FlowDrya FD17GS

FlowDrya FD17GS – Green Series Drying Solutions

Energy efficient dryer

Energy efficient, incredibly compact FlowDrya FD17GS is the result of years of data research and development.

During these years we have been able to massively reduce our dryer’s electrical energy consumption whilst greatly improving the dry material throughput. The compact, space saving FD17GS is the most thermally efficient dryer of its capacity available in the market today.

Read on. Learn more about our compact, high efficiency systems for your material drying needs.

energy efficient dryer flowdrya fd17gs FlowDrya FD17GS

Space saving solution

FlowDrya FD17GS is the most compact dryer in the range, offering the same great drying performance as the bigger designs.

Designed to be compact with a small footprint, FD17GS has proved popular for small scale biomass combined heat and power (CHP) due to its consistently uniform dry output and incredibly low parasitic load. FlowDrya comes fitted with an integrated wet material loading hopper (available in various sizes), maximising periods between loading while minimising handling costs.

A compact investment with big results.


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    Futuristic drying technology

    The FD17GS dryer comes fitted with an excellent standard specification, including a high capacity drying floor, integrated DryStation™ Siemens PLC, excellent self-protection systems and much more.

    Highly reliable moving floor technology is designed for difficult non-free flowing bulk solids. The well proven, cost effective drying floor is designed for a high duty cycle while using extremely low electrical energy.

    drying technology flowdrya fd17gs FlowDrya FD17GS

    101 drying applications

    Market-leading FD17 Green Series is proving to be an extremely flexible drying solution on small scale CHP plants for use with a wide range of wet materials, owing to the versatile drying floor design.

    Imagine how you could use the direct feeding drying floor to dry wood chips, wood shavings, anaerobic digestate, poultry manure, compost, paper pulp, peas and beans, and much more.

    Watch the wood chip drying demonstration video below.

    FlowDrya FD17GS – Standard specification

    • Pre-heating agitation chamber.


      • Hopper structure is heated through conduction which quickly raises materials to evaporative temperatures
      • Specially-shaped blade agitates material, every stroke

      Full length, full width 17m² PulseWave™ drying bed (hydraulically operated).


      • Moves even difficult, non-free flowing bulk solids
      • High grade steel floor efficiently conducts thermal energy
      • Uniform airflow distribution through materials

    • Siemens PLC system and DryStation™ smart control console.


      • Full control of material flow down the dryer
      • Plenum Temperature Sensor (PTS)
      • Data logging – capturing key performance parameters

      Adjustable material depth control weir gate.


      • Easily set the optimum drying depth for each material

    • Flared wet material hopper with angle guides for greedy boards*.


      • Hopper sized depending on materials to maximise periods between refilling
      • Hopper orientated for either side or end loading


      *Greedy boards not included

      Sub-floor fines removal raising auger.


      • Small heavy particles and fines that fall through the steel drying floor are automatically extracted

    • Andon – visual operation status display.


      • Instant visual indication of self-protection and safety status

      Side insulation for improved thermal efficiency.


      • Plastisol-coated UV stabilised steel sandwich insulation
      • Minimises energy losses while optimising drying efficiency

    FlowDrya FD17GS – Optional equipment

    • FDGS-101

      Extension wet material hopper*, complete with brackets to accept greedy boards**.


      *Capacity dependent on material

      **Greedy boards not included


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      Top deck moving floor in-feed system with side-mounted flue.


      • Increased infeed capacity, maximising periods between loading


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    • FDGS-103

      High grade polyurethane reinforced curved roof with roof or side-mounted flue.


      • Fully modular, standalone equipment
      • Allows dryers to be mounted externally


      Hydraulic folding roof with hand pump operation and roof-mounted flue.


      • Easy access to the drying bed for service, cleaning and maintenance

    • FDGS-105

      Material moisture sensor (MMS)* with display.


      • Automatic control of dry output material moisture
      • Integrated into DryStation™ controls


      *Calibrated for 1 material only


      Inclined discharge auger with gear drive, gear box and inverter for speed control.


      • Integrated with DryStation™
      • 3000mm long, 300mm diameter auger. Other sizes available

    • FDGS-107

      Enclosed cross auger module with geared motor and inspection hatch.


      • Integrated with DryStation™
      • 3500mm long, 300mm diameter auger. Other sizes available


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      Grain and small seeds drying floor.


      • High airflow, micro-slotted steel floor arrangement
      • Designed for rapeseed and other small seed crops

    • FDGS-109

      Anti-corrosion stainless steel package.


      • Designed for digestate, sewage cake and other corrosive materials

    FlowDrya FD17GS – Technical details

    Gross weight* 5750kg
    Overall length 11000mm
    Overall width (excluding insulation) 2680mm
    Height (excluding hopper) 2000mm
    Drying bed surface area 17m²
    Flared wet material hopper capacity Dependent on material to be dried
    3 phase electro-hydraulic power unit Standard
    Drying bed stroke per hour control Standard
    Drying bed speed control valve Standard
    Electrical overload sensing Standard
    E-stop safety shutdown Standard
    Side intake air vents Standard
    Lifting points 4

    *Depending on equipment fitted.

    All weights and measurements are subject to specification and regional laws.

    As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.

    Please note – Datasheet below is just for show. Each FlowDrya is custom-built to the unique requirements of the client.

    flowdrya gs technical spesification fd17gs FlowDrya FD17GS

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