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Stronga Hooklift Frame Mounted Liquids Bowser – Agricultural, Construction & Amenity Applications

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April, 2019

Stronga specialise in designing high quality polyethylene hooklift mounted tanks for agricultural, industrial and residential usage. We offer a comprehensive range of liquid bowsers so you can choose a capacity which suits the size of your specific liquid handling application.

Liquid Filling, Handling & Cartage Efficiency

Stronga hooklift mounted water bowsers offer customers’ optimal liquid filling, handling and cartage efficiency in a strong, long life design. When coupled with our hook lift equipment, Stronga water bowsers offer productivity and long life reliability that is unchallenged in the mobile water tank market.

HookLoada trailers combined with frame-mounted tanks allow liquid transport as one of wide range of intermodal applications. UniBowsa offers great flexibility with ground-demount in multiple locations, loading and transport all in one.

Pioneer Cost-Effective Futures

Did you know that 70% of all agricultural costs are in transportation?

We encourage customers to pioneer a cost-effective future with a Stronga hooklift trailer. Using HookLoada, users can drive their transport costs into the ground with multiple containerised applications such as liquid handling using UniBowsa. UniBowsa can be off-loaded and tipped, giving the user extra flexibility over fixed water tank systems.

Heavy-Duty Water Storage Tank

The 13,000 litre horizontal transport tank shown in the pictures is manufactured from UV-stabilised polyethylene. This highly reliable, long life, heavy-duty storage tank is designed for years of handling water, liquid fertiliser, molasses and more.

Heavy-Duty Water Storage Tank

Each Stronga UniBowsa comes fitted with a special pin mounting system so the plastic storage tank can be mounted securely onto the A-Frame. This allows the water tank to be safely mounted onto hooklift equipment without the need for mounting straps, which can cause fatigue.

Extend Performance with Optional Equipment

Stronga water tanks come fitted with great features such as in-moulded baffles which increase stability and reduce sloshing during water cartage.

Optional galvanised spraying systems open up a whole new world of applications. Optional equipment includes hydraulic and engine driven pumps, pressure washer equipment, dribble bars, mobile dust control and suppression fogging units / fog cannons. All of this, and more, can be easily mounted on the frame.

Imagine the Possibilities…


Note – frame mounted pump equipment required for certain agricultural applications.

  1. Irrigation tank.
  2. Transporting molasses, liquid feed and fertiliser.
  3. Storage, handling, transporting and spreading slurry in the field.
  4. Handling, transporting and spreading liquid fertiliser in the field.
  5. Cattle trough feeder tank.
  6. Nurse tank for spraying liquids.


Note – frame mounted pump equipment required for certain construction applications.

  1. Irrigating dusty and sandy roadways so heavy traffic can use them.
  2. Storing Adblue.
  3. Mobile or static firefighting bowser.
  4. Pressure washer bowser.
  5. During an oil or chemical spill, use a Stronga water tank to rapidly respond to clean the site.


Note – frame mounted pump equipment required for certain amenity applications.

  1. Sports field irrigation.
  2. Mobile fresh water supply for:
    • Festivals
    • Sports events
    • Sports venues
    • Construction
    • Commercial

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