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Endless transport applications in agriculture – The Stronga hooklift system

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December, 2016

The Stronga hook lift trailer performance in agriculture is of the highest quality. Each and every new hook lift trailer is a product of our Precise Design Program (PDP). That means you can expect only the best performance in the field and on the road.

Within the PDP, there is a focus on achieving ultimate productivity so everything from the hooking angle to load capacity is maximised.

Which app suits you best in agriculture?

Boost your productivity and efficiency.

Stronga efficiency and productivity

See below the many different applications of the Stronga hook lift trailer in the agriculture industry. I think you will agree that this innovative, modern and versatile hook lift machine is the perfect solution for the professional operator in the agricultural transport market.

Application 01: Grain transport

Have an efficient grain harvest with hook lift trailer and high body hook lift containers. Stronga products add efficiency to the workplace – seen below at grain harvest. Also load, transport and unload other bulk materials such as seed, root crops, potatoes, onions and much more.

Hooklift agricultural trailer

See below our 3D hook lift trailer grain harvest process. Owning multiple hook lift containers allows the grain harvest operator to drop hook lift containers in the field while fully loaded grain containers are shuttled to the grain store. Stronga HookLoada adds efficiency to each and every grain harvest.

Hooklift grain trailer

Application 02: Silage transport

The versatile and adaptable hook lift trailer can also load, transport and unload silage. The unique strength of the Stronga HookLoada chassis gives a higher output to reduce trip frequency and fuel usage.

Hooklift silage trailer

Application 03: Machinery transport

Unhook demountable flatbeds with the Stronga hook lift trailer for safe and fast loading of machinery. The versatile HookLoada allows easy transport of tractors, handlers, telehandlers, rollers and many other agricultural machines.

Hooklift trailer with telehandler

Application 04: Sugar beet transport

See in the photos the Stronga hook lift trailer being loaded with sugar beet and then transporting it to the sugar beet factory. By owning multiple hook lift containers, the modern professional can demount containers in the field while a loaded one is shuttled to the factory. Stronga extend the customers’ efficiency to minimise waste.

Hooklift sugar beet trailer

Application 05: Liquid transport

Liquid vacuum tankers are much cheaper to buy with hook lift trailers than in traditional form. The capital and operational savings really add up as multiple units are added to the hook lift system.

Hooklift trailer with vacuum tanker

Application 06: Wood transport

Hook lift trailer and flatbeds are an efficient and flexible system that allows the professional operator to extend his business beyond imagination. The wood market is expanding and more and more Stronga customers are transporting wood using a hook lift trailer for wood energy, construction, fencing and much more.

Hooklift trailer with round wood

Application 07: Bale transport

Loading square and round bales is easier on the ground than at height, so isn’t it great that hook lift trailers have the ability to unhook containers!? Efficiently transport bales with the high performance, on and off road hook lift trailer.

Hooklift trailer with bales

Application 08: Box transport

Loading materials into boxes is a widely appreciated technique in the agricultural market. Boxes are frequently bulk loaded with onions, potatoes, plants and many other agricultural products for efficient hook lift trailer transport.

Hooklift trailer box transport

Application 09: Big bag transport

Big bags can be applied in numerous ways to agriculture. They carry fertiliser, seed, manure, vegetables and much more. With Stronga hook lift trailers, several heavy big bags can be transported at once.

Hooklift trailer with fertiliser bags

Application 10: Pipe transport

Pipe transport is a further asset to the versatile hook loader trailer and container system. Irrigation pipes can be stacked, tied down and transported to the field for configuration. Then, the option is there to distribute water with the hook lift trailer coupled with water bowsers.

Hooklift trailer with pipes

Application 11: Waste transport

Organic waste products such as manure can be re-used as fertiliser to improve soil structure so that it holds more water. Don’t discard, re-use everything agriculturally related including; compost, wood chippings, plastics, used equipment, old silage wrap and many more.

Hooklift trailer with waste

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