FlowDrya FD30WS

FlowDrya FD30WS – Waste Series Drying Solutions

Giving waste a second life

For many years, waste has been overlooked as a source of alternative energy. Only very large waste to energy projects were viable. With rising landfill taxes and incentives for generating heat, opportunities are now available to a wider market.

FlowDrya FD30WS enables excellent returns for waste management and recycling facilities, giving waste a second life. Stronga waste drying equipment allows fractions of waste to be efficiently conditioned, suitable for use as alternative fuel for the generation of electricity and heat.

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energy efficient dryer flowdrya fd30ws FlowDrya FD30WS

Waste drying equipment

A solid platform for drying waste.

Customised FD30WS waste drying equipment is designed with optimal robustness, reliability and service life, offering great value in the waste sector. Discover the key features of Stronga waste drying equipment.


Hardox 450 wear plate, abrasion-resistant components with high yield strength, delivering long wear life, even with aggressive materials correct icon 3 FlowDrya FD30WS

Special Hardox SharkFin™ waste in-feed system*, ensuring hard-to-handle waste fractions evenly flow down the drying floor correct icon 3 FlowDrya FD30WS

High throughput waste management solutions, where high volume handling is required of relatively low moisture fractions correct icon 3 FlowDrya FD30WS

Simple, reliable waste drying systems with no belts, chains or sprockets and very few moving parts correct icon 3 FlowDrya FD30WS


*Depending on the waste fraction to be dried.


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    Added flexibility

    Flexible waste drying systems from Stronga for modern waste to energy businesses.

    You need waste drying equipment that is flexible enough to cope with non-homogenous, highly variable, non-free flowing fractions. Our proven systems in this rapidly growing sector enable materials of varying bulk densities to be efficiently dried.

    With the added flexibility to dry a wide range of waste fractions using FD30WS, energy innovators recycle a much higher % of material from the waste stream.

    drying technology flowdrya fd30ws FlowDrya FD30WS

    More waste to more money

    Resource efficiency from a strategic business investment.

    Stronga assist you in creating additional income from positive energy while reducing costs linked to waste disposal.

    Low capital investment, low operating expenses and low ownership costs lead to a stunning return on investment. Our value-added waste drying equipment delivers stunning robustness and strong reliability.

    Realise your dream of transforming more waste into more money with optimised drying rates and minimal landfill reliance. Watch the shredded waste drying case study video below.

    FlowDrya FD30WS – Standard specification

    • Hardox pre-heating agitation chamber.


      • High yield strength
      • Abrasion and impact resistant
      • Long wear life

      Full length, full width 30m² PulseWave™ drying bed (hydraulically-operated).


      • High grade, slow moving walking floor efficiently conducts thermal energy
      • Handles even non-free flowing waste fractions of varying densities

    • Siemens PLC system and DryStation™ reliable smart control console.


      • Knowledge-building data logging function
      • Self-protection and electrical overload sensing

      Hardox SharkFin™ waste in-feed system*.


      • Handles spongy, sticky or difficult waste streams of varying weights


      *Depending on material to be handled

    • Flared wet material hopper with angle guides for greedy boards*.


      • Hopper sized depending on materials to maximise periods between refilling
      • Hopper orientated for either side or end loading


      *Greedy boards not included

      Sub-floor fines removal raising auger.


      • Automatic fines removal of small, heavy waste fines that fall through the steel walking floor

    • Andon – visual operation status display.


      • Instant visual indication of self-protection and safety status

      Side insulation for improved thermal efficiency.


      • Plastisol-coated UV stabilised steel sandwich insulation
      • Minimises energy losses while optimising drying efficiency

    FlowDrya FD30WS – Optional equipment

    • FDWS-101

      Hydraulic folding roof with hand pump operation and 2 x roof-mounted flues.


      • Easy access to the drying bed for service, cleaning and maintenance

    FlowDrya FD30WS – Technical details

    Gross weight* 7900kg
    Overall length 15000mm
    Overall width (excluding insulation) 2680mm
    Height (including hopper) 2694mm
    Drying bed surface area 30m²
    Wet material hopper capacity Material density dependent
    3 phase electro-hydraulic power unit Standard
    Hardox wear plate Standard
    SharkFin™ in-feed system** Standard
    Drying output control Standard
    Drying bed speed control valve Standard
    Electrical overload sensing Standard
    E-stop safety shutdown Standard
    Side intake air vents Standard
    Lifting points 4

    * Depending on equipment fitted. ** Depending on waste fraction to be dried.

    All weights and measurements are subject to specification and regional laws.

    As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.

    Please note – Datasheet below is just for show. Each FlowDrya is custom-built to the unique requirements of the client.

    flowdrya ws technical spesification fd30ws FlowDrya FD30WS

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