Intelligent air control

Thermally efficient, highly controllable, tried and tested drying air heat exchangers designed to work alongside a Stronga dryer to supply a stream of high quality drying air.

Intelligent, modular, scalable Heatex modules are individually configured to optimise drying performance via optimal air temperature, airflow and pressure from residual or primary heat sources.

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intelligent air control stronga heatex Heatex

Affordable solutions

Great value for money. High capacity delivery of drying quality air in all weather conditions.

High efficiency. Extremely low electrical energy requirement from soft-start, energy efficient, direct drive plug fans, offering the lowest kWe (Kilowatt-electric) cost per kW of energy delivered. These savings really add up, often to hundreds of thousands of £/$/€ over a 10 year period.

High capacity. Stronga guarantee the stated thermal output of Heatex, even in high ambient air conditions. This high capacity output optimises drying performance.

High duty cycle. Heatex is designed to run for high duty hours every year. Stronga have a large number of units running within the market and the Heatex has a proven track record, leading to low ownership cost.

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    Modern. Modular. Flexible.

    Heatex is integrated into an ISO housing, secure steel unit which is modular and transportable.

    An integrated, insulated plenum allows air to be distributed from either side or the end to FlowDrya, but also air available for external drying in Drying Stations, enabling the flexibility to arrange the drying set-up in a variety of ways.

    The plug-and-play Heatex system is highly flexible and can be connected simultaneously to various drying solutions.


    flexible stronga heatex Heatex

    Primary & waste heat utilisation

    Heatex drying air delivery modules are fully compatible for use with various green energy schemes such as the UK Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

    rhi icon stronga heatex Heatex

    Heatex is extremely flexible in its ability to accept various primary and waste heat sources, converting it into the best drying quality air. Heatex is specified to match your heat source and local climate, delivering integrated energy management for:


    • Cogeneration units of heat and power (CHP)
    • Biomass boilers
    • Wood cogeneration plants
    • Biomass combined heat and power stations
    • Wood chips heating systems
    • District heating grids
    • Wood gasification units
    • Biogas units (AD plants)
    • Landfill gas plants
    • Pyrolysis
    • Solar thermal
    • Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems
    • Process heat sinks (e.g. steam turbine residual heat)
    • …and other forms of water-based thermal heat sources


    Energy efficient plug fans

    Integrated direct drive plug fans delivering energy efficient air handling, reduced energy consumption, CO² emissions and electricity load. Super silent plug fans have a leading blade design, offering easy maintenance and long life reliability with no belts, chains or sprockets. A soft start inverter reduces component stress and electricity usage.

    Multiple directly coupled, low-noise radial fans for continuous full face air distribution with minimal pressure loss correct icon 3 Heatex

    Lower energy consumption and costs, resulting in shorter payback periods and increased efficiency correct icon 3 Heatex

    Energy savings of up to 30% per annum when compared to centrifugal fans correct icon 3 Heatex

    Low noise emissions, require less maintenance and are far easier to service, when necessary correct icon 3 Heatex

    plug fans stronga heatex Heatex

    Highly efficient heat exchanger

    Heatex is designed to comply with our core principle of only building environmentally-friendly, sustainable solutions.

    Highly energy efficient deep core heat exchanger with full face airflow uniformly warms ambient air as it passes from fin to fin to meet the specified, programmable drying temperature.

    Stronga heat exchangers can be easily accessed for service and maintenance via the fully rubber-sealed fan chamber door. Access doors are fitted with automatic shutdown sensors, guaranteeing full safety from moving parts at all times. Operation status is transmitted via the easily visible Andon visual indicator.

    heat exchanger stronga heatex Heatex

    Success, only by controlling

    Full control over drying performance via the integrated control room which features manual and automatic settings and visual display of set parameters. Discover just a few of the control panel parameters:

    data icon stronga heatex Heatex

    • Intelligent control. Heatex offers automatic control of set points to optimise air volume, air temperature and air pressure, all of which are vital to optimising drying efficiency.
    • Intelligent air. Integrated sensors gather data on critical controlling parameters. Set points can be controlled to optimise air volume and energy efficiency. Heatex controls recognise input water pressure and temperature to enable shutdown modes when energy isn’t available.
    • Intelligent integration. Volt-free contacts available from the Heatex control console for integration and control with other upstream process equipment (e.g. biomass boilers, biogas units or ORC systems).
    • Visual control. Duality of visual control with analogue and digital displays. Optimum drying efficiency is only achieved when the user is fully informed about air handling parameters at all times. Data logging functions allow best decisions to be made about drying performance.


    controller stronga heatex Heatex

    Drying air quality

    In the end, it is the air that does the drying.

    The Heatex design pays close attention to the delivery of high drying quality air at the optimum air volume, pressure and temperature, considering the product and quality of dry output.

    The output product quality is carefully considered. Gentle drying means working with temperatures and airflow optimised for the product to be dried. Our aim is to be able to ensure a high quality dry output of the following materials.

    Dry paper pulp > paper pulp stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry wood chips > wood chips stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry wood shavings wood shavings stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry maize maize stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry digestate > digestate stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry saw dust sawdust stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry poultry manure > poultry manure stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry rapeseed rapeseed stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry SRF & RDF > srf rdf stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry MSW > msw stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry compost compost stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry peas and beans peas beans stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry sewage sludge > sewage sludge stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry seaweed seaweed stronga heatex Heatex

    Dry straw straw stronga heatex Heatex

    & much more > pumpkin seeds stronga heatex Heatex

    Click the blue links to find out more about each material.

    drying air stronga heatex Heatex

    Designed for demanding markets

    Highly reliable equipment designed for the demanding CHP market, offering a high duty cycle and reliable operation for over 8000 hours/year. Heatex is designed to work 24/7, potentially operating for up to 160,000 hours over a 20 year period.

    Heatex is the outcome of years of experience and engineering. Bespoke designs optimise thermal efficiency and performance, offering great value in the form of lowest cost per tonne dried.

    Extremely low electrical energy requirement while ensuring efficient drying of wet materials into high value, useful product.

    reliable stronga heatex Heatex

    Heatex series – Technical details

    MODEL Single Fan Dual Fan Multi Fan
    Thermal output capacity* 100-300kW 400-1000kW 1100+kW
    Dry weight 1350-1750kg 3650-5250kg 6100-12200kg
    Overall length 4030mm 6100mm 6100-12200mm
    Overall width 1650mm 2440mm 5200mm
    Overall height 1610mm 2620-2890mm 2890mm
    External flanges to connect to flow and return water pipes** Standard Standard Standard
    Remote alarm volt-free contacts Standard Standard Standard
    Digital and analogue sensors Standard Standard Standard
    Electrical intake isolation switch Standard Standard Standard
    Visual Andon operation status display Standard Standard Standard
    Twin plug socket 240V 240V
    Lifting, locking points 4 8 16
    Light with switch Standard Standard
    E-stop safety shutdown Standard Standard Standard
    Colour Stronga Green Stronga Green Stronga Green

    * Based on set parameters.

    ** Water flow and return pipes supplied and installed by the client to the location of the Heatex module. Pipe sizes vary depending on flow rates.

    As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.