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Get Set for the Root Crop Season with Stronga | New Potato Harvest Video

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February, 2019

Harvesting Success with Stronga

Updated-range Stronga BulkLoada potato trailer.

Continuous innovation is the driving force behind our programme of developing highly efficient root vegetable trailers that make your transport operations easier and increasingly profitable.

The Stronga root crop trailer range has a choice of 3 models to suit the client’s preferred root crop carrying capacity. Selecting the right solution to suit your potato harvest has never been easier with the help of the Stronga technical team.

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Get Set for the Root Vegetable Season

Stronga root vegetable trailers are designed to be longer and lower than grain trailers to reduce damage to the crops on loading. Whether you’re working on heavy soil or transporting potatoes on the road, the upgraded trailer design has everything you need to get your crop in on time while increasing the profitability of your business.

Protecting Soil, Your Most Valuable Asset

The upgraded root trailer range offers many improvements to the already classic root crop BL range. Tyre selection and whole trailer configuration have been upgraded to minimise ground pressure with all the benefits this brings you, the grower.

Lowest pulling power required, reducing tractor size, lowering fuel consumption, lighter footprint = less smearing of soil from tractor tyre slippage. Best comfort ride, best balance of drawbar load and much more.

The ‘Agro Giethoorn’ Story

Agro Giethoorn is a leading Dutch agricultural company relying on 4 specific operations:

  1. Arable farm specialises in cultivating and processing potato chips;
  2. Poultry farm has 3 stables with room for 115,000 Good Nest Chickens;
  3. Biogas plant completes the loop; providing green electricity for 5,500 houses and heat for poultry houses, manure processing and drying operations;
  4. For sustainability and waste reduction, a dryer processes residual heat into ingredients for the pet food industry.

Every year, Agro Giethoorn grows around 16 million kilos of potatoes across 280 hectares. Highly efficient, professional use potato trailers from Stronga support this high output operation.

After cultivation, potatoes are washed and treated back on the arable farm. Then finally, the end product is delivered to ‘Lays’ and ‘Lamb Weston’ for processing into potato chips and French fries.

Potato Harvest Video: Click here to watch the Stronga Potato Trailer in action at Agro Giethoorn >

High Profile Clients – Lays & Lamb Weston

Stronga and Agro Giethoorn share a common vision of paramount quality and craftsmanship.

Like at Stronga, the employees at Agro Giethoorn are highly knowledgeable about root vegetables. They work together to find refreshing solutions to difficult issues in root crop transport. With a common goal and the expertise of Stronga: Agro Giethoorn is able to deliver the best potatoes in the most sustainable way possible.

 Enlighten yourself. Watch the Agro Giethoorn 2018 potato harvest below.

Operating Beyond Potatoes…

As well as working with potatoes, Agro Giethoorn also grows other highly valuable crops such as spring barley, carrots and corn.

Out of the potato season, the highly versatile, supremely efficient Stronga root vegetable trailer is called upon by Agro Giethoorn to cart these other crops from field to farm. Agro Giethoorn didn’t just invest in a single-purpose system; their Stronga trailers are capable well beyond potatoes. Discover the other root crops which can be transported using the new-range BL trailer.

  Carrot Transport Trailer     Parsnip Transport Trailer   Radish Transport Trailer
  Onion Transport Trailer     Potato Transport Trailer   Sweet Potato Transport Trailer
  Sugar Beet Transport Trailer     Rutabaga Transport Trailer   Turnip Transport Trailer

Thank you, Landbouwpowers

Stronga would like to pay special thanks to our friends at ‘Landbouwpowers’ in the Netherlands for supplying these wonderful root vegetable harvest pictures.

Talk to our technical team today to get the full picture. Get set for the season. Now is the time to get your new root vegetable trailer on order.

Click here to head over to the ‘Landbouwpowers’ YouTube channel >

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