Introducing PowerTrak drive system technology across the world famous trailer series

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January, 2016

Imagine the future of transport with the all-new Stronga PowerTrak drive system innovation. PowerTrak is designed to widen the harvest window, lower environmental impact, reduce fuel consumption and improve drive performance in wet harvest conditions. Increase speed from harvest to plate today with Stronga PowerTrak technology.

Stronga PowerTrak drive system

Watch the PowerTrak drive system video >

PowerTrak drive system, explained

Stronga are proud to introduce 2 unique PowerTrak solutions – drive-assist and power-drive. PowerTrak drive-assist takes power from the tractor via an on-demand flow of oil through fast flow fat pipes. Using the in-cab controller and potentiometer, the operator has full oil pressure control between 20-200 bar with auto-freewheeling below 20 bar.

Stronga PowerTrak drive system controller

PowerTrak power-drive delivers higher torque in the field when the conditions demand more. Full power on-demand allows increased pressure up to 350 bar to double power and increase speed using PTO pump equipment.

PowerTrak drive system video

Watch the PowerTrak video to discover why drive system technology is a precious investment for the professional operator.

Working as one for better performance

The Stronga PowerTrak drive system integrates the tractor and trailer, enabling them to operate as one to achieve excellent drive performance in wet harvest conditions. Instead of a 4x4 wheel drive tractor pulling a trailer, PowerTrak enables the tractor and trailer to work in collaboration as a 6x6 wheel drive vehicle.

Stronga PowerTrak drive system

Traction on-demand, in-demanding harvest conditions

PowerTrak delivers full traction from the tractor up to the trailer wheels, leading to guaranteed traction and reduced slippage when climbing hills or travelling on wet harvest terrain. Increased traction in wet conditions allows access to the field earlier and later in the season, allowing the user to harvest when the crop is ready, even when the ground isn’t.

PowerTrak driven axle

HookLoada users with PowerTrak drive systems also enjoy all the benefits of the ground-demountable container shuttling concept. PowerTrak is designed to thrive in wet harvest conditions but the technology also excels on the road with auto-freewheeling below 20 bar.

Outstanding trailer load distribution

PowerTrak optional equipment delivers better load distribution than standard pulled axles because all wheels remain in contact with the surface at all times. That means every wheel contributes to the drive when climbing hills or travelling down slopes. PowerTrak reduces the risk of accidents because increased slope traction ensures trailers don’t slide about as much.

Stronga PowerTrak drive system

Stronga PowerTrak drive assist improves the power to traction ratio, allowing the professional operator to transport even heavier loads, day in day out.

Stronga PowerTrak drive axle system

Lower horsepower requirement

One significant benefit of drive system technology over standard pulled axles is the reduction in the tractor horsepower required to haul the same loads in wet fields. PowerTrak lowers the prime mover power demand because carrying and transporting a load is more efficient than pulling it.

Stronga PowerTrak driven axle

By reducing the horsepower requirement, the operator significantly reduces fuel usage and initial tractor capital expenditure because larger more powerful tractors aren’t required.

Access your field at all times

During rainy seasons when the environment demands more, PowerTrak enables the operator to collect crops while reducing wheel slippage and field damage. Access to wet field conditions extends the vegetable season across a wide range of harvests:

  • Parsnip harvest
  • Pea vining
  • Carrot harvest
  • Maize harvest
  • Sugar beet harvest

Stronga PowerTrak drive system

Imagine new levels of efficiency

Don’t forget, the Stronga PowerTrak drive system is available across the whole of our world famous trailer range. The PowerTrak drive system is a particularly valuable investment for DumpLoada users, elevating performance levels and efficiency in heavy material transport on wet quarry terrain.

Stronga PowerTrak drive system

Stronga take pride in the already exceptional levels of efficiency our equipment delivers to customer’s the world over. With the PowerTrak drive system, customers must be prepared for new levels of agricultural transport efficiency.

Discover more

If you are interested in extending your vegetable season with Stronga PowerTrak drive systems or simply want to find out more, contact our advisers for professional support. Click the button below to contact the Stronga technical team.

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