[:en]Forage drying with Stronga on a dairy farm – FlowDrya & Heatex case study[:de]Futtertrocknung mit Stronga auf einer Milchfarm - FlowDrya & Heatex Fallstudie[:lt]Pašarų džiovinimas su Stronga pieno ūkyje – FlowDrya & Heatex [:]

Forage drying with Stronga on a dairy farm – FlowDrya & Heatex case study

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February, 2018

Modern, forward-thinking dairy enterprises include a new generation of production-focused dairy farmers. Challenging market conditions have encouraged energy efficiency in whole herd energy to come to the fore (feed stuffs, bedding, and feed science).

Full farm energy cycle

This forage drying customer has recently installed a 500kW AD plant as part of his whole farm energy strategy. Using Stronga Drying Solutions, he is able to close the loop on a full farm energy cycle.

This dairy farmer is considering energy in all its forms, from:

  1. Planting operation;
  2. Crop growth;
  3. Harvesting timing to optimise energy capture in the feed;
  4. Cow’s energy from the feed stock through milk production, and;
  5. Energy released from the cow in the form of manure;
  6. Manure is fed directly into the AD plant for biogas production;
  7. Biogas then generates both electricity & heat;
  8. Residual heat is a major part of the energy which, working with Stronga, is usefully applied.

Working together with Stronga to dry forage

The client contacted Stronga at an early project stage. We worked together with him to convert residual thermal energy from his CHP engine into an optimised forage drying solution which has real efficiency benefits.

By drying a portion of the available silage, which is a mixture of grass and maize (whole crop); this dairy farmer is able to load the dry matter intake (dmi) into his feed mix blend.

Through blending together dried and wet silage with other concentrates, our client is able to increase the dmi for each cow, thereby increasing the energy intake and milk yield by about 10% - a big increase in milk production and financial income.

This gives our client a competitive advantage using residual CHP energy and closes the loop on a full farm energy cycle.

Watch the forage drying video below

Flexibility as standard with Stronga

There are other uses of the Stronga dryer. Currently this dairy farmer is using his FlowDrya and Heatex to dry lucerne in small quantities. His FD30 and H500 are capable to efficiently carry out other types of forage drying applications.

Discover all the materials which can be dried using a Stronga dryer >

Applications beyond the farm…

This dairy farmer is now thinking about other added value applications beyond the farm. These new opportunities are now open to him and he is testing them out – this simply wouldn’t have been possible before the installation of a Stronga dryer.

Now he has the Stronga dryer he is finding new applications for the system, adding value to his crops in multiple ways:

  • Increasing milk yield;
  • Effectively using residual CHP energy to dry forage and other materials;
  • Better balancing his feed stuff for his cows;
  • Increasing the energy intake of his cows;
  • Taking more control of costs – lower requirement for dried feed stuffs;
  • On-site electrical generation used to run the dryer (which doesn’t require much electricity);
  • Opportunities for further income streams from other sources (drying forage for pet bedding & feed);
  • Overall - Reducing costs while increasing yield.

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