steam pipes.
    • On the upper sterilisation deck, hot steam fully penetrates organic mulch as it flows over the moving floor in a PulseWave™ motion. PulseWave™ ensures steam comes into contact with each part of the material during flow.
    • Smart controls determine the duration of steam exposure and throughput to suit the organic media. Steamed organic matter must be held at temperature for a period of time to comply with the Compost Quality Protocol.
    • As sterilised organic matter reaches the end of the upper sterilisation deck, it drops onto the lower residency deck where it is continually sterilised while being held at temperature.
    • Sterilised soil improver self-empties into a cross-feed / rising conveyor for automatic stockpiling or containerisation.

    FlowSteama – Standard specification

    • Raw material loading hopper (greedy boards available to increase pre-processing capacity).

      Full length, twin tier PulseWave™ sterilising bed (hydraulically operated).


      • Simple, reliable, well proven design with no belts, chains or sprockets.
      • Hot steam can easily penetrate perforated floor between decks, enabling even, and reliable sterilisation.

    • Smart controls with automatic and manual settings, control of residency time and output, and visual display of set parameters.

      2 steam entry ports either side of the machine, allowing convenient steam entry connection.

    • Multiple visual material and steam temperature gauges, giving operators instant visual overview of temperature profile.

      High capacity cross auger with electric motor, gear box and discharge chute.

    • Integrated electro-hydraulic power unit, complete with oil cooling, control valves and sensors. High airflow aluminium louvres to cool the hydraulic housing area.

      Full insulation all-round for excellent thermal efficiency. Low energy input for big capacity output.

    • Adjustable depth control gate, regulating material depth on the sterilising bed. Depth control to suit materials and optimal sterilising output.

    FlowSteama – Optional equipment

    • FS-101

      Stainless steel packable available for corrosive organic matter.

    FlowSteama series – Technical details

    MODEL FS33 *
    Gross weight 12200kg
    Overall length 12200mm
    Width (excl. insulation) 2440mm
    Height (excl. legs and hopper) 2590mm
    Twin sterilising bed surface area 33m²
    Sterilising bed flow control valve Standard
    3 phase electro-hydraulic power unit Standard
    Steam entry ports 4
    Wide opening padlockable doors, both ends Standard
    Adjustable material depth control Standard
    ISO block corner lifting points (number) 4
    Material and steam temperature gauges 4
    E-stop safety shutdown Standard

    * Other models available on request.

    All weights and measurements are subject to specification and regional laws. As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.