Turning materials into money

Small purchase cost, small operating expenses and small ownership costs, leading to a stunning return on investment.

Value-added dryers developed in close cooperation with customers create stronger and more sustainable solutions. The robust and reliable FlowDrya Waste Series enables additional income while reducing costs linked to waste disposal.

Maximise drying rates and minimise landfill reliance using waste drying solutions from Stronga. Realise your dream of transforming more waste into more money.

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Eliminating expenses

Through drying and incinerating, millions of tons of waste which currently goes to landfill can be transformed into highly valuable Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). Discover the reduced costs to your bottom line through drying waste and refuse with Stronga Waste Series.

  • Reduced transport costs. Dry waste has a lower weight by volume, meaning you can transport more on each truck, equating to fewer trucks required, fewer journeys made, less labour needed and less fossil fuel consumed.
  • Reduced processing costs. Improved waste fraction separation. Dry waste is easier for process machinery to handle, equating to higher output per hour, less labour required, lower fuel consumption and lower total machinery expenditure.
  • Reduced landfill costs. Avoid costs associated with waste disposal through landfill diversion, fulfilling your zero waste to landfill ambitions. Waste to energy can reduce landfill volume by up to 90% and prevent 1 tonne of CO² release for every tonne of waste combusted.
  • Reduced Energy from Waste (EfW) export costs. Save significant sums paid in export gates fees while profiting from waste to energy incentive schemes.



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    Unrivalled versatility

    Building a resource efficient future, together. FlowDrya WS impresses with top performance values across the board.

    FlowDrya Waste Series offers high application versatility, excellent drying characteristics and fast set-up, leading to long term financial profitability. Robust and reliable over a wide variety of materials and low energy consumption are guaranteed.


    Drying Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) correct icon 3 FlowDrya WS

    Drying shredded waste (300mm or less) correct icon 3 FlowDrya WS

    Drying Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) correct icon 3 FlowDrya WS

    Drying Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) correct icon 3 FlowDrya WS

    Drying pre-SRF correct icon 3 FlowDrya WS

    Drying biomass waste wood correct icon 3 FlowDrya WS


    Find out which Stronga dryer is best suited to your waste fraction link arrow FlowDrya WS

    flowdrya waste series FlowDrya WS

    Waste to energy schemes

    With many Government’s committed to reducing GHG emissions, waste to energy initiatives help establish renewable solutions in the market. Capital and tariff based schemes are available to help repay the initial system set up cost

    fuel icon FlowDrya WS

    Waste to energy schemes encourage the uptake of renewable heat technologies among local councils and businesses through the provision of financial incentives. Government’s pay an incentive or capital grant depending on the dryer type and size.

    Watch the SRF and RDF drying video below.

    Designed for the waste sector

    Optimised productivity. Maximum return on investment.

    FlowDrya WS is purpose-built to perfectly combine reliability and service life, offering great value and increased productivity for years to come. Building tomorrow. Discover the bespoke, Waste Series specification.

    1. Hardox wear plate. Renowned, tough, robust, wear-resistant steel for reliable, long life bulk material handling.
    2. SharkFin™ in-feed system*. Ensuring even non-free flowing bulk waste fractions progressively move down the drying floor.
    3. Robust, reliable & long life. Simple, hydraulic waste dryer with no belts, chains or sprockets and very few moving parts.
    4. Flexible, modular & mobile. Pre-assembled, mobile, plug and play structure, moveable to different sites for different applications.
    5. Trustworthy. Automatic operation, low energy consumption, safe and controlled, low temperature drying of saturated waste.

    * Depending on waste fraction to be dried.

    waste sector flowdrya ws FlowDrya WS

    Giving waste direction

    Enabling the next generation of alternative fuel.

    Injecting high quality drying air through the wet waste fraction as it flows along the PulseWave™ drying floor optimises the evaporative drying process to reduce moisture content to a desired level.

    The highly efficient PulseWave™ motion thoroughly mixes materials on the drying floor. PulseWave™ ensures that every part of the waste material interacts with hot bed metal during the flow and receives an equal airflow, leading to uniformity of dryness.

    simple flowdrya ws 1 FlowDrya WS


    simple flowdrya ws 2 FlowDrya WS

    Enabling alternative fuels

    Drying waste in preparation for use as an alternative fuel enables practical, economic and environmental benefits.

    • Reduction of imported fossil fuel costs.
    • Reduction of non-renewable fossil fuel usage, with associated environmental benefits.
    • Landfill diversion. Processing waste into SRF is cheap, sustainable and environmentally-friendly.
    • Reduction of NOx and CO₂ emissions using substitute fuels instead of lignite or coal.


    As well as enabling valuable alternative fuels, drying waste also improves the fraction separation process as machinery works more efficiently with drier, easier to handle fractions. Discover the fundamental benefits of drying waste with Stronga.


    Recycling higher %’s

    Waste fractions are highly variable, abrasive, sticky and non-free flowing.

    You need a dryer that is flexible enough to cope with non-homogenous materials. The FlowDrya WS combined with Stronga experience in the sector, enables materials of varying bulk densities to be efficiently handled in a robust and reliable way.

    The outcome is higher recycling rates for your business. Process and recover a lot more material from your waste streams today.

    recycling higher flowdrya ws 1 FlowDrya WS


    recycling higher flowdrya ws 2 FlowDrya WS

    FlowDrya Waste Series – Technical details

    Gross weight* 6150kg 7900kg 14400kg
    Overall length 11000mm 15000mm 15000mm
    Overall width (excluding insulation) 2680mm 2680mm 5360mm
    Height (including hopper) 2694mm 2694mm 2694mm
    Drying bed surface area 17m² 30m² 60m²
    Wet material hopper capacity Material density dependent Material density dependent Material density dependent
    3 phase electro-hydraulic power unit Standard Standard Standard
    Hardox wear plate Standard Standard Standard
    SharkFin™ in-feed system** Standard Standard Standard
    Drying bed speed control valve Standard Standard Standard
    Electrical overload sensing Standard Standard Standard
    E-stop safety shutdown Standard Standard Standard
    Side intake air vents Standard Standard Standard
    Lifting points 4 4 8

    * Depending on equipment fitted.

    ** Depending on waste fraction to be dried.

    All weights and measurements are subject to specification and regional laws.

    As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only