Half Pipe dump trailer

Hard rock campaign

Specialist Stronga half pipe dump trailers are engineered for optimal performance, designed for comfort, and built to last in even the harshest mountainous environments.

Developed specifically for high production mining, construction and hard rock conditions, the Stronga half pipe dump trailer keeps heavy materials moving at high speeds and high volumes to lower your cost-per-tonne transported.

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half pipe trailer dumpLoada Half Pipe Dump Trailer

Rugged construction creates durability

The DumpLoada design is now even more rugged, even more durable and demonstrates even more impressive performance that goes unrivalled in the half pipe dump trailer market.

Stronga guarantee that our half pipe dump trailer does everything an ADT dumper truck can do but at a breathtakingly low cost. DumpLoada extends your ability to generate year-round professional income. Imagine the possibilities.

half pipe trailer dumpLoada design Half Pipe Dump Trailer

Precision engineered Half Pipe

The innovative half pipe dump trailer body funnel shape ensures efficient material deposition when unloading. In comparison to our square body dump trailer, material exits far faster through this streamlined dumper body.

The side knife edge design and guard at the front of the tipping trailer protect you and your tractor from falling material to maximise safety in performance.

Power. Poise. Performance.

Each Stronga half pipe dump trailer features strong but light chassis’, reinforced with Hardox steel in high stress areas to improve durability. Stronga established these areas using innovative 3D stress analysis software.

Every Stronga half pipe dump trailer is fitted with extra-long sprung drawbars, ensuring the benefits of reduced shock on the tractor, increased tipper trailer performance and a smoother, more poised ride experience.

Half Pipe dump trailer – Key features & benefits

Pioneering Half Pipe body contour

Innovative, modern, safe and efficient half pipe dump trailer bodies improve driving and loading dynamics:

  • Reduces shock loading during harsh quarrying, mining and demolition operations.
  • Excellent load retention while driving the tipper trailer over undulating terrain.
  • Fast, clean unloading and improved heaping ability during unloading.
  • Lighter tare weight and boosted payload as the Half Pipe design eliminates the need for axial and transverse beams.

Indestructible Hardox wear plates

The full Hardox 450 half pipe dump trailer wear plate body delivers super high yield strength, extreme toughness and excellent wear plate durability.

Indestructible Hardox 450 body provides amazing torsional strength for heavy-duty long life service. Ultra light design from the special shaped one piece monocoque Hardox body maximises payload.

Dynamic tipping power

Powerful tipping cylinder, front-mounted on the one piece half pipe dump trailer body, gives you the confidence to tip heavy materials, every cycle, every day.

Great heaping ability and better self-cleaning from the impressive 65˚ tipping angle.

Improve productivity with reduced cycle times using twin fat-pipe technology for faster tipping and faster lowering.

DumpLoada vs. Articulated Dump Truck

Customers say that our Half Pipe dump trailers do everything an ADT dump truck can do but at a significantly lower cost.

  • Better flexibility with on and off road ability. No need to transfer heavy materials from ADT to truck at the road side.
  • Lower capital investment, providing a better return on investment on your halfpipe dump trailer.
  • Lower cost per tonne handled, lower depreciation and more cost effective in the long run
  • Lower maintenance cost from a simple, reliable and rugged Half Pipe dump trailer.

Half Pipe dump trailer series – Technical details

Gross weight Country dependent Country dependent Country dependent
Tare weight ca. 5500kg ca. 6000kg ca. 7000kg
Maximum payload 20000kg 20000kg 27000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg (4000kg*) 3500kg (4000kg*) 3500kg (4000kg*)
Sprung suspension capacity 24000kg 24000kg 36000kg
Standard transport capacity 11.5m³ 14m³ 18m³
Oil requirement 36,7 litres 36,7 litres 81 litres
Minimum draft requirement 109kW (150PS) 109kW (150PS) 140kW (190HP)
Hitch height 510-550-590mm 510-550-590mm 510-550-590mm
Bottom thickness 6mm HARDOX 450 6mm HARDOX 450 6mm HARDOX 450
Side thickness 6mm HARDOX 450 6mm HARDOX 450 6mm HARDOX 450
Body height inside 1185mm 1185mm 1285mm
Body length inside 5060mm 5280mm 7100mm
Total length 7070mm 7280mm 8195mm
Total height 2960mm 2995mm 3095mm
Maximum width (standard wheels) 2550mm 2550mm 2550mm
Standard wheels 600/55 R26,5 600/55 R26,5 600/55 R26,5
Colour Stronga Yellow Stronga Yellow Stronga Yellow
Speed 40km/h 40km/h 40km/h

All weights and measurements are subject to half pipe dump trailer specification and regional laws. Specification, weights and payload may vary on fast tow models.

As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.