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drying paper pulp Drying Paper Pulp


Optimum pulp drying solutions

Stronga has developed optimum solutions for economic and efficient paper pulp drying. Our well proven, highly reliable paper pulp dryers enable our customers to transform recycled fibre into highly valuable bedding.

Wet residue from paper making is plentiful in supply. Alternative bedding types such as straw and sawdust are becoming increasingly expensive and scarce. Using dried paper pulp as high absorbency bedding can offer big cost savings, better animal comfort and improved hygiene.

paper pulp drying solutions Drying Paper Pulp

Innovative circular economy

Through drying paper pulp, clients can transform a wet low value waste product into highly valuable, saleable animal bedding.

There is a significant profit to be gained by drying wet fibre rejects for saleable cattle bedding. Dairy farmers, entrepreneurs and clients with waste heat (e.g. AD plants) can accept wet reject paper fibres from local paper mills at little to no cost. These abundant, cheap waste fractions can be transformed by a Stronga dryer into valuable bedding which can either be used on-farm to reduce imported bedding costs, or sold at high value.

Manure from cattle bedded on dried paper pulp can be re-used on farm as a fertiliser or sold as a nutrient-rich soil improver. Drying paper pulp for animal bedding can be highly profitable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, helping farmers to enter an innovative circular economy.

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Profitable animal comfort

Providing animals with clean, dry and comfortable paper pulp bedding is both profitable and ethical with big cost savings to your bottom line and better animal comfort.

Discover the benefits of dry paper crumb bedding for cow, cattle and livestock:


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Readily available & more affordable than straw or sawdust correct icon 3 Drying Paper Pulp

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Future of animal bedding

The future of animal bedding is dried paper crumb.

Previously, there have been a variety of bedding types used for housed cattle, the choice of which typically depends on bedding cost and availability, storage and handling requirements.

Various paper by-products are now being used for livestock bedding, including shredded waste paper and paper pulp. Properly treated paper fractions possess excellent characteristics that make them suitable as dairy cow bedding. The latent alkalinity of some paper-based products has a disinfectant effect and helps to control pathogens while reducing odours.

High output Stronga dryers allow clients with residual heat to transform low value wet fibre rejects into highly valuable livestock bedding.

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Maximum equipment performance

State of the art Stronga drying technology is in increasing demand for the production of dry bedding from paper by-products.

Stronga drying solutions offer electrically and thermally efficient methods of transforming wet input pulp into absorbent dry livestock bedding. Stronga assist dryer owners to achieve optimal economical operation and maximum output of quality, consistently dry pulp.

Stronga paper pulp drying technologies can use even low temperature residual heat and offer long service life, efficient electrical consumption, high drying performance, and controllability of dry output. Quality coupled with efficiency can be found in each and every Stronga paper crumb dryer.

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