Heatex Multi Fan


Heatex Multi Fan – 1100+kW

Enabling positive energy

Optimum thermal output


Thermally and electrically efficient Heatex, using hot water heating medium from a boiler, engine or heat pump.

High duty cycle, energy efficient, robust and reliable Heatex unit designed for drying and space-heating applications. Heatex Multi Fan facilitates the transformation of primary or residual heat into valuable energy. Heatex MF offers at least 20% lower energy requirements than other units in the market, delivering savings which really add up throughout the year.

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heatex multi fan heat exchanger stronga Heatex Multi Fan

Plug & play system

Integrated, intelligent, installed and immediately ready for operation.

ISO housing. Heatex Multi Fan is housed in hi-cube secure steel housing which is modular and transportable.

Intelligent air control. Autopilot air control using the command and control system. Visualise drying curves via analogue and digital gauges.

High duty cycle. Big capacity performance, year after year. Highly reliable, long life air handling system with a proven track record.

High capacity. The Heatex unit is set up as a high capacity unit, enabling it to run at full output at high ambient temperatures.

Energy efficiency. Multiple energy efficient direct-drive plug fans deliver energy savings up to 30% compared to centrifugal fans.

Integrated plenum. Fully insulated warm air end plenum, enabling the flexibility to direct drying air in multiple directions.


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    Compact, yet efficient

    The exceptionally high heat transfer efficiency-to-volume ratio provided by the Multi Fan coil is one of the most profound benefits of our heat exchangers. A reduction in the unit’s overall footprint, volume and weight when compared to traditional technologies generates significant cost savings in the following areas:

    correct icon 3 Heatex Multi Fan Reduced footprint required for installation – stacking ability

    correct icon 3 Heatex Multi Fan Reduced housing and structural foundation requirements

    correct icon 3 Heatex Multi Fan External-mounting in weather-proof housing for convenient positioning

    correct icon 3 Heatex Multi Fan Excellent access for maintenance

    correct icon 3 Heatex Multi Fan Topside craneage for easier transport, installation and maintenance

    heatex multi fan stronga compact Heatex Multi Fan

    Intelligent Integration

    Stronga work hard to fully understand the whole requirements of each project, and how the Heatex MF will be integrated within the overall scheme. We help you to clearly define important energy parameters from the start, ensuring an appropriate duty cycle, energy dissipation rate, and correct control philosophy for your individual project.

    We are mindful of the multiple factors that deliver a successful, holistic project, including climate, energy efficiency, heat load and mass energy balance.

    If the Heatex Multi Fan works for you, call Stronga to discuss your energy integration.

    Heatex Multi Fan – Standard specification

    • Multiple direct-drive plug fans.


      • Extremely low electrical energy requirement
      • Energy savings of up to 30% compared to centrifugal fans
      • Complete with motor, bearings and inverter-control
      • 415V 3-phase (Single phase option)

      High efficiency deep core heat exchanger delivering drying quality air.


      • 1100+kW
      • High heat transfer efficiency
      • Flange mounting plates for easy connection to water source
      • Wide access door

    • Command and control chamber.


      • Complete with control panel, analogue and digital sensors
      • Intake board with twin service 240V socket. Professional electrical distribution RCD board
      • Light with switch
      • Dual electrical sockets

      Smart controls.


      • Manual and automatic settings
      • Visual display of set parameters
      • Inverter drives
      • Digital sensors
      • Remote volt-free alarms available

    • Analogue sensors for visual display of:


      • Flow and return water temperature
      • Flow and return water pressure
      • Leaving drying air temperature
      • Dual fan runtime hour counters

      Digital sensors for visual display of:


      • Flow and return water temperature & pressure
      • Leaving drying air temperature & pressure
      • Ambient air temperature
      • Electrical overload sensing

    • Aluminium anti-corrosion air intake louvres.


      • High free airflow capacity
      • Large surface area – lower air speed and lower electrical usage

      Electro-statically charged multi-mesh ambient air filter.


      • Keeps the coil clean, lowering maintenance requirements
      • Reduced debris clogging effect
      • Long life, washable mesh filter

    • Bolt-together secure steel ISO-housing.


      • Weatherproof, sealed, external design
      • Modular and moveable with lifting and locking points
      • Lockable and secure rubbed-sealed doors
      • Ground-mounted or stacked

      500mm diameter adjustable airflow ports with access door.


      • Excellent air damper control

    Heatex Multi Fan – Optional equipment

    • HX-101

      500mm diameter insulated air duct to connect to Drying Stations. Quantities and lengths on request.


      • Complete with securing straps
      • Other lengths available

      *Drying Station option


      Additional 500mm diameter adjustable airflow ports, sold in pairs.


      *Drying Station option

    • HX-103

      Rectangular airflow ports*. Various sizes and orientations available.


      *Optional for FlowDrya, MultiDrya, Drying Floor and other ducted requirements

    Heatex Multi Fan– Technical details

    MODEL H1100+MF
    Thermal output capacity* 1100+kW
    Dry weight 6100-12200kg
    Overall length 6100-12200mm
    Overall width 5200mm
    Overall height 2890mm
    External flanges to connect to flow and return water pipes** Standard
    Remote alarm volt-free contacts Standard
    Digital and analogue sensors Standard
    Electrical intake isolation switch Standard
    Visual Andon operation status display Standard
    Twin plug socket 240V
    Lifting, locking points 16
    Light with switch Standard
    E-stop safety shutdown Standard
    Colour Stronga Green

    * Based on set parameters. Higher capacity thermal outputs available.

    ** Water flow and return pipes supplied and installed by the client to the location of the Heatex Multi Fan module. As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.

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