Stronga all-in-one dryer for wood chip, digestate, waste and much more

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July, 2015

Stronga are leading advisers, designers and manufacturers of high performance dryers which match the clients’ range of materials and energy availability. With years experience, FlowDrya has developed a reputation for quality, reliability and versatility.

Our  designs maximise system and thermal drying efficiencies to transform  saturated products into saleable food, fuel or fertiliser. Join the green revolution with Stronga.

Stronga FlowDrya

Food          Fuel         Fertiliser

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Stronga FlowDrya is fully compatible for use with UK's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. Our team support clients with the RHI application by connecting them with our network of technical advisers. We can provide clients with accurate technical data, financial projects and thermal calculations.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Stronga FlowDrya allows clients to efficiently convert  residual heat into added value, making a contribution to environmental sustainability while enjoying the financial incentives offered by the UK government. Stronga recommend that the clients below consider FlowDrya to add value while optimising waste heat utilisation.

  • Anaerobic Digestion (AD) or Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants who have spare residual heat.
  • Gasification CHP plants requiring consistently quality dried bio fuel.
  • Sawmills with saturated wood chip for conversion into dry renewable bio fuel.
  • Waste companies who can convert waste streams to valuable renewable fuel supplies.
  • Estates with available forestry or timber to be chipped, dried and sold as biomass boiler fuel.
  • Bio fuel suppliers growing their business by supplying dry chip to the biomass market.
  • Clients with under-utilised biomass boilers who can use the spare capacity to create dry bio fuel.
  • Clients with waste wood who can increase their financial income working as a dry wood chip fuel supplier.

Whole system drying solutions

Our approach of matching equipment to the needs of the client delivers the most efficient whole system drying solution. There are 2 primary components of the Stronga drying system:

  1. Heatex - Air control module
  2. FlowDrya - All-in-one dryer

1.Stronga Heatex2. Stronga FlowDrya

Heatex air control module

A vital component of Stronga drying solutions is the design of the Heatex air control module. While external weather can affect drying performance, it is important to understand that it is the air quality that does the drying in the end.

Heatex air control modules are designed to optimise drying performance via optimal air temperature, airflow and air pressure from the energy available. Easy-to-operate Heatex modules deliver instant visual control over the drying parameters via an intelligent Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

FlowDrya Heatex air control

All-in-one FlowDrya

Stronga FlowDrya is designed for optimum efficiency and performance, offering great value in the form of lowest cost per tonne dried. The all-in-one system ensures excellent drying versatility, extending the client's ability to dry a range of materials.

No belts, chains or sprockets

FlowDrya positively moves wet materials from a hopper, along a moving drying bed, and over a flow of temperature controlled which is fed from the Heatex air control module. FlowDrya drying is simple, reliable and powerfully effective.

Stronga FlowDrya

Versatile drying performance

Stronga FlowDrya has unlimited drying possibilities, leading to long-term financial profitability and productivity. FlowDrya users are now drying a whole range of materials.

Wood chip, wood shavings, sawdust, bark, cereals, fruits, nuts, compost, poultry manure, separated and raw digestate, RDF and SRF waste, sewage sludge, organic fraction waste and much, much more.

Wet materials for drying

Efficiency in full flow

  1. High quality drying airflow is controlled by the Heatex air control module.
  2. Warm Heatex air flows into the FlowDrya sub-floor plenum and fluxes in every direction, interacting with heavy fines and the steel infrastructure. Hot steel transfer thermal energy directly into materials to supplement the drying process.
  3. Warm air rises through the upper moving bed to diffuse through materials and induce evaporative drying.
  4. Exiting exhaust airflow is dissipated into the atmosphere or can be further processed in auxiliary dust or bio-filter modules.

FlowDrya airflow

PulseWave mixing motion

Highly efficient PulseWave thoroughly mixes materials on the drying bed. PulseWave ensures that every part of the material interacts with the hot bed metal during the flow and receives an equal airflow, leading to uniformity of product dryness.

Forward-stroke. Materials are moved forwards by the pushing blade face, causing a force low to the bed. The force is weaker above the blade because the face is less influential, causing materials at the wave's crest to lag and tumble onto the bed behind.

FlowDrya process front-stroke

Back-stroke. Materials are lifted over the tilted axis of the blade to form another wave. As the crest height grows the wave becomes less stable, causing materials to tumble forwards and backwards.

FlowDrya process back-stroke

Success, only by controlling

Stronga FlowDrya comes fitted with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and smart DryStation touchscreen interface for maximal command power, optimum efficiency and reliability, all the time. PLC systems have durable infrastructures designed to withstand extreme vibrations, temperatures and humidity.

On the 7" read-at-a-glance DryStation touchscreen, the FlowDrya operator has can instantly access the dryer controls, safety features and visual parameters.

FlowDrya control panel 1  FlowDrya control panel 2  FlowDrya control panel 4

Continuous flow drying process

Wood chip dryer working process

Discover more

If you are interested in this investment, contact our product drying advisers for professional support. Stronga require certain information to allow us to advise clients on establishing thermally efficient drying solutions. Click the button below to contact the Stronga technical team.

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