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October, 2015

Stronga are leading manufacturers of fully Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) compliant Drying Stations which match the client's energy availability and wide range of materials. Our designs maximise efficiencies to transform saturated materials into saleable food, fuel or fertiliser.

Stronga Drying Stations

Food Fuel Fertiliser

The main benefit of Stronga Drying Stations is the ability to simultaneously dry a range of materials. Our future-proof dryers allow clients to adapt to changing trends by drying woodchip, sawdust, separated and raw digestate, manure, RDF & SRF waste and much more.

Mobile. Versatile. Efficient.

Stronga Drying Stations are a 3 part system comprising of the HookLoada trailer, Heatex air control module and the Drying containers – horizontal airflow (HAF containers) and vertical airflow (VAF containers).
  1. Stronga Heatex air control module
  2. Stronga HookLoada 180 Evo trailer
  3. Stronga HAF containers

Drying Stations (2)

Stronga Drying Stations

Heatex air control module

A vital component of Stronga Drying Stations is the design of the Heatex air control technology module. While external weather can affect the drying performance, it is important to understand that it is the air quality that does the drying in the end. Stronga Heatex Heatex can be fitted with 2, 4 or 6 air ports so the client has the flexibility of adding or removing HAF drying containers to the drying system. Stronga Drying Stations Heatex air control modules are individual designed to optimise drying air performance via optimal air temperature, airflow and air pressure from the energy available. Proven Heatex modules consist of low energy fans and thermally efficient heat Xchangers to maximise energy efficiency and optimise the evaporative drying process

Hook trailer container shuttling

Stronga design two types of drying containers which work alongside Heatex and the HookLoada trailer for the transport, delivery and storage of wet materials like woodchip, digestate, waste and much more:
  1. Horizontal airflow (HAF containers)
  2. Vertical airflow (VAF containers)
Stronga drying containers Stronga Drying Stations Containerised drying allows customers to blow hot air through wet materials to suitably reduce moisture content for food, fuel or fertiliser, depending on the material. Where traditional seasoning can take 2+ years, container drying of woodchip can turn wet product into a saleable food, fuel or fertiliser in as little as 1-3 days. Drying Stations (3) Hook lift container drying

Drying, delivery and storage system

The Stronga HookLoada trailer works alongside our Heatex air control module and drying containers in what is an efficient, versatile and high performance drying system. Stronga hook lift trailers and drying containers operate in the following sequence for woodchip drying:

1. Collect wet woodchip from the timber source

Hook lift wood chipper

Drying woodchip in container

2. Deliver wet woodchip to the Drying Station

Hook lift drying container

3. Connect to Heatex and dry woodchip at the Drying Station

Container drying station

Discover more

Discover the high performance Stronga FlowDrya which delivers even greater drying efficiency. Stronga are your trusted transport advisers, contact our friendly team for professional support.

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