[:en]HookLoada HL180 Evo – Evolution outside. Revolution inside.[:sv]HookLoada HL180 Evo – Evolution på utsidan. Revolution på insidan.[:]

HookLoada HL180 Evo – Evolution outside. Revolution inside.

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December, 2016

Stronga design the world famous range of HookLoada trailers and ground demountable containers for year round use by commercial enterprises and contractors. The concept is that 1 multi-purpose hook trailer can handle hundreds of applications, leading to improved efficiency with a year round transport service.

Hook lift trailer

The Evo edition is the most modern and high performance HookLoada in the range today with a stronger, lighter, lower design and the ability to accept longer containers than previous editions.

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Watch the HookLoada HL180 Evo film >

HookLoada Evo – The power to thrive

Stronga HookLoada HL180 Evo is multi-functional hook lift equipment that delivers unlimited versatility across a wide range of transport applications. Be the first to see the new HL180 Evo video.

Discover how HookLoada Evo could benefit you and your business:

  1. Reduced fuel usage: with the associated cost savings and environmental benefits.
  2. Reduced capital: 1 HookLoada with multiple containers costs less than multiple single-purpose trailers.
  3. Reduced tractors hours: from improved working efficiency, reducing tractor capital depreciation. There can also be a saving in the number of tractors required in transportation.
  4. Reduced labour costs: shuttling containers with 1 HookLoada improves efficiency. Rather than waiting during loading, the operator can drop of the empty container and pick it up when full.
  5. Reduced cycle times: ground-level containers allow safer and faster loading of material/equipment.
  6. Flexible with potential: increased flexibility of working both on and off road, increasing opportunities for both transport cost reduction and profit generation.

Hooklift trailer

Engineered for maximum strength

The HookLoada HL180 Evo chassis structure is reinforced with high strength Hardox 450 wear plates to maximise strength and durability, leading to a reliable and long life hook trailer design.

Hooklift trailer chassis

Pure power and prowess

Low tare weight (circa 5 tonnes) from the extensive use of Hardox and Weldox in the construction ensures optimal payload, maximum strength and durable performance. Several ultra-light, extra-strong aluminium features (mudguards, side rails, toolbox etc.) further reduce the trailer tare weight.

HookLoada Evo comes fitted as standard with reliable, long life and well proven Nokian Country King or Michelin radial tyres with low ground pressure and excellent self-cleaning properties.

Hooklift trailer tyres

It’s even lower than before

Ultra-low roller height offers the smallest uploading angle for a lower power requirement to upload containers and optimal cornering stability. The class-leading 52° HookLoada Evo tipping angle ensures superb heaping ability and excellent material ejection, leading to reduced blockages and clean emptying.

Hooklift trailer

Kick-start efficiency with HookLoada Evo

The market-leading Evo trailer now accepts longer containers than the standard 180 design. Our hooklift Evo trailer allows the professional operator to load 7100mm long containers for extended efficiency and productivity.

Hooklift trailer

Intelligent transport solutions with Stronga

HookLoada HL180 Evo is 100% Stronga made. Stronga aim to build machines that have strength, working life and residual values over and above that of any other equipment available today.

Hooklift trailer

Discover more

If you are interested in investing in the Stronga HookLoada Evo edition, contact our knowledgeable advisers for professional support. Click the button below to contact the Stronga technical team.

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