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December, 2015

QuickLoada is a brand-new fast tipping valve innovation from Stronga which has been designed and implemented throughout our trailer range to improve the user’s efficiency, productivity, fuel economy and container handling agility.

QuickLoada optional equipment is currently having a very positive effect in the trailer market with faster tipping and offloading cycle times, reduced fuel usage and better overall economic efficiency.

Stronga QuickLoada

Watch the QuickLoada vs. Standard tipping valve video >

Compare QuickLoada to standard tipping valves

Stronga have recently produced a new video demonstrating the significant difference between the container tipping and offloading times offered by QuickLoada, and the times offered by standard tipping valves.

Re-think container handling efficiency

The ability to ground demount and tip hook lift containers is central to the efficient HookLoada concept. QuickLoada is modern optional equipment which allows HookLoada users to reduce cycle times and achieve more from transport operations, every load, and every day.

QuickLoada fast tipping valve

Small package. BIG performance.

Stronga are always looking for ways to assist the customer – whether that is by reducing cycle times, extending payload or increasing transport speed. The QuickLoada fast tipping valve package is diminutive and compact but the affect it has on trailer performance is unprecedented.

QuickLoada tipping valve

Make a powerful investment

Using a standard tipping valve, HookLoada container exchange takes about 1 minute. When the QuickLoada fast tip valve is fitted, HookLoada users can expect 6X faster tipping times and 5X faster container offloading. Those valuable savings equate to excellent performance efficiency for a superb financial investment.

QuickLoada container tipping valve

Accelerating time to value

Time spent tipping and offloading containers is time that could be spent engaging in a more valuable process. It is in your best interest to cut waste. With the ability to offload containers in just 19 seconds, the user can ground demount shuttle hook lift containers far faster than before.

QuickLoada fast tipping valve

QuickLoada – leading innovation

Stronga take pride in the already exceptional levels of efficiency our equipment delivers to customer’s the world over. With QuickLoada optional equipment, customers must be prepared for new levels of container handling efficiency with the ability to safely and securely tip fully loaded containers in only 20 seconds.

QuickLoada fast tipping valve

Discover more

If you are interested in investing in the QuickLoada fast tipping valve or if you simply want to find out more, contact our friendly advisers for professional support. Click the button below to contact the Stronga technical team.

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