Heatex Single Fan


Heatex Single Fan– From 100-300kW

Economical because…

correct icon 3 Heatex Single Fan Lowest capex when compared to others in the range.

correct icon 3 Heatex Single Fan Great value for the duty-cycle, offering low capex for its ability.

correct icon 3 Heatex Single Fan Lowest opex costs with the most energy efficiency fan available in the market.

correct icon 3 Heatex Single Fan Incredible return on investment, especially when combined with green energy subsidy.

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We bring our own kind of energy

Our expertise in the energy sector.


  • Modular, compact, space saving. Neat design with multiple lifting points. Built off-site and delivered complete to your desired location. Flexible mounting possibilities.
  • In-house fabrication. Bespoke, fabricated solutions designed just for you. We scale the dryer to your specification, matching the energy profile to the amount of drying required. Variants such as are heat source and local climate are fully considered in the design.
  • Drying air control. Weather-proof control system enabling control of Leaving Air Temperature (LAT) with plug and play connection; visual analogue pressure display; inverter driven fan for soft-start; volt-free contacts available for integration; and simple electrical connection.
  • Whole project quality. With many years’ experience manufacturing Single Fan Heatex; we have a reputation for supplying special heat exchangers for optimising drying ability. We optimise the dryer design, considering integration in the whole project.



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    Cutting-edge heat transfer

    Stronga knows a thing or two about energy heat transfer.

    The Heatex Single Fan draws ambient air through a high duty cycle heating coil via an intelligently-controlled single plug fan which delivers drying quality air into an insulated warm air plenum, ready for controlled distribution.

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    Our technical green energy team take the project parameters, using modern software to assist in configuring the optimum coil depth and face surface area. The Heatex fan coil combination optimises the air-off temperature from client’s specified energy parameters. We specify the single fan and coil arrangement to optimise drying capacity, even in high ambient temperatures.

    Our generously sized Heatex airflow designs comfortably operate within the high duty cycle, delivering a long service life.

    heatex single fan heat transfer Heatex Single Fan

    Our design philosophy

    We aim to get it right the first time.

    Stronga technical team interrogate the requirements of each project carefully. We help clients to define clear energy parameters including delta T and return water temperatures which are often critical to ancillary equipment (e.g. CHP engine).

    Our experts at integration are mindful of the whole scheme, considering the drying air quality, airflow through the material, air pressure and air speed, all designed to optimise drying from the energy available.

    If the Heatex Single Fan works for you, call Stronga today to discuss your possibilities.

    Heatex Single Fan – Standard specification

    • Single direct-drive plug fan.


      • Extremely low electrical energy requirement
      • Energy savings of up to 30% compared to centrifugal fans
      • Complete with motor and bearings
      • 415V 3-phase (Single phase option)

      High efficiency deep core heat exchanger delivering drying quality air.


      • From 100-300kW
      • High heat transfer efficiency
      • Flange mounting plates for easy connection to water source
      • Wide access door

    • External weather-proof control panel.


      • Visual display of fan run time hours
      • Instant visual run / fault lamps
      • Inverter control, soft start and energy saving, linked to sensors within Heatex

      2 x 500mm diameter airflow control ports.


      • Complete with damper switch or FlowDrya rectangular port damper
      • Hot plenum access hatch

    • Analogue sensors for visual display of:


      • Flow and return water temperature
      • Flow and return water pressure

      Aluminium anti-corrosion air intake louvres.


      • High free airflow capacity
      • Easy airflow

    • Electro-statically charged, multi-mesh ambient air filter.

      Magnehelic gauge measuring back pressure (kilopascals).


      • Instant visual indication of pressure which varies with material density and dryness

    Heatex Single Fan – Optional equipment

    • HX-101

      2 x 3000mm long, 500mm diameter insulated, flexible air duct to connect to Drying Stations.


      • Complete with securing straps
      • Wire reinforced, tough poly duct
      • Additional lengths available

      *Drying Station option

    Heatex Single Fan– Technical details

    MODEL Single Fan
    Thermal output capacity* 100-300kW
    Dry weight 1350-1750kg
    Overall length 4030mm
    Overall width 1650mm
    Overall height 1610mm
    External flanges to connect to flow and return water pipes** Standard
    Remote alarm volt-free contacts Standard
    Digital and analogue sensors Standard
    Electrical intake isolation switch Standard
    Visual Andon operation status display Standard
    Twin plug socket
    Lifting, locking points 4
    Light with switch
    E-stop safety shutdown Standard
    Colour Stronga Green

    * Based on set parameters.

    ** Water flow and return pipes supplied and installed by the client to the location of the Heatex Single Fan module.
    As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.

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