Presenting the brand-new hook lift plastic tank & flatbed system – Another added HookLoada application

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May, 2016

Extend your hook lift module collection and cut your transport expenses today with the multi-purpose Stronga plastic tank and flatbed system. HookLoada users with multiple hook lift modules continue to benefit from total flexibility, leading to long term productivity with the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

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The universal Stronga plastic tank and Flatbed unit offers ultimate flexibility in hook lift transport. The plastic tank is simply bolted down onto the flatbed so it can be easily dismounted to allow use of the flatbed as a simple platform.


One system. One million uses.

The universal multi-purpose Stronga plastic tank and flatbed system offers greatly improved application potential when compared to single-purpose one-dimensional water tank units.

Stronga plastic tank and flatbed

With the special ability to ground-demount the plastic tank and flatbed, the owner currently uses the bowser as a nurse tank to spray water onto his fields while transporting bales with the ultra-long high capacity flatbed.

Stronga plastic tank and flatbed

Picture the possibilities

As well as being used as a nurse tank for spraying water, the owner of this Stronga plastic tank has the potential to use his system for a number of other applications in the future. Explore just a few of the limitless plastic tank applications. Imagine your process:

1. PLASTIC BOWSER FOR FILLING CATTLE, PIG & SHEEP TROUGHS: The Stronga plastic tank can act as a mobile water bowser unit, available at any time to efficiently fill cattle, pig and sheep troughs. The tank can act as a constant water source if left in the field, reducing journey frequency to re-fill each cattle, pig or sheep trough.

Stronga plastic tank and flatbed

2. SLURRY HANDLING & SPREADING: Stronga hook lift plastic bowsers can be used as slurry tanks in the field. Fitting different spreaders to the tank offers the versatility to spread slurry in numerous ways.

3. LIQUID FERTILISER SPREADING: Stronga plastic tanks can be used as a means of handling, transporting and spreading liquid fertiliser. The anti-corrosion 16,000L plastic tank shown on this page is the optimum size for excellent liquid fertiliser handling performance. Larger tanks are available for higher capacity liquid fertiliser applications.

4. NURSE TANK FOR SPRAYER: Stronga plastic tanks are commonly used as high capacity nurse tanks for sprayers for excellent efficiency in the field. With optional suction and pressure pump control, Stronga plastic tanks are very fast and straightforward to operate.

5. DUST SUPPRESSION WATER TANK: Stronga hook lift plastic tanks can be used in the construction sector as professional dust suppression control units on industrial, mining and quarry roadways. The hook lift bolt-on plastic tank can efficiently irrigate dusty roads on construction sites for road washing and dust suppression.

Stronga plastic tank and flatbed

6. FIRE FIGHTING WATER BOWSER: The Stronga plastic tank can be operated as a mobile or static water supply for disaster response and fire fighting. The plastic tank shown on this page can hold up to 16,000 litres of water at any one time to provide a large water volume supply for fire disaster control.


Unlocking potential

The ability to demount the plastic tank from the flatbed allows the user to utilise the flatbed as simple platform for use across a range of applications and sectors. Imagine the possibilities:

1. BALE FLATBED TRANSPORT: Stronga design a series of flatbeds that can be rightly specified for use as bale transportation devices. The flatbed shown on this page was made extra long to give the user extra bale loading capacity, improving efficiency and reducing journey frequency.

Stronga flatbed with bales

2. MACHINERY FLATBED TRANSPORT: Stronga flatbeds are made using only the strongest most reliable steels. When coupled with the powerful lifting capabilities of Stronga hook lift trailers, Stronga flatbeds can easily transport heavy machinery (diggers, excavators & telehandlers) and other equipment with long life performance guaranteed.


3. FORESTRY ROUND WOOD FLATBED TRANSPORT: Stronga flatbeds can be specified with removable bolsters for use in the forestry sector to transport round wood. With HookLoada’s unique on and off road ability, the efficient system allows round wood forwarding directly from timber source to end user. Stronga flatbeds used in forestry are commonly fitted with crane equipment so the user can easily load felled timber.

Hooklift trailer with round wood

4. BIG BAG FLATBED TRANSPORT: Another application for flatbeds fitted with optional crane equipment is big bag transport. Stronga flatbeds are commonly used to transport big bags filled with fertiliser, potatoes, sand, wood, grain and much more.

Hooklift trailer with fertiliser bags

5. SMALL MOBILE CABIN FLATED TRANSPORT: Transporting small mobile cabins is a unique and extremely useful application for Stronga HookLoada and flatbed users. Multiple flatbed lashing points allow the user to firmly secure any load for peace of mind in transit.

Stronga flatbed with cabin

6. SHIPPING CONTAINER FLATBED TRANSPORT: Stronga flatbeds with ISO twist lock equipment fitted can be used to handle and transport shipping containers.

Stronga flatbed with ISO shipping container


The beauty of HookLoada

The beauty of HookLoada is epitomised by the multiple applications listed above. With just HookLoada, plastic tank & flatbed equipment, the user can operate across more than 12 unique applications. Think efficiency. Think HookLoada.

Hooklift trailer with vacuum tanker

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