Stronga FlowDrya – Visualising the PulseWave™ Material Agitation Motion

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November, 2020

Designed for optimum thermal and energy efficiency, FlowDrya offers great value in the form of lowest cost per ton dried. In this new animation, we visualise the significant benefits of PulseWave™ material agitation– a key feature of the FlowDrya which enables big performance improvements when compared to other dryers available in the market.

What is PulseWave™ Agitation?

PulseWave™ agitation is the highly beneficial material mixing motion that occurs as the FlowDrya’s hydraulic moving floor pulses back and forth. As the floor pulses, materials are continuously lifted, mixed and tumbled by multiple fixed-position bars and pushing blades; this enables a host of amazing benefits – the sum of which equate to a highly compelling drying system.

Learn more in the video below.

Why is PulseWave™ Agitation Beneficial for My Drying Operation?

Because there are an extensive list of benefits available through the PulseWave™ agitation motion which is entirely unique to the Stronga FlowDrya:

Uniformly Dry Output

Continuously mixing material on the drying bed, PulseWave™ agitation ensures that each particle receives equal access to warm airflow and thermal conduction that takes place when materials come into contact with the warm stainless steel bed. Compared to other available dryers which fail to successfully mix material during the drying process, FlowDrya offers more uniformly dry output which can be vital to preservation of the product and for other onward processes.

Stronga Wood Chip Dryer

Improved Energy Efficiency

PulseWave™ agitation reduces the cost of the drying operation through improved energy efficiency. Electrical energy efficiency of FlowDrya is class-leading; multiple times more efficient than other ‘energy-hungry’ dryers. When compared to other drying systems which can cost in excess of 100,000 Euros per year to run in electrical energy only, FlowDrya costs only a fraction of this with efficient hydraulic operation.

Stronga Wood Chip Dryer

Proven Flexibility

PulseWave™ agitation is proven to agitate a wide range of difficult-to-dry materials that can be dense, high moisture, heavy and lumpy. The PulseWave™ agitation motion is proven in drying wood chips, hemp fibre, forage biomass, digestate, SRF, paper pulp and more. Other dryers can struggle with difficult, heavy, dense materials whereas the strong, simple and robust hydraulic operation provided by FlowDrya is capable and reliable in many situations and projects.

PulseWave™ Material Agitation

Faster to Evaporation Temperature

PulseWave™ agitation accelerates the time in which the material load changes state from wet to dry. Reducing the time in which material reaches the evaporation temperature means the user can achieve bigger output with less time and energy required for the drying process.

Stronga Wood Chip Dryer

Improved Air Entrainment

PulseWave™ improves and speeds up air entrainment, improving the material’s ability to receive heat faster, and thus improving evaporation rates. With FlowDrya, air entrainment happens earlier on the drying bed, compared to other dryers which often fail in regard to material friability.

PulseWave™ Material Agitation

Material Depth Control

Together with the PulseWave™ agitation motion, intelligent control systems and unique FlowDrya design all combine to give the operator better material depth control when compared to belt drying systems. Controlling the depth of material on the drying bed offers huge benefits to the efficiency of the flow drying process.

Stronga FlowDrya

Slow & Gentle Agitation

The PulseWave™ mixing motion is slow and gentle on the valuable product to be dried. This can extremely important with certain delicate materials such as hemp, for example, where CBD content must be protected through gentle handling and drying.

PulseWave™ Material Agitation

Extremely Low Maintenance Cost

The PulseWave™ agitation system is enabled without use of fast-wearing, energy-hungry and expensive chains, bolts, bearings and sprockets which are numerous in other more complicated drying systems. The low maintenance cost is a big plus for the FlowDrya compared to chain and slat dryers which are extremely expensive to maintain and service over multiple years.

Stronga FlowDrya

Improved Process Simplicity

PulseWave™ agitation offers improved process simplicity with very few moving components and wearing parts, ensuring the FlowDrya is suited to high duty operations with long service life and low maintenance costs.

Stronga FlowDrya

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In total, the business case for FlowDrya is highly compelling for many drying operations and applications. Contact our technical today for more information.

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