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DumpLoada DL1000HP half pipe tipper trailer – Re-think efficiency & productivity

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January, 2017

Welcome to the developed and updated Stronga tipper trailer design which is now even more safe, even more efficient and demonstrates an even more impressive dumper performance that goes unrivalled in the half pipe tipper trailer market. Stronga guarantee that our half pipe tipper trailers do everything an ADT dumper truck can do but at a breathtakingly low cost. DumpLoada DL1000HP extends your ability to generate professional income. Imagine the possibilities.

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Easy material ejection

The Stronga dump trailer rear door opens extremely wide, allowing for easy exit of gigantic boulders that may otherwise become lodged or trapped and cause damage to the dumper half pipe body.

Indestructible Hardox wear plate

As part of our commitment to provide our customer with the most durable and effective dump trailers, we have been working alongside SSAB to offer Hardox wear plate in Stronga products.

Hardox wear plate has been proven to boost performance and maximise up time of applications in the toughest working environments in industries such as construction, quarrying, recycling and transportation.

Power. Poise. Performance

Stronga tipper trailer is fitted with a strong but light chassis, reinforced with Hardox 450 steel in high stress areas to improve safety. Stronga established these areas using innovative 3D stress software. Bogey axles reduce the power required to pull your tipper trailer, leading to a better off-road driving experience.

Our tipper trailer is fitted with an extra-long sprung drawbar which ensures the benefits of reduced shock on the tractor, increased trailer performance and a smoother, more poised transportation experience.

Discover BPW axles. Quality inside

Stronga tipper trailers comes fitted with a BPW axle system which is synonymous with quality, reliability and power in even the most arduous conditions. Discover the video of the BPW axle system which goes hand-in-hand with Stronga dump trailer quality.

Reduce cycles. Improve productivity

Powerful fat-pipes and lifting cylinders drastically reduce cycle times while improving productivity. Dual fat-pipes pump oil quicker which increases tipping speed. Lengthier fat-pipes create a 65° tipping angle which increases the heaping ability.

Precision engineered Half Pipe

The updated and innovative Half Pipe body funnel shape ensures efficient material deposition when unloading. Comparably to our square body solution, material exits far faster through this streamlined, unique tipper trailer body.

In addition, Hardox 450 KnifeEdge design and a guard at the front of the trailer protect you and your tractor from falling material to maximise safety in performance.


Reduced rolling resistance

Stronga use large Michelin or Nokian Country King radial tyres that are long-life and offer the highest tipper trailer performance. Low pressure in the tyre protects the soil and spreads the weight which reduces rolling resistance while increasing efficiency.

Stronga are keen to provide quality for their customers and the Half Pipe dump trailer is a brilliant multi-purpose tipper trailer that will benefit your needs on a year-round basis.

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Stronga half pipe tipper trailers are industry-leading heavy material transport solutions that have recently become the admired solution over ADT’s. Stronga are your trusted transport advisers, contact our friendly team for professional support.

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