Transforming compact and nimble design – The upgraded HookLoada HL014 trailer

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May, 2016

‘Everything that follows is based on reliable technology that has been proven to work’

Stronga are the original designers of the illustrious HookLoada trailer, ground demountable container transport system. Our most compact hook lift trailer, HookLoada HL014 has recently undergone improvements to a more dynamic, efficient and productive design.

Hooklift trailer

Watch the HookLoada HL014 film >

HookLoada HL014 video

Stronga continue to manufacture the highly reliable series of HookLoada trailers, each of which is specifically tailored to meet the client’s tractor and application.


Futuristic hook lift technology

Stronga hold a reputation for manufacturing the most innovative, creative and futuristic tandem and tridem hook lift trailers in the market. The primary advantage of Stronga hook lift systems over tipping trailers is flexibility. With HookLoada, customers can drop hook lift containers on site and collect them when best suited.

14 tonne hooklift trailer

Beautifully evolved classic design

The modern HookLoada HL014 trailer is an upgraded version of a recent classic, easy-to-operate and highly reliable design. With the addition of futuristic innovations like the fully automatic locking system, the improved HookLoada HL014 is beautifully evolved transport technology.

Hooklift trailer

Introducing the fully automatic locking system

Stronga HookLoada HL014 now comes fitted as standard with a high performance innovation – the fully automatic locking system. The ground-breaking container auto-locking innovation delivers sprung auto-latching during tipping operations for excellent self-protection.

Hooklift trailer

101 hook lift applications

The market-leading 14 tonne hook lift trailer is proving to be an extremely valuable transport solution for high output contractor amenity use (local councils etc.). HookLoada HL014 owners utilise the 14 tonne hook lift system to transport power tools, machinery and other equipment for use across a range of applications:

  1. Amenity hedging material transport.
  2. Leaf mulch handling.
  3. Soil and compost handling (bagged or bulk).
  4. Rubbish collection.
  5. Sewage sludge removal.
  6. & many more applications (see more HookLoada applications in Agriculture > Construction > Waste >).

Hooklift trailer and container

Excellence in stability and manoeuvrability

The ultra-low roller height on standard wheels ensures that customers benefits from excellent safety and stability at all times. With effortless manoeuvrability in confined spaces, the compact HookLoada HL014 trailer is commonly used in tight locations for multiple applications.

Hook loader trailer

Compact power beyond belief

Each HookLoada trailer is built using only the strongest and lightest steels in the market. HookLoada HL014 has an ultra-low tare weight from extensive use of Hardox wear plates in the construction. The compact, powerful design allows HookLoada HL014 users to pick up and tip more than 14 tonnes. The optimal hook lift container length is 4500mm with a 65˚ tipping angle. Longer containers can be used for bale handling.

Hook lift trailer

Highly specified hook lift equipment

The HookLoada HL014 spec includes the following features for outstanding performance and efficiency:

  1. Market-leading ADR axles.
  2. Optional ‘WABCO’ air brake equipment on all wheels.
  3. Parabolic multi-leaf sprung suspension.
  4. 12 V full LED electric system.
  5. 445/45 R19,5 radial tyres. Road radial or floatation tyres available.

Discover more

If you are interested in investing in the HookLoada HL014 trailer, contact our knowledgeable advisers for professional support. Click the button below to contact the Stronga technical team.

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