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August, 2015

Stronga help Anaerobic Digestate (AD) plant owners add value, significantly reduce costs and minimise environmental impact by utilising Combined Heat and Power (CHP) waste heat with our highly efficient FlowDrya. Ring us today to discover your potential financial gains and savings using Stronga FlowDrya.

Stronga FlowDrya digestate

FlowDrya digestate drying video

Re-think your process

The main added benefits for customers drying raw or separated digestate are the huge financial savings made all day, every day. Discover your potential savings using the highly versatile and ultra efficient Stronga FlowDrya:

  • Reduced digestate lagoon storage requirement, minimising the associated risks (leakage) and costs (construction, fencing, drainage, transport and separation).
  • Reduced off-farm digestate transport, improving carbon footprint.
  • Reduced bulk handling and spreading of digestate.
  • Improved FYM / on-farm fertiliser utilisation.
  • Stackable FYM field storage for use at convenient times.

On top of these savings, Stronga FlowDrya allows clients to enjoy Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) income while adding value by producing dry digestate for use as cattle bedding, stable litter, organic farmyard fertiliser and more.

Reliably drying digestate on AD plants

Stronga FlowDrya is designed to use residual heat in the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way. The low energy FlowDrya reliability lowers storage and transport costs while creating new sales possibilities. With the optional remixing function, a pre-treatment of digestate is not necessary.

  1. Wet separated digestate is loaded into the high capacity pre-mixing and pre-heating hopper to initiate the evaporative drying process.

Stronga FlowDrya digestate hopper

  1. Digestate to be dried is delivered under an easily adjustable depth control weir gate onto the moving drying bed.

Stronga FlowDrya digestate adjustable gate

  1. On the FlowDrya moving drying bed, the PulseWave mixing motion ensures that every part of the digestate interacts with the hot bed metal during the flow and receives an equal airflow, leading to uniformity of material dryness.

Stronga FlowDrya digestate drying bed

  1. A flux of temperature-controlled drying quality air flows from the attached Heatex air control module into the FlowDrya sub-floor air plenum. Airflow interacts with the surrounding steel infrastructure, transferring thermal energy directly into the separated digestate.
  2. Warm airflow rises up through the ventilated moving drying bed and diffuses directly into the saturated digestate to the dry the material to required moisture content. Digestate dryness is controllable via the easy-to-operate DryStation control console.

Stronga FlowDrya and Heatex

  1. The dry separated digestate output is then discharged via optional onward conveying systems for use as cattle bedding, stable litter, organic farmyard fertiliser and much more.

Stronga FlowDrya digestate output

The main benefits of drying digestate are the substantial RHI payments and the reduction in handling, storage and transport costs.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Stronga FlowDrya is fully compatible for use with UK’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. Our team support clients with RHI application by connecting them with our network of advisers, and providing technical data and thermal calculations.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Stronga highly recommend that clients in the following sectors consider FlowDrya to add value while optimising waste heat utilisation:

  • Sawmills with saturated woodchip for conversion into dry renewable bio fuel.
  • Estates with available forestry or timber to be chipped, dried and sold as renewable biomass boiler fuel.
  • Bio fuel suppliers growing their business by extending their ability to reliably supply dry woodchip to the biomass market.
  • Clients with under-utilised biomass boilers who can use the state capacity to create dry renewable fuel.
  • Clients with waste wood who can increase their financial income working as a dry wood chip fuel supplier.
  • Anaerobic Digestion (AD) or any Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants that have spare residual heat.
  • Gasification CHP plants requiring consistent quality dried fuel.
  • Waste companies who can convert waste streams to valuable renewable fuel supplies.

Whole system drying solutions

Our approach of matching equipment to the needs of the client delivers the most efficient whole system digestate drying solution. There are 2 primary components of the Stronga drying system:

  1. Heatex – Air control module designed to optimise drying via optimal air temperature, flow and pressure.
  2. FlowDrya – All-in-one dryer, offering great value in the form of lowest cost per tonne dried.

1.Stronga Heatex2.  Stronga FlowDrya

Built-in universality and flexibility

Stronga FlowDrya is designed for optimum efficiency and performance, offering great value in the form of lowest cost per tonne dried. All-in-one FlowDrya ensures superb drying versatility, extending the client’s ability to dry a range of materials.

Stronga FlowDrya is a low temperature, low energy drying solution, ensuring safe and efficient drying of saturated raw and separated digestate. FlowDrya can be fitted with excellent options to maximise efficiency and optimise productivity.

Stronga FlowDrya

Unlimited drying opportunities

As well as drying a range of wet digestate streams, FlowDrya can dry a whole range of materials, leading to long-term financial profitability and productivity. Discover a few of the drying opportunities.

Wood chip, wood shavings, bark, cereals, fruits, nuts, compost, poultry manure, sewage sludge, RDF waste, SRF waste, organic fraction waste and much more.

Wet materials for drying

Discover more

If you are interested in Stronga FlowDrya for drying raw digestate, separated digestate or any other material, contact our friendly advisers for professional support. Stronga require certain information to allow us to advise clients on establishing thermally efficient drying solutions. Click the button below to contact the Stronga technical team.

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