Stronga present the new BulkLoada BL850FS (Farmer Series) root crop trailer

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November, 2015

Stronga agricultural transport specialists have converged to reintroduce the Farmer Series of agricultural BulkLoada trailers. With expertise, experience and focus, we have succeeded in designing the most efficient, reliable and productive agricultural potato trailer in the transport market today.

Stronga root crop trailer

Dedicated to the future of farming

Since the company’s inception, innovation has been synonymous with the success of Stronga. Innovation is the driving force behind our on-going programme of developing efficient agricultural solutions that make your farming operations easier, more productive and more profitable.

Root crop trailer

Stronga aim to build premium agricultural machines offering strength, working life and residual values, leading to great value for our farming customers. Each BulkLoada Farmer Series trailer is a product of these values, so you can be confident that our designs maximise performance life, leading to a low cost of ownership and a high resale value.

BulkLoada BL850FS potato harvest video

In the video, the class-leading Farmer Series potato trailer delivers outstanding efficiency at potato harvest. Imagine how BulkLoada BL850FS could surpass your expectations for performance and productivity.

Whether you’re working on heavy soil or transporting on the road, the BL850FS has everything you need to get your crop in on time and increase the profitability of your business. Wherever the job takes you.

Series-topping edition. Unrivalled efficiency.

Stronga BulkLoada BL850FS model tops the Farmer Series range. The optimised potato trailer payload reduces journey frequency, lowers operator and tractor hours, and minimises field trafficking.

Root crop trailer loaded

In the field, soft-footprint large diameter Michelin Cargo XBib radial tyres come into there own by reducing soil damage and delivering easy pull performance. The ability to effortlessly pull the high payload trailer significantly reduces the horsepower requirement and minimises fuel consumption.

Stronga root crop trailer

Maximising storage capacities with care

To help farmers maximise storage capacity, improve cycle times and load hoppers with ease, the rear door design and tipping geometry is precision engineered for safe and accelerated crop deposition. The set back pivot point, 56° tipping angle and wide-clearance rear door ensure crops flow freely into compact heaps from the tapered body.

Root crop trailer tipping

The professional LED lighting system is encased within free-moving casing with protective grilles to reduce crop or lighting damage during unloading.

Excellent on-field articulation

BulkLoada Farmer Series trailers come fitted with modern suspension technology for excellent terrain riding ability and excellent safety and stability in all environments. Perfect driver comfort is achieved with smooth shock absorbing. Bogie, sprung and hydraulic suspensions are available as optional equipment.

Potato root crop trailer

Seamless low contoured body

The seamless, low and rounded shape of the BulkLoada BL850FS body profile reduces the loading drop from harvesters to minimise crop bruising, reducing root crop waste and increasing overall profitability.

Potato root crop trailer with Grimme

Ultra-flat single-piece Hardox floor

The single-piece Hardox 450 wear plate floor provides a stiff, rigid and long life body structure. Weldox is used in the high stress areas of the chassis to increase the strength of BulkLoada Farmer Series trailers while minimising the un-laden weight.

Root crop trailer

First-rate turning capabilities

Excellent maneuverability is accomplished with Stronga BL850FS with front and rear positive steering to help the operator access hard to reach tipping zones.

When loading potatoes in field, the huge front window and grille provides excellent user visibility for easy operations that breed confidence.

Root crop trailer

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