FlowFilta – Energy exchanger with dust and odour control

Cross flow energy exchanger

3 in 1 cross flow air to air heat exchanger recovering energy from Stronga dryers, animal houses, waste reception halls and more.

Depending on the location and conditions on site, it is possible to save between 35–60% of heating costs using this highly energy efficient technology. When recovering heat from a Stronga dryer, the dry output boost can be more than 30%.

FlowFilta also delivers a significant dust reduction through condensation, extracting dust from the wet process air. Odour and ammonia emissions are also reduced as part of the whole cross flow process.

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Total financial sense

Energy recovery using the FlowFilta air-to-air heat exchanger makes total financial sense.

For the small extra capital outlay purchasing the FlowFilta air-to-air heat exchanger, you can save money every hour, every day. Those savings really add up. Alternatively, you can use the FlowFilta to boost dryer performance, potentially delivering thousands more tonnes of output per year.


Great return on capital invested correct icon 3 FlowFilta

Extra income from boosted dryer output correct icon 3 FlowFilta

Reduced cost of additional dust control equipment correct icon 3 FlowFilta



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    Carbon Reduction Commitment

    Comply with environmental regulations


    The FlowFilta 3 in 1 air-to-air heat exchanger is designed to aid compliance with increasingly important environmental regulations, helping you meet your Carbon Reduction Commitment targets.


    Reduced energy use – energy savings
    depend on site location & conditions
    correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Reduced dust emissions correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Efficient heat recovery correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Reduced odour emissions correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Boosted output from your Stronga dryer correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Reduced carbon footprint correct icon 3 FlowFilta


    Enjoy the benefits of reduced energy requirement, boosted FlowDrya output and lower carbon footprint using FlowFilta – a simple air-to-air heat exchanger with no belts, chains or sprockets and very few moving parts.

    environment friendly stronga flowfilta FlowFilta

    Air-to-air heat exchanger.

    Suited to your application.


    The all-in-one FlowFilta offers great flexibility across a wide range of process air applications.

    • Dryer exhaust applications. FlowFilta air-to-air heat exchanger can be used together with FlowDrya to reduce dust and odour from a range of drying applications. Warm exhaust drying air can be used to heat fresh ambient air which can be re-circulated back into Heatex, optimising energy efficiency and heat recovery while boosting dryer output.
    • Animal housing applications. Reducing emissions from livestock housing will become increasingly important in the near future. In order to obtain a building permit for a poultry house, authorities often require the installation of an exhaust air cleaning system like FlowFilta. The focus is placed on controlling dust, ammonia and odour.
    • & many more applications. Recirculation with heat recovery. Using FlowFilta means you not only save heating costs, but also reduce fine dust emissions. In combination with an activated carbon filter; fine dust, bioaerosols and odour can be filtered, improving the local climate.


    Benefits for poultry farmers

    Create your own low energy ‘eco’ farm


    Financial benefits

    Affordable environmental solutions correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Cut your heating costs in half correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Fewer factory rejects correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Fewer bales of top up poultry litter correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Poultry welfare benefits

    Reduced animal mortality rates correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Dry litter, healthy feet, better production correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Fewer antibiotics given correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Lower carbon dioxide environment correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Optimal house climate, healthier birds correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Your benefits

    Improved working environment correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Reduced odour, ammonia & dust correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Less litter top up, fewer labour hours correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Easy cleaning of the FlowFilta honeycomb correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    Zero set-up or assembly requirements correct icon 3 FlowFilta

    poultry farm stronga flowfilta FlowFilta

    Mode of operation

    Unique, cross flow air-to-air heat exchanger. Discover the FlowFilta mode of operation.

    • Fresh, cold ambient air is drawn along the lateral capillary stream by the highly efficient fan in the end plenum.
    • Incoming ambient air is cleaned by the electro-static, easy clean air filter and louvre arrangement.
    • Warm, moist exhaust air simultaneously flows upwards between the vertical honeycombs. Warm airflow heats the honeycomb. Through thermal conduction, fresh horizontal airflow is progressively warmed. This energy efficient heat exchange allows the user to make better use of a warm exhaust air stream. Fresh and exhaust airflows are completely separated.
    • Exhaust air condenses on the outside of the honeycomb to control odour and dust. The speed of the exhaust airflow is reduced as it flows upwards between the special-shape honeycomb. Decreased air velocity and cooling of the exhaust air causes dust separation.


    FlowFilta – Standard specification

    • Energy efficient fan with motor and bearings (415V 3 phase).


      • Low operating and maintenance costs


      Special shape, cross airflow honeycomb arrangement.


      • Warm exhaust air and cold fresh air simultaneously pass through the exchanger honeycomb without mixing

    • External, weather-proofed control panel.


      • Visual display of fan run time hours and set parameters
      • Success, only by controlling

      Integrated sprinkler system with automatic operation.


      • Easy and automatic cleaning system for the honeycomb
      • Optimal air-to-air heat exchanger performance at all times

    • Cleaned process air output flue.

      Aluminium anti-corrosion easy flow air intake louvre.

    • Electro-statically charged multi-mesh ambient air filter.

      Dust settlement bottom drip tray with extract gutter pipes.

    FlowFilta – Optional equipment

    • FFI-101

      Insulated warm air ducting from FlowFilta air output to building or Heatex.


      Activated carbon filter.


      • Additional odour reduction

    • FFI-103

      Stainless steel package.


      • For highly corrosive process air environments

    FlowFilta series – Technical details

    The FlowFilta capacity needs to be designed to match your airflow and energy requirements. Contact the Stronga technical team to discuss the location, parameters and sizing of the FlowFilta air-to-air heat exchanger.

    Please fill in the enquiry form below to discuss your air-to-air heat exchanger requirements with a member of the Stronga technical team.

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