Sugar beet harvest transport revolution with Stronga hook lift trailer systems

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January, 2015

Discover the revolutionary sugar beet transport solution using multiple hook lift containers and the high capacity Stronga HookLoada HL260 TXL.

Sugar beet farmers and contractors benefit from owning Stronga hook lift trailer solutions which lead to improved efficiency in beet transport. Stronga hook lift systems are the optimum solution for customers needing high reliability and superior capabilities.

hook lift trailer sugar beet transport

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The future of sugar beet harvesting and transport

Currently the customer operates a new 40m3 Ropa bunker harvester which is used to transfer sugar beet from the harvesting row to the field side. At the road side, beet heaps are cleaned and re-loaded into hired trucks and his new HookLoada for transport to the sugar beet factory.

The revolutionary system this farmer is planning removes beet shuttling from field to roadside, the re-loading process, and truck rental. Instead he will be able to leave multiple hook lift containers at the end of each sugar beet row and fill them directly from the harvester. With multiple containers, harvesting can continue while HookLoada shuttles loaded containers to the factory.

Hook lift sugar beet transport process

If additional transport capacity is required, the loaded hook lift containers can be dropped on the road side by HookLoada and picked up by a hook lift truck and drag trailer combination for transport to the factory. Additional hook lift containers can be hired if required to increase transport capacity.

Hook lift sugar beet transport process

Case study: Modern sugar beet transport

Potential added. Opportunities unlimited.

HookLoada applications are just common knowledge nowadays. Nobody stares as you drop a hook lift container, ready to be filled. Your friends don’t even question whether it’s the most versatile agricultural trailer in the market. That’s because once you get used to the HookLoada applications, you don’t even think about them anymore. Except when you are noticing how the sugar beet transport application improves efficiency in sugar beet transport. Or demounting an empty container while you transfer a loaded one to the sugar beet factory. Join this customer who is already utilising a hook lift system and join the efficiency revolution. hook lift trailer

Driven by modern demands for whole farm transport

Like the modern professional, this farming customer owned 450Ha of farmland in which he grows a multitude of produce, including:
  • Special mustard seed
  • Flax
  • Cereals
  • Sugar beet
The majority of his land (160Ha) is utilised to grow beet sugar. Weighing up his beet sugar transport options, this customer decided Stronga offered the most efficient, reliable and high performance solution. The considered decision was based on holistic farm transport. Stronga offered the most efficient, reliable and high performance solution with correctly specified hook lift trailers and containers. Consider how this new hook lift modular sugar beet transport solution could benefit you or your business. hook lift trailer sugar beet tipping

Unrivalled efficiency in performance

Multi-container hooks lift systems epitomise the Stronga efficiency revolution.

With 6 hook lift containers that each contain 33m3 (grain, sugar beet and other crops), organic farming customers now potentially have 200m3 capacity in the field, maximising harvester output and extending productivity.

Beyond sugar beet transport, efficient Stronga hook loader can also be used to transport grain, cereals, wood, sand, silage and much more. Imagine the possibilities with Stronga.

hook lift trailer sugar beet transport

Saving money. Saving fuel. Saving time

Make waste a thing of the past by increasing your efficiency.

 Stronga money       Stronga fuel        Stronga clock

You could emulate this customer by also producing impressive financial savings with the Stronga hook lift system. See below a list of the savings made on this farm, just in the sugar beet harvest process:

  • Saved operator hour costs (driving re-loader, mostly sitting and waiting for trucks.
  • Saved capital investment and depreciation cost of using a re-loader machine (big capital, big deprecation)
  • Saved harvester hours/operating cost driving across the field
  • Reduced soil damage from excess machinery trafficking in the field
  • Saved fuel cost in the harvester and in the re-loader
  • And saved trucks rental cost

In summary, reduced total capital investment and depreciation costs, reduced labour requirement and associated costs, and reduced fuel costs with associated environmental benefits. At the same time as improving holistic farm transport and harvest efficiency.

Hook lift trailer sugar beet transport story overview:

hook lift trailer sugar beet story

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