Hooklift trailer – The concept

It’s all about hook lift trailer efficiency

Stronga design and manufacture the world famous range of hook lift trailers and ground demountable containers designed for year round professional use.

The concept – One multi-functional hook lift trailer can handle hundreds of applications, delivering improved efficiency with long life reliability.

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hooklift trailer efficiency Hooklift Trailer

Take the virtual hook lift trailer tour

Component quality has been fully considered to ensure maximum uptime, optimum productivity and low service costs. Stronga’s reputation for quality built equipment provides our customers with strong residual values leading to low ownership cost.

Use your mouse to interact with the 3D hook lift trailer model to take the 360˚ HookLoada tour.


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    Think flexibility. Think HookLoada.

    The economics are clear, why operate and maintain five different trailers when one multi-functional hook lift trailer with matched hook lift containers will give year round service at a lower cost?

    Greater transport productivity, reliability and performance translate into more profitable business.

    hookloada flexibility Hooklift Trailer

    Make a powerful investment

    Substantial savings are to be made using Stronga hook lift trailers:

    • Reduced fuel usage. Reduced fuel expenditure with associated cost savings and environmental benefits.
    • Reduced capital requirement. One hook lift trailer with containers costs less than a number of single purpose trailers. Plus there is a saving in the number of tractors required.
    • Reduced maintenance costs. Running one hook lift trailer has lower costs than keeping several trailers roadworthy with tyres, brakes etc.
    • Reduced labour costs. Rather than the tractor and operator waiting during loading, the operator simply drops off the empty container and picks up the full one in an exchange that only takes one minute.
    • Quicker loading / Reduced cycle times. Ground demountable containers allow safer and faster loading with the added ability to drive plant into hook lift containers.
    • Flexible with potential. Hooklift users can accumulate roll off containers over time, spreading the cost after the initial investment in the hook equipment.
    • Transport and storage. Depending on the set-up, it is possible to use hook containers as temporary storage to keep harvesters operating at full capacity when conditions allow.

    See the efficient hook lift trailer and ground demountable container process:

    hooklift powerful investment Hooklift Trailer

    Window to the hook lift trailer world

    Stronga HookLoada is the world-leading brand in material transport, owing to its proven strength, excellent reliability and dynamic performance. Discover the Stronga hook lift system film. Find out how users around the world are improving efficiency with HookLoada.

    Look through our very own window to the hook lift trailer world and prepare to be inspired.

    A symbol of hook lift trailer innovation

    HookLoada has become a symbol of transport innovation, providing endless opportunities for customers to expand their business.

    We believe in continually refining hook loader design to meet your demands for increased lift and tipping capacities while reducing weight through the use of high strength steels.

    HookLoada performs a wide range of applications, operating as a bulk trailer, vacuum tanker, flat trailer, dump trailer and much more. All by simply exchanging containers.

    Hook lift trailer – Key features & benefits

    Passionately produced by Stronga

    100% Stronga made hook lift equipment.

    That means each and every Stronga hook lift trailer is a product of our passion to produce world class trailers that bring greater working efficiency to our customers.

    Partnership spirit defines what is truly important to Stronga. We energetically strive to work together with our customers and we take responsibility for our own successes and failures.

    Power + Speed = Efficiency

    Square up to more power and speed with a Stronga hook lift trailer.

    Large scale operations call for huge power, intelligently applied to maximise uptime while reducing operating costs.

    Coupled with its high speed ability, hook loader’s enormous lifting and tipping power increases capacity to maximise transport efficiency; reducing fuel costs, maintenance costs and operator hours.

    Ultra light. Extra strong.

    Stronga continue to reduce overall weight, increase durability and maximise service life with the use of Hardox and Weldox high strength steels in high stress areas of the hook lift trailer.

    Hard-wearing Hardox wear plates provide great torsional strength and a durable long life structure which translates into a low cost of ownership and high resale value.

    Low hook lift trailer profile stability

    Evolutionary design offers a super low chassis profile, minimising the uploading angle for a lower power requirement to upload hook lift containers.

    The low hook lift trailer profile minimises the centre of gravity to deliver even better cornering stability, stunning manoeuvrability, and increased efficiency because higher hook lift containers can be used.

    Re-define loading capacity

    Our mission is to deliver hook lift trailers that are more efficient than ever before.

    With a revolutionary chassis designed to optimise container length, we believe we are taking positive steps in achieving our mission of re-defining loading capacity.

    The extra long hook tower stroke now allows you to load even longer containers for new levels of efficiency.

    Hooklift trailer series – Technical details

    MODEL HL014 HL140 HL180 HL210 HL250 HL260 HL300
    Gross weight Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent
    Tare weight ca. 3000kg ca. 4000kg ca. 4500kg ca. 5500kg ca. 6900kg ca. 7200kg ca. 8000kg
    Maximum hooking load 14000kg 14000kg 18000kg 21000kg 25000kg 26000kg 30000kg
    Maximum tipping load 14000kg 14000kg 18000kg 21000kg 25000kg 26000kg 30000kg
    Drawbar load 3500kg (4000kg) 3500kg (4000kg) 3500kg (4000kg) 3500kg (4000kg) 3500kg (4000kg) 3500kg (4000kg) 3500kg (4000kg)
    Hook height Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent
    Hook tower Tiltable Tiltable Telescopic Telescopic Telescopic Telescopic Telescopic
    Hook stroke 1100mm 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm 1500mm
    Sprung suspension capacity Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent
    Main cylinders 1 unit 2 units 2 units 2 units 2 units 2 units 2 units
    Oil requirement 12,5 litres 18 litres 20 litres 25,5 litres Own hydraulic Own hydraulic Own hydraulic
    Minimum draft requirement 80kW (110HP) 80kW (110HP) 102kW (140HP) 102kW (140HP) 135kW (180HP) 140kW (190HP) 150kW (200HP)
    Hydraulic pressure required 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar 200 bar 270 bar 270 bar 270 bar
    Total length 6420mm 6430mm 7580mm 7810mm 7810mm 8780mm 9295mm
    Maximum width (standard wheels) 2550mm 2550mm 2550mm 2550mm 2550mm 2550mm 2550mm
    Standard wheels 560/45 R22,5 445/65 R22,5 560/45 R22,5 560/60 R22,5 560/60 R22,5 560/60 R22,5 560/60 R22,5
    Connections to tractor 3 x double acting 3 x double acting 3 x double acting 3 x double acting
    Standard Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent

    All weights and measurements are subject to hook lift trailer specification and regional laws. Specification, weights and payload may vary on fast tow models.

    As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.