Drying Stations


Drying Stations – Collect, Dry & Deliver (CDD)

Make a powerful investment


Small initial investment with low ownership costs from highly efficient Drying Stations, suited to small scale drying operations.

Low Capex– Excellent value for money at point of purchase from economic, affordable and cost-effective Stronga Container Drying Stations.

Low Ownership costs – Fully considered component quality ensures maximum uptime and productivity. Our reputation for quality-built Drying Stations delivers strong residual values.

Low Opex – Low labour cost from highly efficient all-in-one batch Drying Stations. In total synergy, HAF Containers, HookLoada & Heatex efficiently deliver materials from source to end user.


More than just a dryer. Horizontal Airflow (HAF) drying containers work alongside Heatex and HookLoada to collect, dry and deliver bulky materials. Our well proven HAF drying containers transform waste residues into added value. Learn more about each component part below.


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Maximise your efficiency

Stronga Horizontal Airflow Drying vs. ‘The Other Guys’ Bottom-up Drying*.

efficient drying stations stronga Drying Stations


There are several issues with bottom-up drying.


1. Large temperature heat loss occurs at the bottom, sides and ends of the drying container, reducing the air temperature.

2. Material dries in multiple 300mm fronts, causing re-condensation. Water needs to be re-evaporated which is highly thermally inefficient.

3. Material dries unevenly, over dried at the bottom, soaking wet at the top. Therefore it is impossible to control the drying.


The key facts below are based on real-life data.


1. Stronga HAF Drying Stations deliver 2X the water evaporation rate when compared to vertical drying, for the same thermal energy input.

2. The double rate of evaporation really adds up over time, potentially more than 1.5t of extra water per day, per unit.

3. Stronga Drying Stations offer a lower pressure, higher air volume system – leading to lower cost from improved electrical energy efficiency.

4. Approximately 35% higher woodchip drying capacity and far more consistent final moisture content, in the same climatic conditions.


To achieve these results – you need Stronga to advise on the whole Drying Station set-up. Contact us today >

*Results vary depending on a number of environmental and material factors.

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Picture the possibilities

Flexibility and efficiency, combined


Enjoy unrivalled freedom using multi-purpose, highly efficient Stronga batch Drying Stations.

  • Simultaneous batch drying. Economic Drying Stations can be easily expanded and scaled up to increase drying capacities. Multiple HAF Containers can be delivered direct from the fuel source to the ‘Drying Station’.
  • Collect, Dry & Deliver (CDD). All-in-one system – using HookLoada, collect wet product from the source; deliver to the Drying Station; connect to Heatex to dry the wet material; deliver the consistently dry output to the end user. Watch the Drying Stations ‘CDD’ process >
  • Future-proof Drying Stations. Volatile markets require flexible drying equipment that can quickly alternate between materials. Adapt to changing trends by drying wood chips, logs and other bulky, low density biomass products.
  • Air induced drying using residual heat. Drying Stations transform smaller residual heat sources and under-utilised materials into value while contributing to sustainability. Drying times vary depending on various factors, including the amount of moisture to be removed.
  • Space-saving solution. Compact, mobile, containerised solution with flexible layout. External weather-proof design with roll sheet cover, saving valuable internal space compared to on-floor drying systems which have to be inside.


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Whole Drying Station

To achieve optimum drying performance, you need expert advice on the whole Drying Station and drying solution from the world’s leading manufacturer. Click here to contact Stronga for the following information >


Contact Stronga for estimated drying times – this is a key, complex consideration in the whole system design. correct icon 3 Drying Stations

Contact Stronga to find out which materials are compatible with Stronga Drying Stations. correct icon 3 Drying Stations

Contact Stronga to discuss air quality, air flow and air distribution which must be efficiently delivered to enable excellent drying results. correct icon 3 Drying Stations

Contact Stronga to discuss your whole Drying Station set-up. The air quality will determine the drying performance. The Heatex,
HookLoada & HAF container arrangement is key to achieving optimum drying efficiency. correct icon 3 Drying Stations


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Quality. Reliability. Robustness.

What sets Stronga apart?


Stronga hold a reputation for supplying quality, reliable, robust and effective batch Drying Stations.

Our friendly, communicable technical team deliver personalised solutions for each customer. We have clear product values of only building long life Drying Stations with excellent reliability, delivering high performance.

We base our vision on long term values, dedicated to waste elimination, committing ourselves to continuous improvement while striving for high performance and innovation. Our goal is to build mutual trust throughout the whole process.


Drying Stations – Standard specification

  • HookLoada.


    • Mobile, all-in-one drying solution
    • Collect, Dry & Deliver (CDD)


    Visit the HookLoada product page >



    • High performance air delivery
    • Low electrical energy usage
    • Collect, Dry & Deliver (CDD)


    Visit the Heatex product page >

  • High capacity, horizontal airflow hook lift batch drying container*.


    • Designed for use alongside the HookLoada trailer and Heatex


    *Various capacities and standard available upon request

    Central drying plenum* with air-balancing dampers.


    • Drying air delivered into the centre of the material for minimal losses
    • Excellent horizontal airflow – low pressure, high volume
    • Even distribution of drying air for uniformed dryness

    *Various plenum designs available depending on the material

  • High grade, special slotted steel sides.


    • Exceptionally strong profile
    • High free air capacity
    • Limits dust, holding even fine materials well

    Central air duct for connection of air hoses.


    • Insulated, high flow, flexible ducting
    • Easy, fast and secure connection

  • Off-set barn doors with handle – manual locking type.


    • Fully opening rear doors
    • Easy cleaning access
    • Easy and secure locking

    High grade polyurethane reinforced curved roof.


    • Fully modular, standalone batch drying container
    • Allows batch dryers to be mounted externally
    • Complete with metal frame to operate the roll sheet from ground level

Drying Stations – Optional equipment

  • HAF-101

    Drip tray with liquid release valve.


    • For drying packaging waste and other materials where collection of the leachate is required
    • Sealed tray, complete with ball valve tap for emptying any contained liquids

Drying Stations – Technical details

Each CDD Stronga Drying Station is custom-built to the customer’s unique requirements. ISO drying versions are also available.The datasheet below shows a typical Stronga HAF Drying Container.

technical datasheet drying stations stronga Drying Stations

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