Stronga innovation in 2015 - HookLoada Evo, PowerTrak axle, QuickLoada & much more

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December, 2015

Since it's beginning, Stronga has seen a great number changes in its business, products and services. With change comes opportunity and Stronga has always been willing to embrace change and thrive upon it.

Yet through our changes, Stronga remains dedicated to those who are linked to the land. Stronga will never outgrow nor forgot its original core values of only building innovative, reliable, long life and high performance products.

Stronga innovations in 2015

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Synonymous with the success of Stronga

Pioneering innovation has always been synonymous with the success of Stronga. In the video below, see just a few of the recent progressions we made to our world famous range of transport equipment in 2015.

HookLoada Evo innovation – Kick-start efficiency

Watch the HookLoada Evo video >

2015 saw the introduction of HookLoada ‘Evo’ - the most modern and high performance HookLoada today with a stronger, lighter, lower design and the ability to accept longer containers than previous editions.

STRONGER & LIGHTER - The HookLoada Evo chassis is reinforced with high strength Hardox wear plates to maximise strength and minimise tare weight, leading to optimal payload and durable performance. Several ultra-light, extra-strong aluminium features further reduce the Evo tare weight.

HookLoada 180 Evo

LOWER - Ultra-low roller height offers the smallest uploading angle and class-leading 52° tipping angle for superb heaping ability and excellent material ejection, leading to reduced blockages and clean emptying.

LONGER CONTAINERS - HookLoada Evo accepts longer containers than the standard HL180 design. Evo allows the professional operator to load 7100mm long containers for extended efficiency and productivity.

HookLoada 180 Evo

PowerTrak driven axle innovation - Drive like a champion

Watch the PowerTrak driven axle video >

In 2015, Stronga deliver customers to the future of trailer transport with PowerTrak drive assist axle and on-demand power drive. PowerTrak technology is well-proven, long life and efficient, improving performance on any terrain.

PowerTrak delivers high torque where it is required (under the load), freewheeling without hydraulic power and extra traction on-demand in forward and reverse.

Innovations (7)

PowerTrak axles take power from the tractor via constant fast oil flow through fat pipes. The compact design with drum brake optional equipment reduces the prime mover power requirement. With superior off-road performance and a 20% saving on fuel usage, PowerTrak is the optimum solution for the professional user.

Stronga PowerTrak driven axle

QuickLoada valve innovation – Tip in record time

Watch the QuickLoada video >

Stronga have worked tirelessly throughout 2015 to design the highly efficient fast tipping valve which significantly improves cycle times and productivity in containerised transport.

QuickLoada optional equipment was driven by the need for improved productivity, delivering faster and more efficient container handling.

QuickLoada fast tipping valve

With 6X faster offloading and 5X faster tipping times, the QuickLoada valve helps the professional operator save valuable time and fuel by handling in record time. QuickLoada is your gateway to better efficiency.

QuickLoada fast tipping valve

BulkLoada FS innovation – Dedicated to root crop transport

Watch the BulkLoada 850FS video >

In 2015, Stronga agricultural transport specialists converged to upgrade the high performance and dedicated Farmer Series of specialist root crop trailers.

Stronga root crop trailers have a low body which reduces the drop from harvesters to minimise crop damage. Soft-footprint UltraFlex Michelin radial tyres reduce soil damage and delivering easy pull performance.

BulkLoada FS root crop trailer

To help farmers maximise storage capacity, improve cycle times and easily load hoppers, the rear door design and tipping motion is precision engineered for safe and accelerated deposition into compact heaps.

Root crop trailer

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