10 Heavy-Duty Applications Made Possible with Stronga DumpLoada

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March, 2020

Versatility & “Value-in-Use” Stronga Square Body Dump Trailers

This tough, year-round performer has a surprisingly wide range of heavy-duty, heavy material hauling applications. The weight balance from drawbar to axles in operation is excellent, providing useful tractive load to the prime mover while delivering operational manoeuvrability.

The on and off road ability, coupled with the low ownership cost, means many professional companies are utilising the DumpLoada trailer in multiple ways. Rental companies have seen the potential. With tractor rental costs remaining competitive; the addition of a Stronga dump trailer provides a low cost and flexible hauling and material moving solution.

Application 01:

Shifting Heavy Earth with a Stronga Dump Trailer

Shifting Heavy Earth

Application 02:

Snow Clearance Tipper Trailer

Snow Clearance Snow Clearance

Application 03:

Spreading Road Stone with Dump Trailer

Road Stone Spreading Road Stone Spreading

Application 04:

Clearing Forestry Residue

Forestry Residue Clearance Forestry Residue Clearance

Application 05:

Removing Demolition Waste using Stronga Dump Trailers

Demolition Waste Removal Demolition Waste Removal

Application 06:

Transporting Plant using a Tipper Trailer

Plant Transport Plant Transport

Application 07:

Heavy Stone Hauling

Heavy Material Haulage Heavy Material Haulage

Application 08:

Construction Site Preparation

Construction Site Preparation Construction Site Preparation

Application 09:

Big Boulder Transport

Big Boulder Transport

Application 10:

Residential Construction Projects

Residential Construction Residential Construction

Low Cost Material Hauling

DumpLoada trailers are seriously impressive equipment for professional contractors working in challenging conditions. DumpLoada proves itself time and time again, day after day over many years of service to be a low cost and reliable hauling and dumping machine. Hardox in the body and in key stress areas in the trailer keeps the unit both light and extremely strong.

DumpLoada models are available to suit all tractor power sizes optimising capacity of every load. A proven high performance durable dumper with a low cost of ownership offers the most economical solution in both capital and operating cost terms. DumpLoada is simply the best dump trailer in the market.

A wide range of useful options allows you to customise the trailer – refer to the DumpLoada model pages on this website for more information >

Where Do You Want To Go Today?

Contact Stronga to work together on your dump trailer application. Watch the video below; imagine the fantastic possibilities.

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