[:en]Stronga & Præstbro Maskiner Announce Exciting, New Partnership Agreement[:de]Stronga & Præstbro Maskiner geben aufregende neue Partnerschaftsvereinbarung bekannt[:lt]Stronga & Præstbro Maskiner sudarė įspūdingą partnerystės sutartį[:]

Stronga & Præstbro Maskiner Announce Exciting, New Partnership Agreement

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January, 2019

Stronga are proud to announce a partnership agreement with our esteemed, highly respected friends at Præstbro Maskiner A/S in Denmark. The agreement, made on 1st June 2018, was reinforced when Stronga teamed up with Præstbro Maskiner at the 2018 Agromek exhibition.

Delivering Quality Hooklift Equipment into Denmark

Stronga and Præstbro Maskiner A/S look forward with great ambition to this exciting collaboration, delivering quality-built hooklift equipment into the Danish market. Speaking about the agreement, a Præstbro representative said:

“Stronga is a family-owned company that specialises in developing and producing quality hook lift trailers and hook lift trucks. [These machines have] been an important part of our business and therefore it is absolutely fantastic that we have found a supplier that has an even bigger program than we have previously been able to offer.

Most importantly, we have gone from sensible to professional quality, which we believe can withstand even comparison with even the most expensive cars on the market. In addition, we have been given the opportunity to offer a lot of equipment that we have not been able to offer before, such as:

  1. LSV brake valve - which adjusts the brake force depending on the weight;
  2. Wireless remote control – users can manually control self-steering axles from the tractor's hydraulics in reverse;
  3. QuickLoada™ – with this option it is possible to select double speed when the hook arm is moved backwards.

These are just a small selection of the many new opportunities we can now offer at Præstbro Maskiner A/S.”

Stronga are proud to confirm that the first two hooklift trailers were delivered to the Danish Præstbro factory in July 2018. These units have subsequently been shipped to happy customers across Denmark.

Stronga and Præstbro confirmed the new partnership agreement with a stand at the Agromek exhibition. Agromek took place between 27th and 30th November, 2018. On their stand, Præstbro presented 2- and 3-axle Stronga hooklift trailers.

Agromek Innovation Announcement

The main news coming from Agromek was that the HookLoada trailer is now sensor-free. That means the reliability and long service life of Stronga hooklift equipment has now been even further extended.

The decision was taken to remove sensors from HookLoada based on intelligent software calculations, years of design experience, and close cooperation with existing HookLoada users.

At Stronga, we believe our first responsibility is to our customers, who use our products and services. In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality and long life.

Click here to discover Præstbro’s new range of Stronga hooklift trailers - https://www.prastbro.dk/produkt/Kroghejsevogn

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