PortLoada heavy duty bomb cart designed for increased efficiency in ISO container port and rail applications

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November, 2016

The PortLoada heavy duty bomb cart is designed for the relentless use generally associated with port and rail applications. This reliable heavy duty bomb cart comes fitted with a heavy duty suspension exclusively for use with solid, hard use tyres. The PortLoada heavy duty bomb cart is an off road ISO container chassis which provides increased efficiency for loading and unloading shipping container operations.

Discover the features and benefits of our heavy duty bomb cart below.

Watch the PortLoada film >

Heavy duty bomb cart animation – Key features

Watch our 3D animations showing the features, benefits and models available in the PortLoada heavy duty bomb cart range.

Imagine the possibilities for your port or rail operation today.

Heavy duty bomb cart PortLoada trailers share the latest technology in ISO container chassis design including extensive use of high strength steels to deliver greater payloads at reduced tare weights.

Intelligent design solutions help maximise bomb cart capacities to bring efficiency gains to modern port and rail operators.

Legendary longevity, quality & durability

The Stronga skeleton trailer has a reputation in ports across the world for excellent quality, durability and legendary longevity.

The smartly designed study skeleton trailer construction coupled with low maintenance axles and tandem configurations are well proven in the most demanding port applications.

Thriving under high loads

This Stronga PortLoada heavy duty bomb cart series is designed to thrive under the high impact loads associated in a ship to shore port application.

 The heavy duty single point BOGY suspension and deeply reinforced chassis frame have been engineered to handle the weight of the ISO shipping container payload as well as the spreader and head block.

Skeleton trailer

Tailor made terminal trailer solutions

Stronga aim to deliver the best in class port equipment and it starts by listening to what our customers want.

Our customers are clear about the features that are important to them on skeleton trailers. The wheels and axles can be configured according to customer needs.

Terminal trailer

Heavy duty bomb cart series

The most common ISO container chassis sizes are 40’ and 45’ and they are available with a payload up to 80 tonnes. 20’, 30’ of other special ISO container chassis sizes are available upon request.

PL200 Terminal trailer - 20ft container

Terminal trailer 20ft container

PL400 Terminal trailer - 20ft container

Terminal trailer 20ft container

PL400 Terminal trailer - 2 x 20ft container

Terminal trailer 2 x 20ft containers

PL400 Terminal trailer - 40ft container

Terminal trailer 40ft container

PL400 Terminal trailer - 45ft container

Terminal trailer 45ft container

Heavy duty axle, suspension & tyre configuration

Every Stronga terminal trailer is working 24/7 in demanding port environments, meaning they must be built with hard-wearing, durable components. Discover three key features of our well proven range of long life bomb carts:

  1. Special heavy duty tyres with rims for the heaviest loads
  2. Ultra-tough BOGY type suspension
  3. Market-leading BPW fixed axle
Terminal trailer

High strength Hardox & Domex steel

High strength Hardox and Domex steel used in the ISO container chassis ensure low tare weights and high payloads which translate into great productivity for our customers.

The well proven Stronga heavy duty bomb cart offers maximum strength, durability and toughness in a monocoque construction.

Heavy duty bomb cart

Rapid ISO container loading

Clearly marked self-locating guides allow rapid ISO container loading onto the chassis for reduced cycle times and optimum efficiency in port and rail applications.

Heavy duty bomb cart

Heavily reinforced self-locating ISO container corner twist locks allow the operator to safely secure the shipping container before transit.

A benchmark for heavy duty bomb cart equipment

  1. Extra strong leg design with multi-position adjustment.
  2. Hard plastic plates for soft container loading.
  3. Rear rubber supports.
  4. Rear safety bumper.
Terminal trailer rear bumper Terminal trailer container loading Terminal trailer leg strength

Discover more

If you are interested in investing in the PortLoada heavy duty bomb cart trailer series, contact our knowledgeable advisers for professional support. Click the button below to contact the Stronga technical team.

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