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Heatex Dual Fan (DF) drying air control module – Integrated & intelligent drying solutions

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May, 2016

The Stronga Heatex Dual Fan (DF) series of thermally efficient drying air control modules are designed to work alongside FlowDrya and/or Drying Stations to reduce the moisture content of wet materials. Stronga Heatex air tech modules are individually configured to optimise drying performance via optimal air temperature, airflow and air pressure from the energy available.

Watch the Heatex Dual Fan (DF) animation >

Heatex air control module

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliant

Stronga Heatex DF is fully compatible for use with UK’s RHI scheme. Stronga advise that the following clients consider Stronga Heatex Drying Solutions to add value while optimising waste heat utilisation:

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

    1. Anaerobic Digestion (AD) or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants with spare residual heat.
    2. Gasification CHP plants requiring consistently quality dried bio fuel.
    3. Sawmills with wet woodchip for conversion into dry renewable bio fuel.
    4. Estates with forestry or timber to be chipped, dried and sold as biomass boiler fuel.
    5. Bio fuel suppliers growing their business by supplying dry woodchip to the biomass market.
    6. Clients with under-utilised biomass boilers who can use the spare capacity to create dry bio fuel.

Watch the 3D Heatex concept animation below to learn more about the design and features.

Triple chamber configuration

Stronga Heatex DF is housed within a modular, weatherproof, lockable container that is sub-divided into 3 fully-sealed chambers - a control room, a fan and deep core heat Xchanger cold chamber, and an insulated warm drying air chamber.

Stronga Heatex air control module

Heatex DF airflow concept

  1. Cold ambient air is evenly drawn through a large aluminium air louvre into the control room by dual direct drive plug fans. An electro-statically charged multi-mesh air purifying filter is fixed to the anti-corrosion air louvre to reduce the risk of damaging the plug fans.
  2. Ambient air is dispersed by the fans in the central cold chamber, passing evenly through the deep core heat Xchanger where it is efficiently heated to a drying quality temperature as it passes from fin to fin.
  3. Warm drying quality air fills the hot plenum before exiting via multiple output ducts (FlowDrya and/or Drying Station).

Stronga Heatex air control module

Coupling static and portable dryers

Heatex Dual Fan (DF) can be specified with Drying Station ports and/or a FlowDrya port to suit requirements. Users can couple a static plant (FlowDrya) with a portable solution (HAF drying containers and HookLoada), providing ultimate flexibility in drying bulk capacities at any one time and simultaneously drying a range of materials.

Stronga Drying Solutions

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Stronga Drying Stations are a 3 part system consisting of Heatex, HAF drying containers and HookLoada. Using HookLoada, customers can collect wet materials at the source, bring them back to Heatex to be dried (see below), and then deliver the dry output to the end user.

Stronga Drying Stations

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Energy efficient super silent plug fans

Stronga Heatex Dual Fan (DF) comes fitted with energy efficient direct drive plug fans with market-leading modern blade design. The super silent plug fan arrangement is easy to maintain, offering long life reliability with no belt chains or sprockets.

Dual plug fans

Dual Heatex plug fans offer an excellent working back pressure to dry a wide range of materials. With dual independently operated fans, if 1 fails the 2nd fan will continue to operate normally to allow drying operations to carry on. Heatex plug fans come fitted with an inverter to provide a soft start, reducing component stress and electricity usage.

Stronga Heatex air control module

With energy efficiency being a key focus of Heatex owners, integrated dual plug fans are the ideal air handling solution, reducing energy consumption, CO² emissions and electricity load. Compare modern Heatex direct drive plugs fans to traditional centrifugal fans:

  1. Plug fans offer lower energy consumption and lower costs, resulting in much shorter payback periods and increased operating efficiency.
  2. Plug fans deliver energy savings of up to 30% per annum when compared to centrifugal fans.
  3. Plug fans offer lower noise levels, require less maintenance and are far easier to service when necessary.

Highly efficient deep core heat exchanger

Every Stronga product is designed to comply with our core principle of only building environmentally-friendly and sustainable designs. The highly energy efficient heat exchanger uniformly heats ambient air as it passes through the deep core fins to meet the specified drying temperature.

Heat exchanger

Customers enjoy easy heat exchanger maintenance access via the large fan chamber door. The access door is fully rubber sealed. If the door is opened at any time during operation, a sensor automatically shuts down the machine to guarantee full user safety from moving parts. Operation status is transmitted via the easily visible Andon visual indicator.

Success, only by controlling

Heatex DF delivers full control over drying performance via the smart control panel in the command chamber which features manual and automatic settings and visual display of set parameters. Discover a few of the control panel parameters:

  1. Fan speed control. The user can manually or automatically adjust fan speed according to the leaving air temperature to reach and maintain efficient drying air quality.
  2. Water temperature. If the incoming water temperature drops, a manual override sets the fans on a reduced running speed to save energy until the temperature reaches the set level again.
  3. Volt-free contact. The user can remotely enable/alarm Heatex with volt-free contact for excellent project management.

Stronga Heatex control panel

Duality of visual control

Heatex DF operators benefit from duality of visual control with analogue and digital displays. It is vitally important that the user is fully informed about the key drying parameters. The control panel data logs the key parameters to allow the user to make the best decisions regarding drying performance.

Stronga Heatex air control module

With manual and automatic control and visual display of set parameters, the user can achieve optimal energy efficiency from the available energy supply. By taking control and optimising the dry output from FlowDrya and/or Drying Stations, the user can potentially increase income by tens of thousands per annum.

Reliability of a purpose-built design

The well-proven Stronga Heatex DF is specifically designed for the demanding CHP market with reliable operation for often over 8000 hours/year. Unlike single-purpose seasonal machines like grain dryers which work for 100s of hours/year, Heatex is built to work day-in, day-out, potentially operating for up to 160,000 hours over a 20 year period.

Stronga FlowDrya and Heatex air control module

Market-leading Heatex components

  1. Easily adjustable Drying Station output airflow ports.
  2. Electro-statically charged multi-mesh air purifying filter. Easy clean, long life and low cost of ownership.
  3. Fully insulated water flow and return pipes.
  4. Stalk-mounted Andon instant visual status indicator – visible from 360˚.

1. Stronga Heatex Drying Station ports 2. Stronga Heatex air filter 3. Stronga Heatex insulated water pipes 4. Stronga Heatex Andon visual status indicator

Designed with you in mind

The Heatex series of energy efficient air control modules come in a range of different sizes. For a single unit, Heatex ranges between 100-600kW but Stronga manufacture duplex Heatex models up to 2mW.

Stronga FlowDrya FD90 and Heatex air control module

Heatex can be configured to suit the unique requirements of the site. If necessary, customers can tub stack multiple Heatex units using the module lifting points to make efficient use of site space.

Stronga FlowDrya FD60 and Heatex air control module

Discover more

If you are interested in Stronga Heatex Drying Solutions, contact our product drying advisers for professional support. Click the button below to contact the Stronga technical team.

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