Optimised for root crops. Universally useful.

Universally useful in agriculture

Stronga’s root crop trailer range has been specifically designed to optimise carrying capacity for potatoes, vegetables, onions, sugar beet and more. These specialist trailers are optimised for root crops, in particular, but useful for universal agricultural transport.

Well-proven & highly reliable

Our agricultural transport specialists congregated to reinstate the highly popular BulkLoada root crop series. With capability, skill and focus, our experienced draughtsmen have succeeded in designing the most efficient, reliable and productive agricultural trailer available in the market.

Whether you’re working on heavy soil or transporting potatoes on the road, BulkLoada has everything you need to get your crop in on time while increasing the profitability of your business.

LowLina™ root crop trailer

The specially-designed LowLina™ body facilitates damage-free root crop harvesting.

Each BulkLoada trailer has a low side height and long, tapered body to reduce crop damage. The seamless, carefully-rounded shape of the body reduces the loading drop from harvesters to minimise crop bruising, reducing waste and increasing overall profitability.

LowLina™ body

Damage-free root crop harvesting.

It’s the details that count…

The latest BulkLoada series has been developed through cooperation with leading experts across the root crop sector, plus those who actively farm the land. This has led us to a design customers are proud to own, but our hard-work won’t ever stop. Discover the details.

High strength design

LowLina™ body; wide-opening door

Optimum driving experience

Long-life aesthetics

Ultra-light. Extra-efficient.

Root crop trailers from Stronga are constructed using high strength pressed steel and channel sections to optimise the strength-to-weight ratio. This enables our customers to deliver full payloads with a super low unladen weight.

Excellent on-field articulation

BulkLoada root crop trailers come fitted with modern suspensions for excellent land riding ability and stability on all terrains. Excellent manoeuvrability is accomplished with front and rear positive steering to help the operator access hard to reach tipping zones.

What’s more, all Stronga root crop trailers are fitted with high speed BPW commercial axles as part of a well-proven undercarriage configuration which delivers braking efficiencies of more than 50%. This proven undercarriage set-up reduces tractor brake wear, saving you money on expensive replacement parts.

Taking care of your land…

In the field, soft-footprint, large diameter Michelin Cargo XBIB radial tyres come into their own by reducing long-term soil damage and delivering easy pull performance. The ability to effortlessly pull high payload trailers significantly reduces the horsepower requirement and minimises fuel consumption.

Root crop trailer series

Technical details
Model BL20-16 BL24-18 BL28-26
Gross weight 22000kg 24000kg 34000kg
Tare weight ca. 5000kg ca. 6000kg ca. 8000kg
Maximum Payload 17000kg 18000kg 26000kg
Drawbar load 3500kg (4000kg*) 3500kg (4000kg*) 3500kg (4000kg*)
Standard transport capacity 20m³ 24m³ 28m³
Oil requirement 40 litres 40 litres Own hydraulic
Minimum draft requirement 100HP 120HP 180HP
Hitch height 510-550-590mm 510-550-590mm 510-550-590mm
Bottom steel type Hardox 450 Hardox 450 Hardox 450
Body height inside 1400mm 1400mm 1400mm
Body length inside 6265mm 7520mm 8820mm
Total length 8335mm 9570mm 10850mm
Total height 2925mm 3030mm 3180mm
Maximum width (standard wheels) 2550mm 2550mm 2550mm
Standard wheels 560/60 R22,5 600/55 R26,5 710/50 R30,5
Colour Yellow Yellow Yellow
Speed 40km/h 40km/h 40km/h
Suspension capacity 21000kg (Bogie) 32000kg (Parabolic sprung) 48000kg (Parabolic sprung)

All weights and measurements are subject to root crop trailer specification and regional laws. Specification, weights and payload may vary on fast tow models. As we are continually improving our products, technical details, masses and measurements are given as reference values only.