MultiDrya – Multi-purpose batch dryer

Flexible batch drying

Modular, versatile, plug and play batch dryer delivering a constant supply of consistently dried materials.

Batch drying moving floor solution, designed to dry a range of non-free flowing bulky solids, including wood waste, SRF, RDF and other suitable fractions which the Stronga technical team can advise you on.

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Wet residues to dry revenues

MultiDrya batch drying systems are well proven to transform your wet waste residues into dried revenues. Discover the key benefits of this batch drying system:


  • All-in-one batch dryer. Simple batch loading, drying and onward processing of wasted wet residues.
  • Reduced dust environment. Large drying surface area delivers a low pressure environment, helping to reduce dust.
  • Tried & tested moving floor. Well proven, robust, long life twin moving floor arrangement, designed for non-free flowing bulk solids.
  • Monocoque, mobile structure. Modular, plug & play construction can be located internally, externally or easily moved between sites.
  • Energy-efficiency. Low electrical energy requirement batch drying system, operating for low hours even in high operational situations.
  • Weigh system. Instant, knowledge-building indication of evaporation over time, allowing emptying based on an optimum target weight and moisture content.



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    Every hour counts

    Cost savings and extra income from added-value calorific fuel add up, every hour, especially in high duty situations.

    Robust and reliable MultiDrya has no belts, chains or sprockets and very few moving parts. With simplicity comes reliability, and with reliability comes low service and maintenance costs and maximum uptime.

    Take control of drying efficiency, every hour, with MultiDrya’s smart PLC console.


    Real-time evaporation in kg/water via the weigh system
    – target dry weight can be set for the end of each batch correct icon 3 MultiDrya

    Instant visual indication of pressure changes over time correct icon 3 MultiDrya

    Visual drying air quality temperature correct icon 3 MultiDrya

    Achieve success and optimum efficiency, only by controlling correct icon 3 MultiDrya



    stronga multidrya dryer MultiDrya

    Incredibly compact. Exceptionally efficient.

    Incredibly compact and space-saving while maintaining exceptional throughput efficiency.


    • Excellent time efficiency. Because of the high loading capacity, you can simply load the batch dryer once and then leave it unsupervised for long intervals before it empties.
    • Material efficiency. Extremely efficient batch drying on CHP plants for use with a wide range of wet materials. Imagine how you could use this direct feeding, batch drying floor to dry wood chip, waste fractions, SRF, RDF and much more.
    • Highly productive batch dryer. High duty cycle due to a simple, robust and long life modular construction, allowing for reliable high production over long periods of time.


    MultiDrya – Standard specification

    • Large capacity batch drying, self-emptying chamber.


      • Low pressure, high airflow design


      *Various capacities and layouts available, depending on the client’s requirements

      Full length dual moving floors (hydraulically operated).


      • Efficient handling of even non-free flowing bulk solids
      • Lowest energy requirement per tonne handled

    • Smart PLC MultiDrya Control Console (MCC).


      • Manual &automatic operation settings
      • Control of optional ancillary equipment
      • Volt-free signals available

      Central air plenum with slotted sides.


      • High free air surface
      • Horizontal airflow distribution


      *Various plenum designs available depending on the material

    • Central sub-floor air plenum.


      • Even distribution of warm air into the drying chamber
      • Flexible layout of air entry depending on site requirements

      Air distribution dampers for uniformed dry output.


      • Balancing plenum pressure

    • Fully opening rear barn doors.


      • Excellent material clearance
      • Easy lock arrangement

      Extension legs, bolted onto the chassis.


      • Adjustable loading and discharge height
      • Discharge height can be specified for onward conveying or bunkering

    MultiDrya – Optional equipment

    • MD-101

      High grade polyurethane reinforced curved roll sheet.


      • Fully modular, standalone batch drying equipment
      • Allows batch dryers to be mounted externally


      Hydraulic folding roof.


      • Complete with independent electro-hydraulic pump and control
      • Fast opening and closing roof for efficient batch loading

    • MD-103

      Weigh system reporting real-time material weight.


      • Easily accessible, instant visual
      • Knowledge-building indication of evaporation over time
      • Allows emptying based on an optimum target weight and moisture content


      Air pressure and air temperature sensors.


      • Visual indication of key drying parameters

    • MD-105

      Fire suppression system.


      • Fire protection solution with auto air shut off function
      • Peace of mind – ensuring the continuity of your batch drying operations


      Anti-corrosion stainless steel package.

    MultiDrya series – Technical details

    MODEL MD60 MD80 MD100
    Gross weight* 6500kg 8300kg 10200kg
    Overall length 8500mm 10865mm 13450mm
    Overall width 3200mm 3200mm 3200mm
    Overall height** 3500mm 3500mm 3500mm
    Batch drying capacity*** 60m³ 80m³ 100m³
    Floor & sides steel thickness 5mm 5mm 5mm
    3 phase electro-hydraulic power unit Standard Standard Standard
    Proximity switches for floor control 24V or 240V 24V or 240V 24V or 240V
    Floor speed flow valve Standard Standard Standard
    MultiDrya Control Console (MCC) Standard Standard Standard
    E-stop safety shutdown Standard Standard Standard
    Electrical intake isolation point Standard Standard Standard

    * Depending on equipment fitted.

    ** Overall height depends on the leg arrangement and onward processing requirements.

    *** Other batch drying capacities available. Contact us for more information.

    As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.

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