Highly reliable, well-proven tow behind road grader

A smarter approach to road maintenance

Save thousands in costly road repairs

Save thousands in costly road repairs year-after-year with the premium-level Stronga RoadGrada which allows you to maintain your own surfaces when you want, with little-to-no extra materials required. The Stronga tow-behind Road Grader has become the industry-benchmark in operational efficiency and overall productivity.

Cost-efficient road grading

Customers owning RoadGrada can maintain and upgrade loose material roads with little-to-no fuel or manpower. The Stronga Road Grader is well-suited to removing pot-holes, grading, and creating camber to a wide range of surfaces - roadways, trails, tracks and rides. This well-proven, high quality tow behind road grader is ideal for small-to-medium sized operations.

The grading process beings with hardened rotating teeth which scarify the surface before interlocking Hardox 450 blades then level the surface, ensuring no debris is missed so you only have to grade once. The road surface is left level, compact and obstacle-free.

Extend your machinery's service life

With well-maintained roads

When haul roads are kept level, compacted and free of pot-holes, transport machinery lives longer and travels faster. Good road conditions are key for extending machinery life, reducing service and maintenance, lowering fuel costs and reducing tyre damage. As a result, cycle times are improved and more material is transported at a lower cost.

One-of-a-kind design

Stronga RoadGrada offers excellent durability, productivity and efficiency. From building new roads to maintaining them, RoadGrada is designed to help you get more done in less time. Discover the key features:

- Highly durable components. High strength Hardox wear blades, reliable DuraString™ scarifier teeth, and a Hardox and Weldox wear-plate chassis enable a lifetime of surface grading.

- Super down-force. Powerful hydraulic cylinders offer a compacting down-force, delivering firm and flat surfaces. The weight box can be loaded for additional down-force.

- Interlocking blade technology. Interlocking Hardox 450 blades level loose material tracks, leaving behind a level surface finish.

DuraString™ scarifier teeth

Well-proven, long life machinery

Delivering years of reliable service

Over the years, the Stronga RoadGrada has been proven to directly reduce the costs of road construction, maintenance and improvement. Stronga's long life road graders deliver years of reliable service for the professional contractor. Contact us today to get your grader on order -

Стандартні специфікації

Front scarifier blades with hydraulic height and down force control, efficiently grading road surfaces of any texture and type.
Each front scarifier is controlled independently by hydraulic cylinders, enabling in-cab adaption to changeable surface profiles.
Rear transport tyres and wheels, allowing the whole chassis to be raised and transported at speed between grading operations.
High strength bolt-on Hardox 450 wear plate blades, delivering long life grading, even on highly abrasive surfaces.
Front DuraString™ scarifier system, cutting even compacted surfaces up to 50mm depth in one pass.
Adjustable height rear rake for smooth, level and textured surface finish.
Independent rear wheel hydraulic height control enables in-cab contour and camber adjustment.
Weight box for additional weight to deliver extra down-force.
Easy twist rear rake height adjustment gear to alternate between road and working positions.
Easy fitting on tractor link arms enables quick grader levelling, front height control and excellent turning angles.
Gross weight1200kg
Overall length7750mm
Overall width2785mm
Maximum speed (road)25km/h
Axles carrying capacity1800kg
Tyres maximum load1240kg
Tyres inflation3.1 bar
Tyres ply rating8
Road legal electrical system12V
DuraString™ scarifier systemStandard
Hydraulic cylinders (front and rear)Standard

All weights and measurements are subject to specification and regional laws. As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.