Discover your financial benefit with the upgraded HookLoada HL180

Discover your financial benefit with the upgraded HookLoada HL180

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January, 2018

We have taken our most popular model hook trailer and made it even better. The upgraded HookLoada HL180 offers a refinement of design, a unique high value machine.

Stronga have lowered  the price of the new model to allow even more people to afford  the multiple benefits the HookLoada concept offers.

Design counts. This is the most elegant HookLoada we have produced - light, strong and beautiful.

Your improved Functionality

High speed as standard, now 50kph speed rating is made standard to keep pace with modern fast tractors, taking you forward to increased transport productivity.

The upgraded HookLoada  is shorter and more maneuverable, following the tractor better in tighter spaces. Better reversing into confined areas while still accepting hook lift containers from 4850mm to 6700mm with optimal length 6500mm.

New HL180 is lighter, while retaining all the strength so more payload which delivers more efficiency, every load every day.

The new design is lower again, the lowest in the market, offering real stability and low hook on angle. 

Reliability as standard with Stronga

All our design  experience has come together to bring this new design to the market. HookLoada remains the most reliable and most rugged hook trailer in the market.

Check out the main HookLoada HL180 web page >

Easy Usability

Stronga have kept true to our values, simple and easy to use. Only well proven and thoroughly tested components are allowed on a Stronga hook trailer.

It just works really well, ask any of our customers.

Creativity + Proficiency

Imagine the potential for your work - no limits to the potential to develop your personal inter-modal system. Hook lift flatbeds, Hook lift vacuum tankers, bulk containers and much, much more.

Lowering your cost while increasing your productivity and flexibility.

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