Stronga & Hardox 450 wear plate. Partnership in power

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January, 2015

As part of our commitment to provide our customer with the best possible products, we have been working alongside SSAB to offer Hardox steel wear plate in Stronga products. Hardox wear plate steel has been proven to boost performance and maximise up time of applications in the toughest working environments in industries such as construction, quarrying, recycling and transportation.

History: Hardox wear plate steel

Hardox was the world's first modern wear plate when it launched in 1974, and saw immediate success and ever since has been recognised as the leading wear plate.

As part of SSAB’s commitment to providing superior wear plate, they have made every sheet of Hardox steel traceable so you can be sure of its dependability. The consistent properties of Hardox wear plate mean that it performs reliably, every time. The increased predictability allows us to use it for maximum benefit and always maximise the performance of our products.

Stronga Hardox steel

Hardox wear plate steel is given unique properties by advanced hardening and post-treatment processes. The durable Hardox wear plate is entirely built up of the Hardox Martensite Matrix. Created with a well-balanced alloy chemistry and constantly cold quenching water the Hardox Marensite Matrix gives a good combination of excellent high strength, hardness and toughness. Hardox 450 steel has a hardness of 450 Brinell, 60% harder than the comparative thickness for mild steel so it is ideal for use in trailer transport applications.

Hardox 450 steel scienceStronga strength

Strategic design reaps rewards

At Stronga, we strategically use Hardox wearpart in different areas of our hook lift trailers, bulk trailers, dump trailers and containers. Working hard alongside the experts at SSAB, we make sure that our use of Hardox wear plate steel is effective and efficient for rock solid, indestructible strength.

To ensure maximum benefit for our customers, we undertake WearCalc software analysis so we can predict the wear and service life of our products. Using the results from the software analysis allows the Stronga Design Team to use Hardox wear plate for maximum benefit. Stronga carefully scrutinise our use of Hardox steel to give the best balance of performance vs. cost.

Discover DL900HP - a dump trailer with a full Hardox steel body >

Dump trailer hardox steel

Benefits that don’t wear away

Correctly specifying the wear plate steel in your Stronga built machine has positive implications for your transport business such as improved performance, raised durability and increased application productivity - all from your new rock solid strength.

Reliable Hardox steel maximises the wear performance of your trailer or containers, combating costly enemies such as cracks, dents and wear. With Hardox wear plate steel, the service life of trailers and containers can be doubled or tripled to extend the working capabilities of your transport solution. Hardox steel enables trailers and containers to withstand the worst possible damage and abuse from rocks, sand, scrap, and waste.

Hardox steel hook lift trailer

The combination of wear performance, crack safety and deformation resistance provides your applications with a three-way defence against wear, dents and cracks. It also facilitates high quality welding, cutting and bending.

Reduce weight. Increase profits

In transport, high tare weights are bad for business because they lower payloads and increase expenses for fuel, tyres and maintenance. Hardox’s unique combination of hardness, toughness and structural strength makes it possible to use thinner plates and achieve the same durability. DL900HP NP 2 As well as using thinner plates, the strength of Hardox wearpart means reduced floor bearers, allowing for further reduction in weight. This allows us to optimise the capacity of our trailers and containers, meaning you can reap the benefits of a reduced cost per tonne. The hardness of Hardox wear plate increases the service of life trailers and containers, contributing to the overall economy of Stronga products.

Discover more

Correctly specifying a trailer with the Hardox wearpart specialists at Stronga ensures outstanding transport performance, load after load. Click here to see our full Hardox wear plate body dump trailer solutions > If you require Hardox wear plate steel in your next trailer or container, please click the buttons below to contact Stronga.

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