Stronga showcasing HookLoada innovation at Agritechnica - 2015 show report

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November, 2015

The 2015 Agritechnica exhibition saw a record-breaking 450,000 visitors attend the Hanover show which bought together the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

Stronga had a major presence in the agricultural transport hall at Agritechnica and we were delighted to meet so many of our customers, gaining positive feedback about our HookLoada show trailers in the process.

Agritechnica show 2015 Stronga

Showcasing HookLoada innovation

Stronga relish the fantastic opportunity to directly engage with customers and share our passion for producing the world’s most innovative agricultural transport equipment.

On our stand this year we showcased 2 brand-new class-leading technologies in the hook lift trailer series - HookLoada 180 Evo and the series-topping 30 tonne HookLoada.

Stronga at Agritechnica

HookLoada 180 Evo – Simply irresistible

HookLoada 180 Evo is the most modern HookLoada in the series with a stronger, lighter, lower design that is able to accept longer containers than previous HL180 editions. Discover just a few of the features of our simply irresistible HookLoada Evo show trailer below.

Stronga HookLoada 180 Evo

HookLoada 180 Evo features

  1. Longer-stroke crane technology. HookLoada 180 Evo now accepts longer 7100mm containers than the standard 180 design for extended efficiency and productivity.
  2. Quality-inside BPW axle.Europe’s leading axle manufacturer supply a robust, reliable and low maintenance HookLoada axle which is designed for a long service life.
  3. PowerTrak controller with potentiometer. Operators enjoy in-cab control of the tractor pressure from 20-200 bar. Auto-freewheeling occurs below 20 bar pressure.
  4. Remote control console. Operators can control tipping, loading and unloading functions from distance for greater visibility and precision.
  5. Container rollers. Hard-wearing, durable and long life rollers smoothly guide the hook container along the chassis to reduce stress and shock loading.
  6. Nokian Country King radial tyres. Sturdy floatation tyres with a large contact area and low rolling resistance enable HookLoada to move lightly and economically on fields and roads alike.
  7. Container locator points. Several extra-low ultra-strong container positioning points firmly stabilise the hook lift container for safety and security on the most uneven surfaces.
  8. PowerTrak drive assist. The HookLoada driven axle requires far less power than a simple pulled axle. Other added benefits are reduced soil damage and improved traction.

HookLoada 300 – Maximum power and productivity

Stronga HookLoada 300 represents pure power, passion and prowess because it is the largest high capacity tri-axle trailer to ever grace the world famous HookLoada series.

HookLoada 300 at Agritechnica

Re-imagine productivity with HookLoada 300

The market-leading HookLoada 300 trailer accepts even longer containers than any of our previous designs or similar machines in the market.

Did you know? The 300mm longer hook tower stroke allows the operator to load hook containers up the 8400mm long. That translates into a huge 50m³ load capacity.

HookLoada 300 Agritechnica

Light touch for the environment

Michelin CargoXbib tyres operate at low pressure, reducing soil compaction and increasing ground protection, thereby preserving farmland productivity. Customers soon notice the benefits of getting into the field earlier without damaging subsoil, thanks to HookLoada 300’s Michelin CargoXBib flotation tyres.

Did you know? The CargoXbib tyre is a new innovation from Michelin and Stronga are proud to be one of the first hook lift manufacturers to feature this market-leading tyre.

Agritechnica 2015 (10)

Stronga EPS - The future of steering technology

Stronga Electronic Power Steering (EPS) uses a sensor on the drawbar which measures the angular displacement of the trailer in relation to the tractor. The EPS sensor controls the steering function of the axle to improve stability.

Did you know? Stronga Electronic Power Steering (EPS) operates without mechanical connection between the tractor hitch and trailer axles, reducing tare weight, minimising fuel usage and increasing payload.

Stronga Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

No power like it

The innovative HookLoada 300 has an ultra-low tare weight from extensive use of extra-strong Hardox and Weldox in the construction, ensuring optimal payload and maximum power.

Did you know? The ultra-strong design means HookLoada 300 customers can now pick up and tip 30 tonnes for unimaginable levels of efficiency on the job.

HookLoada 180 Evo Hardox chassis

The 30 tonne hook lift trailer design also features several ultra-light, extra-strong aluminium components such as mudguards, a toolbox and side rails which all help to further reduce hook equipment tare weight.

The benchmark for hook equipment

The HookLoada 300 show trailer also features additional optional equipment to extend performance further:

  • Stronga QuickLoada. Fast tipping valve – 5X faster tipping and picking up speeds.
  • Hydraulic suspension. Smooth 14° articulation (10% better than others) for comfort on any terrain.
  • Remote control console. Full control of trailer functions from excellent vantage points.
  • Inbuilt filtering systems. 1 for the steering and 1 for the trailer functions. Clean oil, longer life components.
  • Hydraulic suspended drawbar.

Discover more

If you are interested in either the HookLoada 180 Evo or HookLoada 300 trailer, contact our friendly advisers for professional support. Click the button below to contact the Stronga technical team.

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