Hemp Growers Face Crisis of Losing Crops Due to Lack of Drying Facilities

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November, 2019

Stronga are offering a much-needed solution to farmers who are dealing with the crisis of losing their hemp crop due to their inability to properly dry the wet CDB oil-rich biomass this harvest.

This lack of farmer/grower owned hemp drying capacity and infrastructure often leaves farmers rushing to make last minute spot price deals with CBD oil extractors or companies with drying capacity in rapidly deteriorating weather conditions into late autumn. Selling hemp crop on a wet basis, as the potentially high value hemp plants remain in the field unable to harvest due to lack of drying capacity is wasteful and stressful.

Hemp Drying System

Strengthen your Negotiating Position in Hemp Markets

Dealing with hemp drying facilities, which are often overloaded during critical harvest periods, puts hemp growers in a very weak negotiating position, when there is a lot of panic, when hemp farmers have no way to dry their own hemp crop.

This is a huge issue for farmers, and it can all be avoided by talking to Stronga drying specialists in time to install a suitable scale and type hemp dryer. Taking action now could help hemp growers reduce risks and save their hemp crop while increasing control of their own business and profits.

Take Control of Hemp Sales

Planning and purchasing a suitable, scalable, modular hemp dryer allows farmers to take control of their hemp sales and increase profits. This would allow growers to harvest at the optimal time when THC levels are low enough, CBD oil content optimal and dry harvested hemp down to 10% moisture content.

At 10% moisture content the hemp crop is stable, preserving the value for sale at optimal prices after the season. Stronga have long experience in drying wet biomass. We offer various hemp dryer models depending on hemp grower’s requirements, growers harvest method process method and growing acreage.

Drying Hemp

Wet Hemp Harvest Issues

Across the U.S., farmers are harvesting with 60%–80%+ moisture in their crop, depending on harvest weather conditions. Many are currently forced to bale this hemp with high moisture content, and this can quickly cause the hemp biomass to degrade.

Degradation comes in the form of grey mold / botrytis which creates toxins that cannot be removed. This severely affects quality, price and usefulness to a CBD processor. Toxins create rot which then causes farmers to lose their crop and entire investment.

Baling Hemp

Drying Hemp using Indirect Air

Correct drying temperature and technology using fresh, indirect, non-fume air can preserve the high value CBD trichomes while avoiding contamination and losses of terpenes and flavonoids.

Various scale and types of hemp dryers are available from Stronga. Dryer considerations include the harvest method chosen by the hemp grower; you should talk to our specialists in wet biomass hemp drying to get the right information and scale of dryer for your hemp growing operation.

Hemp Dryer Control Panel

CBD Gaining Tremendous Popularity

Hemp-derived compounds such as Cannabidiol (CBD) have gained tremendous popularity in the U.S and other markets. They are being used in everything from health and dietary supplements to beauty products.

There are reports that Wall Street is estimating the CBD market could be worth $15 billion by 2025. Hemp planting acreage has increased multiple times in the first years of its extensive commercial cultivation with state legislation in many states still being completed. This explosive growth is, in part, due to the fact that an alternative was needed to mainstream crops which have been caught in the trade war on crops between the U.S. and China.

Hemp Harvest Transport

Best Strategy for Hemp Growers – Own your Own Hemp Dryer

Owning and controlling your own hemp drying operation must be the best way to optimise your harvest timing, control and profits from growing hemp. Owning your own dryer puts you in control of the higher potential returns industrial hemp offers.

Contact Stronga today – info@stronga.co.uk.

Hemp Drying System

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