Stronga introduce FlowFeeda - the modern biomass woodchip fuel storage and feeder module

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December, 2015

Stronga are proud to introduce the brand-new innovation that is the FlowFeeda series – a range of high performance material storage and feeder modules designed for handling woodchip, among a range of other materials.

Stronga FlowFeeda

Watch the FlowFeeda video >

FlowFeeda 60 video

Reliability of a simple design

FlowFeeda has an uncomplicated design, consisting of a single moving floor with several lateral rams that run the length of the unit. The lateral rams positively move material along the moving floor towards the open end of the module.

No belts, chains or sprockets

FlowFeeda users enjoy the benefits of a simple and uncomplicated design with no belts, chains, sprockets and very few moving parts. With simplicity comes reliability, and with reliability comes low service and maintenance costs.

Fuel storage and feeder module

Universal storage and feeding solution

FlowFeeda is typically used for storing and feeding woodchip but the possibilities are endless. The all-in-one delivery plant offers infinite feeding opportunities, leading to long-term financial profitability and productivity. Process any of the following - woodchip, bark, cereals, fruits, manure, digestate, SRF and much more.

Materials for storage and delivery

FlowFeeda is typically used as a static plant to store and feed biomass woodchip fuel into biomass boilers >

Biomass woodchip fuel storage and feeder module

Woodchip biomass fuel feed container

High capacity series of delivery systems

Stronga manufacture 3 FlowFeeda models – FF60, FF80 and FF100. Because of the massive load capacity offered by each model, customers can load the biomass woodchip fuel module once and then leave it unsupervised for long periods before it empties.

Biomass woodchip fuel storage and delivery module

The perfect partner for FlowDrya

Stronga FlowFeeda is the perfect solution for feeding wet materials into the FlowDrya hopper. Customers can position FlowFeeda alongside FlowDrya to deliver a constant flow of materials into the flared hopper. By configuring this partnership, the user reduces the frequency in which they fill the FlowDrya hopper.

Learn about FlowDrya drying solutions here >

The moving floor and open end arrangement are carefully designed to discharge a steady feed of materials. Stronga can supply optional onward conveying and auger systems to distribute fed materials into desired locations.

Material storage and feeder module

Woodchip biomass fuel feed container

Modular monocoque construction

The monocoque and reliable module construction is designed to thrive in any conditions, whether internal or external, cold or warm, or wet or dry. The well-proven biomass woodchip fuel storage and feeding module will last a life time, and then some…

Material storage and feeder module

Woodchip biomass fuel feed container

Excellent optional equipment available

With no roof as standard, the basic spec is designed for internal-use where materials are protected from external influences. With exceptional options like the hydraulic roof and roll sheet cover, customers have the opportunity to set FlowFeeda down outside, and easily cover their stored materials from precipitation.

Material storage and feeder module

The roll sheet cover is a popular option for customers who want to set FlowFeeda down externally >

Biomass woodchip fuel storage and feeder module

Success, only by controlling

The easy-to-use, accessible and well protected FlowFeeda control panel features several operation buttons:

  1. Power switch.
  2. Manual and Automatic modes. In MANUAL mode, the operator moves the floor using FWD & REV.
  3. Hydraulic pump ‘Start’ button. Starts the pump if the power is on and switch is in AUTO mode.
  4. Hydraulic pump ‘Stop’ button.
  5. E-stop. Immediately isolates the hydraulic pump power. E-stops must be twisted to reset the system.
  6. & more. Manual forward and reverse movement buttons for the moving floor. Hydraulic roof (if fitted) up and down buttons.

FlowFeeda control panel

Discover more

If you are interested in the Stronga FlowFeeda, contact our technical advisers today for professional support. Click the button below to get in touch with the Stronga team.

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