Pinnacle of drying systems

Modern, energy efficient and highly reliable.

FlowDrya contains all the attributes our customers desire – high capacity, thermal and electrical efficiency, long life reliability, low service costs, and the versatility to dry a wide range of materials. Users across the globe are currently using FlowDrya Green Series to dry wood chip, digestate, paper pulp and much more.

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Accessing wasted energy

There are a number of wasted residual heat sources which could be better utilised to dry materials using FlowDrya


Green gas engine thermal output from landfill sites & AD plants correct icon 3 FlowDrya GS

Process air from cooling Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) units correct icon 3 FlowDrya GS

Other industrials processes such as cement production facilities correct icon 3 FlowDrya GS

Steam turbine cooling and other hot process exit air sources correct icon 3 FlowDrya GS


To make the most of your spare residual heat, you need a dryer that leads the way in versatility, durability and ease of operation. Using the energy efficient FlowDrya GS, you can stay productive, all of the time. Interact with the 3D model below for a virtual experience.


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    Think flexibility. Think FlowDrya.

    Greater drying flexibility translates into more profitable business. FlowDrya Green Series enables countless drying possibilities, leading to long term financial profitability and productivity. FlowDrya users are now drying a whole range of wet materials, including:

    Wood chips, wood shavings, saw dust, bark, coconut husk, coir fibre, cereals, rapeseed, peas and beans, anaerobic digestate, compost, paper pulp, fruit, seaweed and much more.

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    Green energy incentives

    Governments across the globe are setting up green energy incentive schemes aimed at utilising residual heat from pyrolysis, syngas and biogas (CHP). With political organisations committed to reducing carbon emissions, several schemes have been initiated to help bring renewable technology to the market.

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    Now is a great time to add value by drying materials while enjoying financial incentives from various green energy schemes, such as the UK Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

    Our friendly and professional team support clients by connecting them with our network of technical advisers.

    Adding value to by-products

    Using FlowDrya, clients can add significant value to low value by-products while optimising waste heat utilisation:

    • Sawmills with wet wood chip for conversion into dry, renewable biofuel.
    • Estates with available forestry or timber to be chipped, dried and sold as renewable biomass boiler fuel.
    • Timber product companies with off-cuts for transformation into biomass fuel.
    • Clients with wet paper pulp who can dry paper making residues into valuable animal bedding.
    • Poultry houses with under-utilised poultry manure for conversion into substitute fuel or fertiliser.
    • Recycling companies with waste wood who can increase their financial income working as a dry wood chip fuel supplier.


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    Dry waste by-products to generate heat and green electricity on-site, entering a sustainable energy cycle.

    adding value flowdrya gs FlowDrya GS

    Simplicity is paramount

    Every Stronga product is designed to comply with our core principle of only building simple, easy to operate machines.

    FlowDrya GS positively moves wet materials from a hopper, along a hydraulic-powered moving drying floor, and over a flow of temperature-controlled drying air which is fed from the Heatex air control module.

    FlowDrya drying is incredibly simple, highly reliable and powerfully effective.

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    No belts, chains or sprockets

    simple flowdrya gs FlowDrya GS

    Optimal airflow injection

    The injection of drying quality air through the wet materials as they flow along the drying bed optimises the evaporative drying process to reduce moisture content to a desired level.


    1. Drying air in. Drying quality airflow is fed by the Heatex air control module. Air can also be injected from other residual process air sources.
    2. Sub-floor air plenum. Warm Heatex air flows into the sub-floor air plenum, interacting with the steel infrastructure. Hot steel conducts thermal energy directly into materials to supplement drying.
    3. Moving floor drying. Warm air rises through the ventilated drying floor to diffuse through tumbling wet materials, efficiently inducing evaporative drying. Full length diffusion delivers an even distribution of airflow along the drying floor.
    4. Exiting process air. Exhaust airflow is dissipated into the atmosphere, ducted via optional roof and flue equipment, or recirculated via energy-recovery, cross flow FlowFilta. Click here to see the Stronga FlowFilta product page >


    optimal airflow flowdrya gs FlowDrya GS

    PulseWave™ mixing motion

    Highly efficient PulseWave™ thoroughly mixes and progressively dries materials on the moving floor. PulseWave™ ensures that every part of the material interacts with the drying bed and receives an even airflow, leading to uniformity of dryness.

    PulseWave™ forward-stroke

    Materials are shifted forwards by the pushing blade face, causing a driving force low to the bed. The driving force is weaker above the pushing blade, causing materials at the wave’s crest to lag and tumble onto the drying bed behind.

    pulsewave mixing motion flowdrya gs FlowDrya GS

    PulseWave™ back-stroke

    Materials are lifted over the tilted axis of the blade to form another wave. As the crest height grows, the wave becomes less stable, causing materials to tumble forwards and backwards.

    pulsewave back stroke flowdrya gs FlowDrya GS

    DryStation™ Siemens PLC

    FlowDrya operations are managed by the integrated DryStation™ Siemens Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The PLC system, working in total synergy, maximises efficiency and reliability while reducing time and management costs.

    datalog icon FlowDrya GS

    Data logging

    remoteaccess icon FlowDrya GS

    Remote access

    The illuminated 7″ DryStation™ touchscreen acts as the interface between the PLC system and FlowDrya. The DryStation™ screen enables instant visual access to the controls and safety parameters. Low maintenance PLC systems have durable infrastructures designed to withstand temperature variations.

    drystation flowdrya gs FlowDrya GS

    Reliable purpose-built design

    Well-proven, highly reliable FlowDrya is specifically designed for the demanding CHP market, offering a high duty cycle and reliable operation for over 8000 hours/year. FlowDrya is designed to work 24/7, potentially operating for up to 160,000 hours over a 20 year period.

    FlowDrya Green Series is the outcome of years of experience, innovation and engineering. High capacity designs optimise thermal efficiency and performance, offering great value in the form of lowest cost per tonne dried.

    Extremely low electrical energy requirement while ensuring efficient drying of wet materials into high value, useful product.

    reliable design flowdrya gs FlowDrya GS

    FlowDrya Green Series – Technical details

    Gross weight* 5750kg 7500kg 14000kg
    Overall length 11000mm 15000mm 15000mm
    Overall width (excluding insulation) 2680mm 2680mm 5360mm
    Height (excluding hopper) 2000mm 2000mm 2000mm
    Drying bed surface area 17m² 30m² 60m²
    Flared wet material hopper capacity Material dependent Material dependent Material dependent
    3 phase electro-hydraulic power unit Standard Standard Standard
    Drying bed stroke per hour control Standard Standard Standard
    Drying bed speed control valve Standard Standard Standard
    Electrical overload sensing Standard Standard Standard
    E-stop safety shutdown Standard Standard Standard
    Side intake air vents Standard Standard Standard
    Lifting points 4 4 8

    *Depending on equipment fitted.

    All weights and measurements are subject to specification and regional laws.

    As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.

    Please note – Datasheets below are just for show. Each FlowDrya is custom-built to the unique requirements of the client.